GUEST BLOG: Lois Griffiths – why is Nicky Hager being ignored in NZ?


Nicky Hager, one of two New Zealand members of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists,  author of books covering topics such as intelligence networks, environmental issues and politics, testified at the recent extradition trial of Julian Assange.

Nicky Hager, who  knows Julian Assange and  has worked with Wikileaks., is able to explain the importance of Wikileaks for an informed public, the basis of a healthy democracy.  Hager  knows the real Julian Assange, who has been so  savagely vilified.

Yet, only one NZ media outlet has interviewed Nicky Hager.

That was Earthwise, pro bono presenters Martin and Lois Griffiths, on Christchurch Community Radio Plainsfm96.9.

Please listen to the podcast. Please listen! What Nicky has to say is very very important!
The issue is not only the shocking barbaric treatment of Assange but the implications for journalism itself. 

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  1. The question of 2020.

    My take is that with such matters it’s always the media that creates momentum yet they for “whatever reasons” have gifted certain people a free pass and haven’t gone near Hager’s facts. This was highlighted during our recent election campaign. The diabolical Judith Collins takes up an entire chapter of the DIRTY POLITICS book. What is stated reflected horrendously on the personal and professional integrity of a person who was campaigning to become our Prime Minister yet astonishingly, our alleged media didn’t go near the topic at any time even when they had an audience that wanted and needed to know chapter and verse. Had it been Jacinda Ardern relentlessly referred to in Hager’s book, the sordid conduct would have been up in lights all day every day of the election campaign leading every “news” bulletin. This situation tells you a lot about our alleged media.

  2. “…why is Nicky Hager being ignored in NZ?…”
    Could it be that AO/NZ is no longer the collective ‘ours’ ?
    When peter thiel can stroll past our immigration policies and after twelve days stroll out again with AO/NZ citizenship then head back to ‘merica to be fondled by trump I think it’s safe to assume our AO/NZ is now someone else’s.
    AO/NZ is the only country left worth having on Earth. We have an abundance of clean, drinkable water, we have a divine climate and we can grow foods anywhere at any time and on top of that, our AO/NZ is gorgeous. AO/NZ is a beautiful country but best of all for anyone wanting to own our AO/NZ… there are only about 5 million of us delightfully ignorant unarmed schmucks to psychologically manipulate.
    Aw. How sweet.
    Vanity Fair.
    “Is Trump Mulling Peter Thiel for a Top Intelligence Advisory Post?”
    Maori? I’m beginning to understand why you hate imperialist Britain. ‘Artifact’ is a brilliant series on Maori TV.
    But you wait until the Zionists arrive? You ain’t seen nothing yet Mate’s.
    And read this by George Manbiot of The Guardian. A bit off-topic… or is it?
    “How teenagers ended up operating crucial parts of England’s test and trace system”
    The above is a good example of what happens when pirates become involved in state systems to loot our money.
    Pirates pillage state funded systems on the commercial oceans of the world and subverting security is part of their tactical strategy.
    roger douglas and his cronies knew all about that.
    douglas should be in prison and we desperately need an independent commission of inquiry TODAY.

  3. ‘why is Nicky Hager being ignored in NZ?’

    The mainstream media continues with its prime roles -of keeping the proles uninformed (or misinformed) and keeping the proles desiring and purchasing stuff and services they don’t need.

    Speaking the unpalatable truths that underlie the entire system would destroy the short-term business models of the mainstream media (of obtaining advertising revenue for stuff and services people don’t need).

    Ironically, not speaking the unpalatable truths that underlie the system will cause complete collapse of the entire system. That collapse is underway as a consequence of decades of promoting destructive consumption -self-destructive consumption even.

    Such is the stupidity of people: eat next year’s seeds [for planting] because they can, and because ‘everyone else’ is eating their seeds.

    I came across an interesting article this morning that highlights this very phenomenon: vehicle manufacturers have known for decades that exhaust gases cause overheating of the Earth (and therefore eventual termination of life on Earth) yet kept quiet about it and not only kept manufacturing vehicles but manufactured bigger, less efficient [in terms of fuel per passenger mile] vehicles.

    The NZ government is fully aware of the importance of Julian Assange and Nicky Hager, and keep quiet about both so they [the government] can keep shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    • And the Aus Govt too. Julia Gillard was the PM when Julian made a direct plea to her to just bring him home! I lost all respect for her then, when she ignored his call. And they too in Aus just cover up and ignore what is happening.

      • Yeah, well the Aussies have a particularly strong interest in keeping quite about all the crucial stuff like war crimes and the crumbling American empire and the collapse of the environment because the prime business model for Australia is to dig the place up using heavy machinery and sell it to China. Also, Australia is America’s chief deputy in the region when it comes to enforcing the endless-wars mentality that has pervaded US society since the takeover by the industrial-military-financial complex towards the end of the Second World War.

        What is so interesting is that China, with the help of the former USSR, survived the onslaught of the third wave of American imperialism through the 1940s, 50s and 60s, and is now top dog economically, and second dog (to Russia) militarily. So China can now say to Australia “Fuck off” we don’t want your coal or cotton, and Australia has no answer.

        China’s latest moves [of tariffs or import bans] do rather stuff up the Aussie prime business model [of digging up the place and selling it], and Abrupt Climate Change is surely hammering the Aussies, with their “burn more coal” narrative.

        Maybe they can re-inflate the housing bubble if they can get their banks under control (not likely).

        I believe they are having a bumper wheat harvest, now that the severe drought has eased for the moment, so that will help them keep afloat for a few more months.

        It must be time for some more in-fighting and a change of PM or a change of government.

  4. Social Credit was the only political
    party who put out a press release deploring Assange’s situation, and calling for NZ govt to condemn his treatment
    So much for an independent foreign policy .I suspect the ambassadors of the UK and US have regular little “chats” with our foreign minister, laying out the consequences of non compliance with their dictates.

  5. Social Credit was the only political
    party who put out a press release during the campaign deploring Assange’s situation, and calling for NZ govt to condemn his treatment
    So much for an independent foreign policy .I suspect the ambassadors of the UK and US have regular little “chats” with our foreign minister, laying out the consequences of non compliance with their dictates.

  6. Thanks for this post. NZ (and the world) doesn’t seem to support experts and those that expose the truth and doesn’t seem to value truth much, either.

    • Thanks so much for this post. The interview with Nicky Hager should be heard by all, especially politicians. Our media are guilty of selective bias and dare I suggest spinelessness equal to that of his home country politicians. When the US says ‘jump’ the the media says ‘how high?’ but I guess they have to comply with the views of their owners and employers . How can any real ‘journalist’ put up with being ‘owned’ in this way?
      I hope Biden when he becomes president will put a stop to the bullying nonsense and throw this court case into the trash can of history where it belongs.
      I watched one of the wikileaks’ released videos where US soldiers in a helicopter pleaded successfully with their controllers for permission to shoot a group of men in an Iraqi street,the subsequent massacre as they tried to flee the bullets, and the gleeful rejoicing as the men died. The sickening continues with the US vendetta against Assange aided and abetted by the UK and the silence of our media lambs. .


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