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  1. Louisa Wall goes on a bender

    Strong Wahine Maori leader Louisa Wall has joined IPAC representatives online in a show of tipsy solidarity, urging society not to buy wine from China:

    It is seemingly not a trade embargo nor is it an attempt to gang up a nation based on the premise that China is the world’s bully. If IPAC were serious about sending a message to imperialism they would descend like a pack of wolves on the US which has a thousand military bases scattered throughout the world. If we applied this fact alone then IPAC representatives would never buy an American product again. It is also not a weaponisation of food as a political tool by a New Zealand politician, when at least a third of households routinely don’t have enough to eat let alone buy luxuries such as wine. What it appears to be is a rogue MP actually undermining trade with our biggest partner on the premise of human rights violations using elitism (with a subtle note of racism) as the tonic. Aussie should start selling wine bottles shaped like artificial limbs and whack on a rainbow flag sticker for effect.


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