Let’s be clear – Trump intends to steal the Presidency 


As TDB has been pointing out for some time, once Trump’s bullshit legal pretences are all over he’s going to simply try and steal the election outright by creating so much chaos that State Legislature’s are conned into overturning the results…

US election: How President Donald Trump may attempt to cling to power

With court cases faltering, the Trump campaign has dropped a huge clue as to what their next tactic is to win the election. It’s undemocratic – but entirely legal, writes Benedict Brook.
A tweet from a lawyer representing US President Donald Trump has sparked fears the commander in chief may attempt to cling to power by, essentially, ignoring the tallied election results.

Jenna Ellis, who in the past has called the President an “idiot” and claimed his supporters don’t care about “facts or logic,” is now firmly on team Trump.

Last week, she posted on social media that in Michigan, a state that flipped to the Democrats, the legislature could decide to “select the electors”.

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She added it was a “huge win for Trump”.

This would mean Michigan’s 16 Electoral College votes assigned according to the wishes of the state’s Republican majority legislature, the equivalent of a state parliament, rather than by voters who, by all accounts, have chosen Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Trump has reportedly invited some Michigan GOP politicians to the White House to discuss exactly this course of action.

Critics have called a strategy to ignore the popular vote in enough states to allow Trump to remain in the White House as a “fever dream”.

A prominent law professor has said it would be nothing more than a “naked power play” and could lead to conflict on the streets.

But the US Constitution, which gifted the country its convoluted election system, is ambiguous on the matter. It certainly seems possible that a state’s politicians could simply brush aside voters’ wishes.

“The President can ask Republican-controlled state legislatures to assign their electoral votes to him,” reported website Slate.

“This manoeuvre would constitute an appalling assault on democracy. But it would be legal.”

…this is why when you combat Trumpers online, the tone is so frantic and frenetic. The very legitimacy of American Democracy is at stake according to these Qanon fanatics, and they have to hype up the threat to justify an extraordinary action to save us from it.

Trump has to sell chaos and a deep state coup is enough hysteria to twist his most bewildered and armed supporters onto the streets demanding State Legislators overturn the result.

To his supporters, the fact his tactic is ‘not illegal’ will look less like a horrific assault on Democracy and more like shrewd strategy by Trump

Trump is going to try and outright steal the election and once that sinks in, all hell is going to break lose.


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  1. ““This manoeuvre would constitute an appalling assault on democracy. But it would be legal.”
    “To his supporters, the fact his tactic is ‘not illegal’ …
    Which is it Martyn? Legal or not?
    If it is then it might have been designed for exactly this scenario : where the delegates suspect massive voter fraud ( or election official fraud) that is not going to be provable in court because of the deficiencies in their voting technique , but they get a chance to make their own assessment. Why they don’t just have a book of all the registered voters with someone ruling a line through their name when someone picks up their slip like we do god knows.
    But if you watch Giuliani and Powell full pressor on The Information Clearing House … http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/55916.htm
    it is pretty clear that they believe they have a case for the supreme court to hear, and appropriately they are very clear that it is the integrity of the electoral process that is what matters, far and above the fortunes of Donald J Trump.
    No one is going to be comfortable with the outcome until it has all been aired in the US supreme court.
    It is very much to be hoped that the judgement there will be accepted by the vast majority or that place will become ungovernable.
    D J S

  2. Biden is just a stool pidgeon for ‘china and the corporate cabal’ it is as simople as that.

    The whole election process was a sham with slack rules regarding “absent mail in voting” so we should be worried that our election system does not fall into the same slack rules in voting for the next election as National /act my replicate those same shacky rules.

    George Souos was heavily implicated in that US election as he owns part of the company that handled the voting system from an overseas location.

    Bewrae what you wish for is the take-out here from the US election.

    • Garbage about the American election somehow being won and lost of because of some connection to some foreign country and company? Blithely bringing that nonsense to this site?

  3. Giuliana’s Legal Team Presents Overview of Election Fraud Evidence

    ” Today in a press conference, Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and two other members of the legal team gave an overview of the evidence. It is overwhelming. There was fraud in the voting machines and software in every state, and massive mail-in ballot fraud in the main Democrat cities where the election fraud is most evident. In presenting an overview of the evidence, Giuliani and two female members of the legal team shamed the media for their lies, their censorship, their disregard for fact, and their hatred of President Trump. They shamed the presstitutes for their indifference to election integrity and for their belief that all means no matter how illegal, unconstitutional, or foul that can be used to get Trump out of office are justified. “

    • Saying repeatedly that something is overwhelming does not make it actually overwhelming. And if it’s Rudy Guliani saying it, that in itself is an “overwhelming” reason to be very skeptical of the claims. At some point, they have to put up, or shut up. Repeating a lie ad nauseum does not make it become true.

  4. It seems Trump supporters have arrived here to pollute. In the Herald today:

    “Misinformation is flying thick and fast on US social and traditional media forums. Which is why the Department of Homeland Security has produced its own conspiracy theory debunking website. It details the simple practicalities and specific security measures within the US electoral system that makes many such fraud allegations unfounded, if not impossible.

    But that’s not holding back the conspiracy machine.”

    • Apart from CG’s suggestion that Biden is a stool pigeon for China which seems doubtful to me, no one else here seems to have done or said anything but to refer to some claims by very high profile American lawyers. What do you identify as conspiricy theories from what is referred here?
      D J S

      • There have been all sorts over a few years. Numbers have come out of Desperation House in the past couple of weeks. Think of something ridiculous, put it out there as “I have been told…” and it will be the truth for someone.

        The more bizarre the better when it comes to stories. If you can include a Clinton and an Obama you get bonus points.

  5. Their Senate majority leader set the tone back in 2016 by obstructing the appointment of a Justice to the Supreme Court by Obama. The Trump appointees since then secured the 6-3 majority (enough for a generational control).

    It’s a manifestation of kingdom come end the democracy of end time Christian government dominionism – which is really a fascist takeover.

    That control of the Supreme Court is leading to sanction of red state election rules modelled on the old South (back in 2019 the majority allowed states to have partisan election rules provided they were not “openly” racist).

    The demographics are OK for the Democrats (including college educated whites swinging red states marginal), but the US oligarchy acting is resorting to nationalist and religious populism and playing by Mitch rules. Trump is not the aberration he seems, but the personifaction of their true GOP self. And yeah its fascist.

    Which raises the question, where does the Lincoln Project team go? There is a huge opening for an Independent Party candidacy there now.

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