MEDIAWATCH: Slater and an enormous amount of incredulous audacity



Come on.

NZ First Foundation case: Blogger Cameron Slater lends his support to accused’s suppression bid

Controversial and well-known blogger Cameron Slater has lent his support to the New Zealand First Foundation accused fighting to keep their identity secret.

Slater’s support came during a courtroom battle today about whether both defendants’ interim name suppression would continue in the case over allegations of improper political donations.

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While the first defendant has actively fought for continued name suppression, the second only maintains suppression because of the connection to their co-accused.

Judge Deidre Orchard heard the first accused’s lawyer allege a “lack of proper investigation” and “weak charge” by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

An affidavit by Slater, the former Whale Oil blogger, was also used in support of suppression being maintained through to a trial.

Slater, who was sitting in the back of the courtroom for today’s hearing, took aim at mainstream news media, journalists and social media.

He said the likes of Facebook and Twitter used algorithms designed to generate user engagement, with each click monetised by selling advertising space.

Slater also said social media companies were guilty of chasing and generating clicks by creating “hate” and targets for so called “social media journalists”.

The NZ First Foundation case and Peters, the court heard, could be such a lightning rod for social media trolls.



Does it strike anyone else that having the worst social media dirty politics troll in NZ warn the court about social media trolls is a tad audacious?

It’s like Trump lecturing on democratic process, or losing with grace or feminism.

The trial got funnier.

Stewart criticised Slater’s affidavit and said it was “an agenda presented to the court dressed up as expert opinion”.

Her asked Judge Orchard not to give Slater’s views any weight when making her decision.

Stewart also said the term “media” was being bandied about but that the accredited news organisations he represented were not the same as bloggers and internet trolls.

I thirst for Slater’s tears. They are delicious. Fill my cup!


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  1. Slater has been hiding in his slime-covered hole for some time. It’s no coincidence that his re-emergence coincided with his BFF Chucky becoming the latrine rodent party leader. They are both irrelevant.

    What I’m especially enjoying about the latrine rodent party is the utterly pointless and farcical alleged review of why they did so badly in the election. They are putting it down to leaks and their strong team not being so strong. They are however not looking at the elephant in the room. Chucky herself. They’re actually pledging their full support to Collins who they say they are proud to have as their leader. Haha. The other one plays jingle bells. Let’s see how that looks within a year when they start thinking about 2023 and seeing more of the same shit polling under Chucky. By then, Christopher Luxon will have found his feet and those now spouting off about pride in Chucky will have enough intestinal fortitude and insight to send Collins packing. At that same time, Whale blubber will disappear from the NZ political landscape forever.

    • I’d argue you should be more worried about your own leader. The Blairite doesn’t seem to interested in housing inflation all of a sudden now that she owns the middle. Either this or she has no idea, either way it’s not a good look. Indeed this is already going down as well as a nervous cough on an A320 to Queenstown with her base.

      Uncle Fester is at best a 2026 proposition. The merc without a mouth just got flattened by Key at the AGM. There is nobody else into the foreseeable future.

      The next 3 years, once covid dissolves will be the government on defence as none of their pledges will be enacted outside of minor dribble such as matariki.

      • Good to see you haven’t slit your wrists after the election Frank. I was worried about you. I know how upset you’ve been at our utterly inept your party has become where Chucky is their best and only choice for leader. Sid Holland would be rolling in his grave.

        Not worried about Ardern in the slightest. She just won the election in a landslide and any worry there would be akin to a lotto winner worrying about what to do with all that cash.

        As long as she’s PM and Chucky is head of the rodents, the smiles will continue.

        Do you ever get tired of trotting out the word “Blairite?”. You hump that word like one of those poodles humps your leg. Surely you have another descriptive word in there brother?

        How sad is it for National that they have to keep trotting out Don-Key as their motivational speaker or ponytail pulling desperate narrative changer to the media? There’s me thinking he retired from politics on the 5th December 2016 yet National are so bereft of talent in their very talented team haha that they have to keep wheeling him out of his tomb. Any chance of Ruth Richardson also making a comeback or perhaps Jenny Shipley who has to find dosh to pay a 6 million dollar debt she incurred in 2019 ??

        Could things get any worse for National Frank? At least now their talented team is so small they can all go on holiday together in the same campervan. Better have its own bog now as Nash is not happy about freeloaders shitting in our rivers.


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