How dumb do the Greens feel now?

Figuratively & literally next to useless

I have been critical over the last 3 years at the total lack of strategic and tactical talent in the Green Party backroom and those 3 years of criticism have culminated in a deal so bad that the Greens ended up swallowing dead tofu rats for meaningless baubles in a deal with Labour that is as manipulative as Key’s deal with the Māori Party, in that it provides Jacinda with the same thing Key wanted, political camouflage.

This deal will gag the Greens and make them look complicit in Labour’s tepid progress. The Greens don’t look like members of a progressive Government, they look like collaborators for mediocrity.

But imagine for 30 seconds that the Greens had actually taken a different approach to the negotiations with Labour and had in fact made 3 demands and threatened to walk away and be a bitter critic of Labour’s timidness if Jacinda didn’t give them what they wanted.

Imagine the Greens were outside the tent right now and imagine the righteous fury they could generate attacking Labour over their support for property speculators and the inane spike in housing prices.

Imagine how powerful the Greens could be right now in that debate, how it would set them up for the next 3 years how they could honestly expect 20% at the next Election off the back of that opposition.

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Instead we have the Māori Party at National’s table trying to tell everyone else how delicious  the crumbs are.

Every critiscim the Greens throw at Labour is immediately followed by, ‘sure, but you signed up with Jacinda for some empty baubles, so shut the fuck up’.

I’m already regretting voting for the Greens again.

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  1. 70% woman, 30% men… what happened to equal gender representation?

    I think they exited the Greenies who were not woke enough and not good looking enough, not faux poor enough and had too many opinions, in a purge in 2017.

    It looks like they cut Jame’s Shaws head off and then glued it back on, in the image.

    • As enthusiastic embracers of identity politics, the Greens may be fairly fluid on binary gender issues. But I wouldn’t want my photo took squashed in a tunnel with the look of an underpass tunnel – open spaces or vistas with waters add more enchantment to the viewing. The optics.

  2. I strongly disagree. It must be Labour that is already regretting inviting the Greens to the table. Their level of political naivety regarding the CGT is frustrating as is their dog humping away at your leg ranting about their wealth tax that Labour has clearly ruled out previously. Labour has gained very little by inviting the Greens on board apart from relentless whinging from within. They had more than enough of that BS previously from Winston Peters who had them over a barrel. Labour had zero obligation to invite the Greens to the table yet they are sounding more like the opposition than National are. That’s a piss poor reward for Labour’s epic election victory that resulted in them being the first-ever party that could Govern alone under MMP.

  3. I voted green for the universal benefit idea, as a disabled person married to somebody who works, I saw it as a way to get an income of some sort.
    And what about the 49% of us who voted for cannabis, now not even a whimper from them.
    And speaking of which, why the fuck isnt the govt investigating the level of manipulation of information used for the referendum by the no campaign, it seems we are the only place in the world that has endured this at an election.
    Fucking over politicians, voting is just pointless. Just the same fwits and a shuffle of seats.

    • Don’t worry Mark we know there was an anonymous donor interfering regarding the cannabis referendum and many of our elderly people think its alright for them to kill themselves when others can’t have a cannabis smoke are nothing but selfish f.. n hypocrites. But many of them will be gone soon despite us saving their bacon re-covid. Then we only have to deal with the religious zealots another group of hypocrites who tend to be very judgmental and unforgiving not very Christian like if you ask me.

      • The recreational marijuana referendum was negatively impacted by propaganda funded by extreme right American religious nutters.

        Blaming the elderly per se is as rational as blaming all Germans for the Holocaust, or all Jewish people for the killing of Jesus, or all Pakeha for historical land theft, or all Maori for the slaughter of pacifist Chatham Island Moriori – or for the unwarranted massacre of French sailors at Waitangi in the Chathams, or all Japanese for the rape of Peking, or all Australians for shooting Aborigines, or all English for the great famines of Ireland, Scotland and the Punjab.

        Not all religious persons are hypocrites – judge not lest ye be judged. If you want a joint, just grow the stuff, and don’t be idiotic enough to get caught, but identity politics
        are causing such destructive divisions in New Zealand that I reckon they’re quite likely part of an agenda too.

      • We’ll, Covid is pa, there seems to have been a fare few growers and smokers that voted no, as they prefer an unregulated market as opposed to the government restricting their activities, so I would not assume that old people are responsible for the no vote..
        The real issue here is, Labour has a mandate but are going to sit on their hands the same as National did for nine years.

  4. I am not sure that these Greens are feeling dumb, that would require them to be capable of self reflection. They are not the dumb ones, just those that do not agree with them.

    With Labour heading for a possible majority before the election, this Green Party should have been left to slide out of parliament. A new team, with a narrower but more focused platform of policies, trying to fight their way into parliament would be better than the current situation. Then again, I don’t vote Green.

    As for hoping that the Greens could make demands of Labour, they had more leverage in the previous term when Labour, on 37%, actually needed them. Anything given to the Greens now is to keep them onside for when they may be needed in future coalition talks.

  5. A lot of their votes I’m sure were from “now I feel good” voters thinking they had done their bit for the environment, when in fact these guys are nothing to do with the well being of our planet, they are a bunch of extreme left socialists, nothing else

    • Pete, Environmentalists like me had a history of supporting the Green Party pre-dating some of their current MP’s even joining the party. Then when Marama Davidson et al informed the world that N.Z. Pakeha were responsible for the Muslim Mosque massacres, and that white people are all crap, I dumped the Greens because I think they are crap. Ignorant divisive crap. There are two or three good women still in there, but a party dependent on one issue to get into power is too self-limiting anyway. What they did to the shocked Muslim community was also incredibly inappropriate, and plain wrong.

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