The Liberal Agenda – Forum – The New Left in America


Over the last ten years, socialist ideas have been making a huge comeback in the United States. The 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests paved the way for Bernie Sanders’ unexpectedly popular 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns, and in the 2018 mid-term elections Democratic Socialists of America members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib were elected to Congress, as well as progressive Sanders supporter Ilhan Omar.

In the 2020 federal election, racist hard right President Donald Trump was defeated after a huge increase in voter turnout, and two more DSA members, Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman, were sent to Congress on the back of a huge wave of Black Lives Matter protests earlier in the year.

Come join Socialist Aotearoa for a forum about the rise of the new left in America and the prospects for building a mass socialist party. We will be hearing from Jacobin Magazine writer Branko Marcetic, author of ‘Yesterday’s Man: the Case Against Joe Biden’, as well as Matt McCarten, co-founder of Unite Union and One Union, who was President in the 1990s and early 2000s of the Alliance, New Zealand’s last major attempt to build a party to the left of Labour.

When: 7pm, Thursday 19 November
Where: One Union, 599 New North Road, Morningside


  1. The Squad promote some good ideas – in particular, universal healthcare. But it’s a shame their platform is so permeated with identity politics – if that’s the “New Left”, then no thanks.


    “Unlike Obama, Biden did not campaign on hope and change, he campaigned on opposing the socialist inclinations of Sanders progressives and an aggressive foreign policy of planetary domination. He assured rich donors that nothing will fundamentally change under his presidency and his transition team is full of corporate sociopaths, war pigs and propagandists. Biden has been a corporatist warmongering authoritarian throughout his entire career, and as his mental capacity continues to deteriorate he will function as nothing more than an empty vessel for his establishment handlers to advance their most pernicious agendas through. The empire has not gotten less desperate since Obama was in office, it has gotten more desperate.”

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