China’s ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomacy is making a dangerous miscalculation


The ongoing domestic pressures and resentment against the Communist Party are building as economic growth falls below what China needs to stop going backwards on quality of life.

That is leading the regime to lash out with ‘Wolf Warrior’ dimplacy to inspire Nationalistic fervour to quell that growing domestic resentment.

Australia and NZ are part of that target because our economic dependency on China gives them a free weapon to beat us with.

China are looking to find reasons to manufacture a grievance.

This gives an insight into how paranoid the regime has become and that their successes with soft power can just as quickly be replaced by hard power.

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China’s need to whip up Nationalism and push Australia around and force them to acquiesce to Chinese dominance is a terrible miscalculation by Beijing who seem to think these tactics will work.

It will only dig Australian heels in deeper.

We must urgently see economic decoupling from China as a national security issue.


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  1. I’m genuinely stoked to see countries standing together against the CCP, or the Bejing bullies as they are also known. Most of us are heartily sick of Chinese threats and intimidation against anyone who has the audacity to question their “activities”. With friends like them, who needs enemies?

    That aside, as long as countries remain addicted to Chinese money, no meaningful progress will be made and the arrogant Bejing bullies will just march on with their standovers knowing they have lots of what you crave. That dynamic must be broken but I fear it will take a war to create enough motivation for the change required.

    • Yeah, because you are an openly racist cracker – as evidenced by many of your posts.

      What aggressive actions —calling out Australian war crimes?

      It seems that it is the Australians and Anglo Saxons in general who are overly sensitive to being called out for their atrocities.

      • Hi Mark nice to see you here again – ready to clarify whether you are Chinese or better still writing your insights from the PRC itself?

      • The defence of free speech by Beijing was novel, but long overdue.

        But there is also an element of own goal in identifying an over-sensitivty to being called out for atrocities/abuse of power/suppression/abrogation of human rights.

        In this instance Morrison was silly to ask for an apology for a cartoon characterisation of a reported event. Our own PM and our FM tried to demonstrate support for him, but could only criticise the social media image of violence as poor diplomatic messaging (an irony given Moslem violence against those they accused of inappropriate social media images in France). It should be seen in the domestic context here – planned hate speech legislation. A possible limitation of free speech for which the government will be attacked.

  2. On the upside tho, it should turn into the most hilarious mass murder since the invention of war. We’re inundated with tales of the misery and horror of war, but only the Australians could inject some long needed gallows humour back into it. Have you met any Australians? They’re nuts! Drinking out of a dead guy’s prosthetic leg? What next? Dipping your CR1M biscuits into an Afghan longdrop? I’m surprised their PM took the whole “disrespect to armed forces” line. I expected more of a long belly laugh.

  3. The tweet was a perfect reflection of reality. Australian troops did slit the throats of Afghan children.

    Australia and New Zealand have just called out the China for what they perceive to be human rights violations (inside China).

    It is perfectly natural for China to do the same to actual Australian violations of human rights.

    “We must urgently see economic decoupling from China as a national security issue.”
    And every other country you go to trade will also has China as its largest trading partner. lol!

    “The ongoing domestic pressures and resentment against the Communist Party are building as economic growth falls below what China needs to stop going backwards on quality of life.”

    In your imagination, lol:

    • Mark,

      I find your entire post obnoxious and deeply offensive.

      Time you decided which country to align yourself with. It’s clearly not NZ or Australia.

      What unfolds in China is not about perceptions. My stepfather was in China on business. The Chinese hosts discovered he had serious kidney and heart issues. They took him to a prison where he was offered the organs of a living political prisoner which is a widespread practice. China is infamous around the world for its human rights abuses, let alone the outrageous way animals are routinely tortured before being killed. Their attack on Australia was the epitome of diabolical hypocrisy. There was NOTHING “perfectly natural” about the diabolical attack against Australia, all of it’s military, and all of her citizens. It was just another level of their relentless bullying to any country that has the audacity to have its own voice that is not a card-carrying member of the CCP. The fact you think it is “perfectly natural” does highlight however that you’re a P.O.S who should fuck off to China where you belong as you clearly don’t belong here. You’re a puss-filled cancer within and should be removed to avoid metastasizing.

      • Your story is a complete fantasy that you pulled out your asshole.

        The biggest human rights violations are carried out by western countries when they invade and bomb the homes of people who never did them any harm whatsoever. The richest countries in the world beating up in the poorest is worthy of utter condemnation

        Australian and New Zealand troops have no business being in Afghanistan, any more than the other way round. That you fail to see that this is the fundamental in issue demonstrates you to be a ‘puss full cancer within’ not only in NZ but the world at large. The world is sick and tired of white supremacists such as yourself

        • Do you accept then that any attack on Taiwan by China would also be a human rights violation? And the physical occupation of smaller nations territory by atoll occupation artiface is theft by imperialist power. Just as is the Israeli settlement expanse under IDF occupation of the West Bank.

          But you have a point – the use of force by the West for regime change in Iraq and later Libya (there was earlier a legitimate role for no fly zones to reduce conflict, as peacekeeping) was wrong. As was the supply of weapons to Islamists in Syria by the Gulf states and Turkey.

          But you are wrong on Afghanistan, the Islamist Taleban regime hosted terrorists who launched attacks on those of other nations. And the western presence there is allowing the education/emancipation of women there. What sort of misogynist regime would support handing them over to murder by the Taleban (already attacking them at university and at maternity hospitals in Kabul)? The terrorist actions by the Taleban and their cohorts – al Qaeda, and Islamic State involves murder of civilians as a policy, rather than as an aberration. Does not China seek to justify its own actions in its NorthWest to prevent Islamism of this sort?

          • “the Islamist Taleban regime hosted terrorists who launched attacks on those of other nations”
            Bullshit —-we should then be invading Saudi Arabia.

            The Afghanistan intervention is a colonial war, and Western forces there are imperialist occupation forces. These 39 murders are just the tip of the iceberg.

            “And the western presence there is allowing the education/emancipation of women there.”

            Oh for fucks sake —war to spread Western liberal values??? By droning and bombing to death untold thousands of women and children?

            • The leadership of Al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan, not Saudi Arabia.

              The Taleban has deliberatley targeted civilians in their terrorist actions – recently women at university and in maternity hospitals in Kabul.

              The western forces are there at the invitation of the elected government. This is no more imperialism than Russian and Iranian forces in Syria.

              I get that you do not care about the lives of the women of Afghanistan, just more western liberal human rights to you I suppose.

              • The leadership of Al Qaeda was based in Langley, Virginia: Al Qaeda is a CIA invention, geared to keeping uninformed proles compliant and supporting unwinnable wars for resources that maintained the profits of American war corporations.

                Never forget that the US sponsored Osama bin Laden as a ‘terrorist’ -money, weapons etc. – to make life difficult for the socialist regime that the USSR was supporting in the 80s.

                American meddling resulted in the Taliban gaining power.

                Amongst the many reasons for invading Afghanistan in 2001 were:

                1. The refusal of the Taliban to allow Unical (a US company) to build an oil pipeline through the country.

                2. The ‘need’ to remove the Taliban for almost eliminating poppy growing and severely impacting on the flow of drugs to the US, which was (is) run by the CIA.

                3. As a backdoor to attacking Iran.

                4. As part of a containment strategy to inhibit China’s growing economic and military strength.

                If you believe the bullshit story about ‘liberating Afghan women’ you must ask yourself why the US has not attacked Saudi Arabia, where women’s rights were, until very recently, non-existent. Could it be that Saudi Arabia is a highly militarised state, courtesy of the weapons for oil deal and is the third biggest extractor of oil in the world?

          • The strong political movement in Taiwan to reunite with the mainland is brutally repressed.
            The USA has been a part of the KMT Nationalist invasion of Formosa since both of them were chased out of China.
            The indigenous people of Formosa fought the US backed KMT invasion but were out gunned.

            The Taliban clamped down on an all but eradicated the growing and harvesting of poppies for opioids.
            Since the US the poppy trade has grown to record crops traded by the CIA back into the West helping fund the CIA, but creating misery for millions.

          • The terrorist were US trained in Pakistan to disrupt the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, Al Qaeda was the list of US trainees in terrorist tactics.
            Now the US uses Al Qaeda as a bogey man but continues to fund many of its operations.

      • Jacindafan.I usually find I agree with your comments, but on this occasion I think you should identify just what Mark said that you find offensive. The truth that he referred to is indeed offensive, but the truth must be told if offensive actions are to be exposed and counteracted. And if a balanced view of the world is to be achieved. What you go on to say about China’s own domestic record of human rights abuse also seems deplorable . The organ harvesting stories are indeed sickening. But that does not cancel out the offensive behaviour of the Australian SAS.
        There are several comments here that refer to Chinese aggression on the international stage. I don’t see that except in that they aggressively seek mutually beneficial trading relations with other nations. Sure they would like to recover territories
        lost in the last century, And Mark’s comment that Taiwan considered itself the legitimate ruler of the rest of China until recently reminds us that both nations actually do consider themselves to be one. The only question is who should be in charge of it. Ant that has been historically decided in the main not by either , but by outside imperialist powers, first the UK and now the US.
        I think China’s recent reactions to the trade war launched by the US and supported by their lackeys in disdain for their own self interest has been so far quite restrained .
        D J S

      • Lets get a little more background than second hand hearsay on the live organ nonsense propagated by the CIA coupled with Falun Gong and CIA funded Epoch Times.
        In China those who commit crimes grievous enough to get the death sentence do have their organs used after death as a contribution to society.
        A bit of accurate accounting makes things more consistent and believable. Chinese are not monsters.
        As far as siding with whoever as a matter of patriotism, the highest patriotism is that of seeking truth and honesty not political expediency or blind nationalism.

        Both NZ and OZZIE invaded two countries which have never threatened their shores.
        In Iraq 1.4 million were killed and hundreds of thousands in Afghanistan over 17 years at a cost to the US taxpayer of $US5,250,000,000,000, yes 5 trillion.
        But the cost to the invaded nations is much higher. How much is a human life worth and the misery of the injured and grieving. Thousands of children killed.

        Both NZ and OZ helped create that ruthless grabbing of resources by USA billionaire players.

        Both NZ and OZ butchered civilians and calling that for what it is a patriotic duty.

    • If you’re up for a game of “whataboutism” Mark, would you care to comment on the Chinese Communist Party’s programme of mass forced-sterilisation and rape of Uighar women?

      Or are only Han Chinese people entitled to “human rights” (such as they are) in China?

  4. PRC may very well be seriously considering an invasion of Taiwan in the near future and a ratcheting up of the nationalism would probably help with getting everyone on board.
    They are also very serious about restricting access to the South China Sea and while in the past this was really restricted to rhetoric only this is increasingly coming to a head and approaching a tipping point where either PRC hegemony to the area is acknowledged or if it isn’t the very real possibility that PRC will enforce this by force.

    • How can a country invade itself?

      Even the Taiwanese call themselves part of China, and indeed up until very recently claimed to be the legitimate rulers of the Chinese mainland as well.

      • If a country can’t invade itself Mark feel free tell your mates in PRC there is no need to take any weapons with them when they leave for the Taiwanese coast in their landing craft . . I’m sure the Taiwanese army will be most grateful.

        • Perhaps the US could get out of Taiwan and let the Chinese negotiate a unification. There are many in Taiwan want to join back with the mainland.
          A similar situation to Korea in many ways.
          Go home yanks!

  5. In Tom Clancy’s ‘Red Storm Rising’ (from memory) it is noticed (before the Warsaw Pact invasion of Western Europe) that there is an increase in the showing on Soviet TV of nationalistic movies etc including Sergei Eisenstein’s Alexander Nevksy (Russians defeating Teutonic Germans) . . shades of this with this PRC manufactured escalation?

    • Which ‘Warsaw Pact invasion of Western Europe’ was that? The one in a different universe?

      Or did I blink when the Russian tanks were parading through Paris?

      Military propaganda used to work so well. But in the Age of Information it usually falls flat on its face.

      On the other hand, economic propaganda and cultural propaganda are still very effective.

  6. Hilarious how ‘we’ are all so offended by this image..yet apparently only the Afghans are offended by the leg image…even funnier..we are so offended by this image..yet really very quiet about American troops actually slitting the throats of two children…and yes, it says ‘alleged’..but for them to even include it in the official report would suggest there is strong evidence…

    “Members of the Special Air Service Regiment allegedly cut the throats of two 14-year-old Afghan boys before dumping their bodies in a river because they believed they were Taliban sympathisers, in one of the most gruesome incidents revealed by the long-running probe into Australia’s elite special forces unit.

    Assistant Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force Paul Brereton’s chilling report ”

    • Australian troops, not American. What Afghanis would find offensive, after what has been done to civilians by the Taleban, Islamic State and Al Qaeda is for them to determine I supposed.

      There is offence at the act and also depiction on social media – terrorists do that (upload video of their violence to publicise their action and or to intimidate).

      We tried noting that. However the Chinese responded by citing free speech and cartoonist works as part of that. That is fine. Mission accomplished … the Chinese are now defending free speech critical of nations over their behaviour.

  7. The nationalist faction that occupied Taiwan after the civil war represented China in the UN until 1971 (Nixon visit?). You never really hear much about the indigenous Taiwanese, just the wants of their Chinese occupiers.

    • Having seen what’s happened to the Uighars in mainland China, the indigenous Taiwanese people’s enthusiasm for being ruled by Han Chinese from the CCP in Beijing currently stands at zero.

      • It’s unlikely that the remaining Formosans enjoy being crushed under the weight of the ROC occupation either. Still probably better than being a part of the SE Asian co-prosperity sphere though.

        One genocide does not trump another.

  8. Personally I can’t help thinking the CCP has done the the Chinese middle classes a favour making such vile industrial wine as Jacob’s Creek unaffordable!

  9. “We must urgently see economic decoupling from China as a national security issue.”

    I could not agree more. The feet need to be cut from under this aggressive bully before we all end up under its economic, political, and military domination.

    • Don’t forget that the British were the first to set up concentration camps…herding Boer women and children into them and starving them to death in order to put pressure on the men who were resisting the expansion of the Empire.

      And don’t forget that the British were the first to drop poison gas on civilians, to get the natives of present day Iraq (who wanted independence in the 1920s) under control.

      You obviously like the concentration camp -run by banks and corporations and their minions- that you are currently living in. It does provide you with a few toys (mostly made in China) to play with.

      Try rebelling against the money-lender-corporation-controlled government here and see what happens. Try protesting against the looting and polluting of the planet that the neoliberal government of NZ orchestrates: you’ll be behind bars within an hour.

      I know from experience.

      • “…you’ll be behind bars within an hour.

        I know from experience.”

        Are you sure that wasn’t for loitering with intent outside a kindergarten?

        • Thats a pretty sub standard comment Simonm, I don’t anderstand how it got past the moderator; clearly not so offensive as arguing against CO2 induced climate change.
          D J S

  10. ‘We must urgently see economic decoupling from China as a national security issue.’

    New Zealand’s standard of living is entirely dependent on trade with China: China is THE major export market for the agricultural production forced from the land via chemical and energy inputs; China is supplier of around 80% of the goods in shops -everything from clothing to power tools.

    When NZ is ready for a Pol Pot style revolution, i.e. a great leap back to the fourteenth century, we can decouple from China. Until then, it’s business-as-usual, which means both NZ and China pursuing policies that Melt the Planet….the real issue of the times. The only issue of the times.

    Until the environment gets made REALLY REALLY BAD by industrial activity, both China and NZ will continue to fuck it up. As will Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, Europe, India….

  11. Among the many Uyghur eye witness testimonies, there recently have been reports of the PLA rounding up Uyghurs and using them for live firing practice.
    This needs further investigation.

    • Good luck with investigating that.

      The NZ government cant’s even manage to investigate what’s going on in NZ; let alone anywhere else on the planet!

      Never forget that all government narratives are phony, whoever is in power.

    • Well Bruce do you believe all you read.
      Uighur are prime restate for NED/ CIA propaganda just because people believe that stuff and keep repeating it without researching authenticity and what relies on hearsay repeated many times.

  12. It seems a Pol Pot style “leap back”revolution might be a good option to stop the impending environmental catastrophe stemmed from industrialisation, but it sounds like you don’t want that either… hmmm

    • A leap back to fourteenth century living would provide the possibility of preventing Abrupt Climate Change rendering the Earth uninhabitable for humans.

      Doing it without mass murder is the key.

      Ironically, if we continue on the present course [of extracting fossil fuels and burning them] we will end up with fourteenth century living anyway, as all the energy resources get gobbled up in an orgy of consumption.

      The trouble with arriving at fourteenth century living via the depletion-of-fossil-fuels route is that an uninhabitable planet is guaranteed.

      • Food supply competes with transport for oil.
        Living in a pre oil community is a first step but population will reduce dramatically but that will happen on our present path, but be out of control, as we are.
        Some societies live/d happily without oil but they are not left alone.

  13. So one bad actor attacks another bad actor and were all supposed to watch and cheer on our bad actor.

    Neither of these states has a leg to stand on when it come to moral high ground. Both are scum. With one being called scumo, and the other poo you know this is just another shiity side show to distract people from the real problem.

    Our elites are totally fubar, and would shot kittens – if it could make them some more money. Why do you want people like this in charge? Why can’t you take control over your own life? Why are you so easily distracted?

  14. I haven’t read your essay, but we should get down to 20 % trade with China, otherwise our democracy can have her arm twisted by a tyranny. EVERY neighbour of that country feels the same.


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