The Liberal Agenda – Tokoroa Rally Against Exploitation


Kia Ora all,

Update – Tokoroa Rally Against Exploitation

Unfortunately, the rally for last Sunday (16 November at 1pm) had to be postponed.

But we still want you to come to a meeting this coming Sunday at the same time. Since you signed our petition, we have received more cases of exploitation in Tokoroa by unscrupulous employers. 

It seems workplace exploitation and abuse in Tokoroa is wider than we thought. Most of the victims are having to work long hours for no wages and then threatened or dismissed if they complain.

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It’s difficult to solve this level of abuse from Auckland. We need your help.

We would like to meet with you and other locals. Please come and share with us your advice on what we can do about it. Hopefully we can form a local group to work with us so we can organise a campaign to end exploitation in Tokoroa.

End Workplace Exploitation in Tokoroa
Sunday Meeting

1pm, 23 November 2020
Tokoroa Cosmopolitan Club
275 Balmoral Road

If you can attend the meeting or offer any support please RSVP by emailing us at

Ngā Mihi,

Matt McCarten


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