Espionage arrest secondary to holding SIS & GCSB to account for Australian white supremacy terrorist 


Linton soldier is the first New Zealander to be charged with espionage

A soldier who led a white nationalist group has been charged with espionage, and is the first person to face such an accusation of threatening New Zealand’s security by giving information to another country or foreign organisation.

The Defence Force on Wednesday said the soldier, who has name suppression, would face a court martial on 17 charges including multiple counts of espionage, attempted espionage, accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes, and possessing an objectionable publication.

Much of the detail of the allegations remains unknown, including the information the soldier obtained and which country or foreign organisation he shared the information with.

Espionage charges just before the inquiry into this Australian white supremacy terrorist comes out?

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Kinda sounds like arse covering doesnt it?

Remember the bullshit claims by the State for the Urewra Terrorist charges?

I’m more interested in hearing how the SIS & GCSB missed an Australian white supremacy terrorist

The question we need answering is how many acronyms does it take to catch a white supremacist?

Why there’s the SIS (Secret Intelligence Services), the GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau), the NSG (National Security Group), the CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee), the ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination), the SIB (Security and Intelligence Board), the CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee), the NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee) the IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate), the NRU (National Risk Unit) and the NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate).

Yet not one of them saw an atrocity like this coming.

When these acronyms view Greenpeace, the Greens, the MANA Party, Maori Iwi, Earthquake survivors, social justice activists and investigative journalists as the threat, it’s easy to see how a white supremacist managed to plan a terrorist act for two years without appearing on anyones radar.

That is the insult to our national injury.

The solution here is not more vast surveillance powers, it’s the intelligence agencies using the existing powers they already have against real threats, not the reds under the bed who they’ve focused on so far.

Arresting a soldier to give the public a scalp isn’t enough, where the fuck was our security apparatus while this Australian white supremacy terrorist was plotting his atrocity?


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  1. Shhh… they might be listening. Invariably, the folks in these secrecy agencies are given a greater budget to remain secret. Add a Communication specialist PM to oversee(lol) spying on us with a neo – liberal smile, and a complicit media, what could go wrong Kim Dot Com, Julian Assange … ?

  2. 1854 The Russians are coming.
    1914 The Russians are our allies.
    1919 The Russians are coming.
    1941 The Russians are our allies.
    1945 The Russians are coming.
    1991 The Russians are our allies.
    2020 The Russians are coming.

  3. White supremacists aren’t really a problem to the powers that be (who are mostly white & consider themselves superior), because they generally punch down, while activists (Maori, environmental, human rights, social etc), migrants, refugees & investigative journalists punch upwards, threatening the powers that be. This is why they, and not white supremacists are the focus of the security services attention.

  4. A white supremacist in the NZDF has been charged with sharing information with ‘another country or foreign organisation’. The NZDF haven’t released the name of this country.

    Putin’s Russia, has long been a safe haven for white supremacist ideology and organisations. Russia is most likely the ‘other country’ these charges relate to.

    The ‘other country’, a hotbed of white supremacist ideology and organisations is Trump’s America.

    Would this white supremacist in our armed forces have been sharing New Zealand military intel. with American white supremacist organisations?

    It is very likely he was. And for probably longer. But he will he be charged on these counts?

    Even if this white supremacist soldier has been giving intel to white supremacist groups in America. Our security forces strong links with the US means the US will not be named on the charge sheet as ‘another country or foreign organisation’ that this soldier has leaked to.

    Which also goes to somewhat explain the blindspot our Security forces have toward white supremacists here.,As%20of%202015%2C%20its%20leader%20is%20Stanislav%20Vorobyev.


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