Political Caption Competition


Working class people who smoke cannabis can go fuck themselves, but the precious wee middle class kids who gobble down the Party Pills must come home safe, especially seeing as they can’t afford to buy a house!



  1. Is there a mandate for this? I mean, there just isn’t popular support in the constituency. People don’t want it. I want a recount. Won’t someone think of the children? Why is my job so unfair?!

  2. We have combined the horticulture industry with the festival industry and now you can take P/MDMA and pick fruit for 60 hours straight while staying in your tent in the middle of nowhere. Finally the ‘lazy, drugged out” youth and demanding horticulture industries, finding common ground!

    • There’s a lot of truth in that statement. You only need to look at the origins of P to understand why it was created.
      Basically for war, to give soldiers and fighter pilots more alertness and ability to carry on as you are.
      Now if only we give them ecstasy, tested for purity of course, she’ll be right.
      And MDMA should be allowed while fruit picking, make it fun, not a meaningless chore.
      Let the young people have fun while slaving for you, else what’s the point.


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