Nashy promises to kill hyper tourism 


Covid 19 coronavirus: Tourism Minister Stuart Nash’s blunt message to tourism sector: target rich tourists

New Tourism Minister Stuart Nash has delivered a blunt message to tourism operators, saying there will be no return to a pre-Covid “business as usual” – and proposing a “reset” targeting wealthy tourists rather than freedom campers and backpackers.

Speaking at the Tourism Industry Aotearoa conference in Wellington, Nash said the fact the conference was able to meet in person was testament to the effectiveness and the need for a strong border policy.

He said there would be no “travel bubbles” until it was deemed safe to do so.

However, New Zealand was well-placed to capitalise on its reputation for its handling of Covid-19 once those border restrictions started easing and should take the opportunity to reset the tourism industry.

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Personally I am LOVING being able to move around my city without 3million tourists, exploited migrant workers and exploited international students!!!

Closing our borders has been one of the best things to happen to the quality of life for the long suffering domestic NZer more than any single thing ever!

You ask those pricks in the hyper tourism industry what is the actual upper limit of tourists.

We have 5million New Zealanders living here, at last count we had 3million tourists each year visit us. NO WONDER our groaning infrastructure is gridlocked, almost as many tourists visit as people who actually live here!

The Hyper Tourism pricks are just like the Intensive Farming pricks. Intensive Famers want more and more and more cows on less and less and less actual land, same with Hyper Tourism, they would cheer for 4million tourists, cheer for 5million tourists – Christ these greedy maggots would do a song and dance for 10million tourists!

So closing the border has killed the hyper tourism market and all those freedom campers using our country as a collective public shit hole. Am I supposed to feel sad that the Kiwi who sells these people V and bars of chocolate won’t have a job?

Fuck them!

Likewise fuck the service industry and agricultural industries who have exploited migrant workers and depressed local wages!

Likewise fuck the international education industry who exploit international students and cause enormous rental pressures for locals!

So less tourists, less exploited migrant workers, less exploited international students and the benefits are we don’t have gridlocked roads and rental desperation?

Oh and don’t even at me saying, ‘But Bomber what about all the money they bring into the country’ – WHAT ABOUT IT?  I don’t see any of it, I just have to put up with the enormous infrastructure gridlock, rental desperation and low wages these industries force upon me as a domestic NZer, those billions don’t go to me, they go to companies who have been set up to exploit but in a global pandemic world those industries are all flat lining because there’s no future in that type of exploitative free market capital because there is no free market transfer of global capital any longer!

The only people being hurt here are the industries who greedily exploit migrant workers, greedily exploit international students, greedily exploit our good will and fucking Landlords!

Good! Their tears are delicious!

Keep. That. Border. Closed!!!!!


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  1. Fewer, not less. Bad language is one thing, but bad grammar is another – flexibility in punctuation is pretty ok – and great fun and plain wonderful when Nelson’s witchy poo counts up the commas and then complains.

    Lovely to see that a govt minister has got something right.The land may breathe more easy. Lunch time pavements become less like the alleyways of Asia – not fewer.

  2. Hallelujah and Amen brother!
    Another minor relief has been the absence of those bug buckets known as cruise ships sitting in our harbours continuously discharging diesel fumes.
    They disgorge thousands of potential disease vectors before whom our relatively small population (and therefore easily overwhelmed) centres must prostitute themselves to maybe get a Moro bar sale or a trinket hawked.
    Meanwhile, they look at us ‘quaint Kiwis’ trying to go about our business whilst standing in the middle of the f@cking road trying to get a selfie in front of one our earthquake prone crumbling pieces of architecture, before leaving & alerting friends and family to investment opportunities in the unprotected fire sale we call our housing market.

  3. listening to the National radio interview of Nash the reporter seemed to be shocked that a Labour Government would be pandering to the 1% that so often vilified by those on the left and not the great unwashed of freedom campers. I agree with few moves by this government but this is one that I find a win win for tourists and locals Covid has given us a chance to reset how we handle tourism . We are a small distant country that is safe from riots and covid let’s keep it that way . Elite tourists and elite education should be our aim.

  4. You are going to be one unhappy camper when the Blairite re-opens the border once the vaccine has been deployed.

    Every country in the world will act like $2 street hookers looking for a coke hit when international tourism opens up again. Targeting high end tourists? Where have I heard that one before? I’m sure the Davos set will want to go to Rotovegas and have a dip in the Polynesian Spa….A Tui ad if every I saw one.

  5. Love these echo chamber statements that perpetuate myths. AKA exploited foreign students…

    I also feel so sorry for those exploited students – NOT.

    What Chinese buyers want: Big homes close to good schools

    “Ms Law said Chinese buying in Brisbane was partly driven by families whose children were studying in the city and wanted to house them in a property they themselves owned.

    “Many of the buyers we work with hope to defray or actually make a profit on their student housing costs,” she said.

    “They buy a residence and rent out an extra bedroom to another student as a roommate.

    “If the combination of that income and possible capital gains is high enough, the student could complete his or her studies having paid a net of zero for their housing.

    “This year, we expect Chinese buyers to continue to focus their demand on new apartments and house and land packages.

    “Compared to Sydney, Brisbane is more affordable and its foreign buyer stamp duty is one point lower, at 7 per cent versus 8 per cent.”

    A Chinese buyer recently set a building record by paying $4.5 million for a second-hand apartment in the luxury Abian development in Brisbane’s CBD.”

    Remember in NZ our foreign house policy was designed to be virtually worthless.
    Overseas Investment – Who can buy residential land in NZ without the need for consent?


    What does high end tourism look like? Nash was pretty vague. Wealthy bods flying around in helicopters gawking at the view, staying in the best accommodation and eating in the best resturants?. I generalise of course. But what kind of tourism does this sound like? (and aren’t there other places than, well, you know where). Sounds like a pipe dream to me.

    Better to introduce legislation to put an end to freedom camping. And Covid permitting, wandering around at one’s free will having a good time. Good luck on that one!

    • Just need to get the tourist numbers right down, they’re straining infrastructure, trashing the environment. And no discrimination against back packers – they’re often the brainy ones, climbers, curious post-grads- not the sort to invade the church at Tekapo chattering loudly while wandering around the aisles taking photos of the locals at prayer and defecating in the grass before hopping back on their bus. Uncivilised.

  7. The so called “exploited student” scam.
    Like this lady who is repeating her degree in NZ that she already has in India…. so she can get her family into NZ and then get free care for all! If she wanted to work in NZ as a psychologist she could apply… but easier to get in on International student visas with family and repeat your degree.

    Happening all the time in NZ! Also unfair advantage as foreign students already have the degree they study in NZ!

    Meanwhile Kiwis can get back to NZ because the flights and quarantine is all full up.

    • Yep, some people are very ‘pushy’ … and don’t quite get the rules because in large part they come from countries were rules are routinely broken. Clearly she is using the woke MSM to manufacture woke sympathy. Noone likes to see mother and family separated, right? NZI are doing the right thing, Covd or no Covid.

      I shouldn’t think anyone on an international student visas is entitled to bring in /sponsor family. The story does say the family were due to fly in from New Delhi to join the student,just as Covid became the new reality, but it is not clear what kind of visa they held. I shouldn’t think it was linked to her student visa. Possibly a 2 month tourist visa supported by sufficient savings. Even upon graduation (with a 4 yr degree) and shifting to a work-to-residence visa I shouldn’t think it’s possible to bring in/sponsor family. But once qualifying for PR, well, that’s a different story … but even then there are lengthy processes to follow with family reunification.

      • @Bozo, International students get a work permit and their spouse can work in NZ as long as the partner is there which for many degrees is years.

        When you work in NZ you then get entitled to free health care, benefits etc going forward.

        Some of the international ‘students’ are coming and just borrow the money and then are relying on the work permits to survive. Foreign students get work permits for the family and then it’s easy to get full residency and income support on the back of one student visa.

        If you’re a New Zealand citizen or resident living in New Zealand you can bring your dependent children to New Zealand to live with you. If your children are granted residence, they can live and study in New Zealand, and if they’re old enough, work too.

        Or you are unmarried can apply for your spouse to come into NZ too for 2 years then the partnership can turn into full residency for all… another issue with dowry countries.

        In short half the village can turn up with every international student or (work) visa.

        • Don’t forget the aged parents can come along to NZ too…

          Parent Resident Visa
          If you have an adult New Zealand citizen or resident child who earns enough and agrees to sponsor you, you may be able to live in New Zealand permanently. You need to send us an expression of interest explaining how you meet the requirements and be sponsored by your child, or your child and their partner, and we may invite you to apply for residence.

          Or if that doesn’t work

          You get to bring your aged parents into NZ – they just need to invest 1 million (aka buy a do up in Auckland) for 4 years, and you be on $60k (perfectly possible with a psychology degree)….

          Parent Retirement Resident Visa
          If you have an adult child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident, you can apply to live in New Zealand permanently. You’ll need an annual income of NZ $60,000 plus NZ $1 million to invest for 4 years, and another NZ $500,000 to live on. Once you’ve completed the 4-year investment period, you’ll be eligible for permanent residence.

          Or aged parents can still come for years on a

          Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa
          Parents and grandparents can visit family in New Zealand, multiple times on the same visa. You must be visiting your New Zealand citizen or resident children or grandchildren. While you’re here, you can enjoy New Zealand’s scenery, adventure, culture, and friendly people.

          Plan you foreign retirement and work in NZ, all off the back of a student visa!

          • Once the aged parent gets here they can have an 11 day on-line romance and sponsor in another spouse like this migrant Chinese 79 year grandparent sponsoring in their 60 spouse after meeting online and marrying in 11 days.

            $10k, 11 days and one failed deportation

            Work harder NZ for all these exploited migrant people that the woke are telling us about!!!

            A bit of analysis shows there is exploitation, but not in the direction the woke think!

          • Little wonder some have an axe to grind! And here was I thinking it was loopholes being exploited. Seems likes the bureaucrats in Wellington have it all wrong.

        • Going forward there are big problems with falling wages as foreign students grab any job going to get residency.

          That means a psychologist which currently might be a well paid job in NZ can then go down to $60k instead of $120k+ going forward through ‘agencies’ who undercut the public sector.

          The domestic quality of both the degree, applicants and future prospects of that profession start to fall. NZ has one of the best courses in the world for psychology, but it is at Auckland University and student places are limited.

          Instead of expanding more places in Auckland for a world class psychology course, and having many students missing out, NZ policy is instead supporting courses that are not as successful, for foreign student money.

          Domestic students in higher education are falling in NZ.

          I know someone who gets $50k on the DPB… why study hard and get huge student loan to end up with a job that doesn’t pay much more than the dole going forward? Increasingly that is what locals are thinking.

          One of the reasons is our bums on seats for university places are turning into lower quality paid-for-degrees and our post Rogernomics Ponzi of lazy immigration is turning NZ jobs into slave wages faster.

          So when I hear the phrase ‘exploited international students’ ahh nope, all going well international students study here to get millions of free benefits studying in NZ for themselves and their familie. Meanwhile our youth are out of education and work and our social welfare situation in NZ tightens.

        • Thanks for the clarification SaveNZ -:). Was aware that those with international student visas can work in NZ up to so many hrs but wasn’t aware that those married could a) bring in their spouses on that same student visa b) that spouses could then also work in NZ effectively gaining access to social benefits. Half assumed most international students were single. They probably are.

          But there it is in black and white on the NZI website.

    • @saveNZ The woman in question could almost certainly complete the second year of her Master’s degree extramurally. This would allow her to head back to India to be with her family. If she can’t complete the course extramurally with the University of Canterbury, she could easily transfer her completed credits to another New Zealand university that offers the same programme through distance learning. I note that she hasn’t paid the fees for her second year of study yet.

      And yet she doesn’t seem to have considered this extremely practical and accessible option. I can’t imagine why that would be.

  8. Why not act 3 years ago? Easier to make the noises when events have overtaken you.
    Absolute gutless waste of space, he’s not actually talking about doing anything he’s asking for others to solve the problem.

    Let’s talk about why he lost a grown up portfolio like Police.
    Isn’t there a royal commission due out very soon?
    30% increase in gangs?
    Increasing violence and gang gun crime since his failed buy back pushed guns underground.

    • Kc carryon. Ok, so Nash is being a bit simplistic, and I’m starting to dislike his pitch. He wants to market this country to the hedonistic of Europe, rich people only. He’s saying we want their money. This is the politics of greed and laziness ; he’s using gutter language to clean our gutters and God knows who he thinks he’s impressing, but public crudity from Parliamentarians is not acceptable, he’s an embarrassment.

      Under his simplistic criteria, my great camping trips all over Europe in a station wagon would never have been possible. What Nash is proposing here, simply means that incoming tourists can hire a sedan car ok, and then proceed to do exactly what they like wherever they go. Stop off-shore visitors from hiring cars ? Not possible.

      The focus has to be a simple one of reducing the numbers of tourists invading New Zealand. That’s it.

      COVID has produced it’s own travel restrictions, and this has given government another opportunity to cash in on it, but too clumsily, perhaps not very well thought out, and sounding too much like pathetic rellies coveting the money of the rich. It could have been handled better.

      • The hire campers are not the real problem, they are relatively high end, it’s the foreign driven dodgey-warranted crapped out vans with the fake self contained sticker that have the worst offenders.
        There is/was a huge market in buying and selling these death traps.
        If you’ve spent time on the road in the South Island you will have helped more than one of these broken down, with no money for repairs. The worst kind of bludgers relying on charity to see our country.

        Kiwis should always have a right to responsibly tour their own country I agree.

        An odd waste of space announcement from thug Nash- it is a distraction from something else – the Chch royal commission or maybe just a lame ploy to get something out there for a do nothing government.

  9. There is not a lot of genuine or advanced imagination in this proposal of Mr Nash. As a matter of fact it is just a remake of a ‘strategic’ orientation presently touted by every tourism organization in the world.

    In reality it is just the wishful, helpless and simplistic rationalization adapted to shrinking tourist numbers.

    Much, much more thinking has to be done.

    A main disadvantage for tourists coming to AONZ is long distance travel and transportation based upon carbon fuels and related emissions.

    Addressing this situation, working on de-carbonized alternatives, zero emissions, a circular transportation economy, is the real key for the future of the country, including eventual tourism.

    Much, much more thinking has to be done.

    From a left viewpoint, considering class analysis, the unsophisticated strategic recommendation towards the Rich as driver for development is not to be supported. The Richer come as tourists to AONZ, the Poorer die in live-cattle carriers or get maimed in Talley’s fisheries, eh?

    All bets are off, anyway, in case of further or sudden socioeconomic and ecological deterioration.

    Think harder, friends.

  10. Whilst I too whooped with relief and after much high 5ing after Nashys rave it dawned on me that there will likely be a rush on building cheap arse vans with potties by unscrupulous hyper tourism moguls to circumvent the law.
    Whoever they are, freeloading brokearse bludgers or obscenely wealthy toffs we need less of them. A lot less.
    They are both undesirable in swarms.
    Start with a cap of 1 million at a time and see how it goes.
    That will be easy on the countryside and create a waiting list.

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