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  1. Mega farms run by big business – eradication of small scale farming in China, but no mention of the problems with intensification and lack of diversity.

    Behind China’s ‘pork miracle’: how technology is transforming rural hog farming

    In NZ, if there is a power cut in a chicken barn, generally all the chickens die within hours, they are unable to cope with any change in environmental conditions.

    Intensification and monoculture of flora and fauna sounds great, until it all goes wrong and then millions can starve or the next virus comes into play like Covid.

  2. Twenty years of inaction have led to a toxic NZ housing market
    ” Homeowners are suddenly $100 billion richer because the Reserve Bank is printing up to $128b and lending it via the banks at obscenely low interest rates to those with inflated equity to outbid first-home buyers. It feels like those at the top of the ladder have been given a chainsaw to remove all the rungs below them and lop off a few aspiring heads for good measure. ‘
    ” Meanwhile, those same young renters reaching for the lower rungs, and beneficiaries paying most of their income in rent, are being told there’s not enough money for benefit increases or a lot more house building and there’s not much the Government can do about it. ”
    ” It’s turning into the biggest, fattest ‘K-shaped’ recovery from Covid-19: the rich get much richer, the poor are locked out and getting poorer, and young renters, Maori, Pasifika and women are permanently scarred by the effects of fewer jobs, longer periods of unemployment, lower incomes and higher rents. Understandably, they think it’s unfair that they are being hurt the most and can least afford it, and the beneficiaries of Government policy are those already stonkingly rich. It goes right to the heart of the social contract. Why bother trying to build a family and a life with your great love when the only way you can have a stable and healthy home that is affordable to live in is if your parents help you buy it or you marry into a family that has property?

    After so many housing price boom shocks, young renters and their parents are beside themselves. This latest one seems even more obscene because it is the Government’s own central bank that seemed to trigger it, and the most popular Government in a generation seems to either think it isn’t a crisis, or has no ideas on what to do. “

  3. Expert IPCC Reviewer Speaks Out
    by Robert Hunziker

    ” Dr. Carter is currently reviewing the 6th Assessment (AR6) of the IPCC. Additionally, he reviewed the IPCC Special 1.5°C Report of 2018 that exposed a new reality about the global climate emergency. As a result, the depth and breadth of a true emergency is gaining recognition throughout the world. The fact that 1.5°C above baseline is now the prescribed upper limit to global warming accomplished more than just turning heads.

    Dr. Carter: “We are in a climate emergency, in an unprecedented Earth emergency… it’s an emergency of our climate, an emergency of our oceans… this is not one of many challenges, this is the challenge for all of humanity.”


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