Political Caption Competition


Oh look at that, she does Martyrdom as well!


  1. Dear God, Please guide me on the pathway to decent earrings, stop mean people from hurting my feelings,
    make sure that the cameras aren’t on me when I try to get up, and provide bad weather and storms on polling day Amen.

  2. “Dear Lord, please keep that offer of a place on the board of Oravida open for a bit longer. I think I’m going to need it after I get knifed by what’s left of my caucus after October 17th.”

  3. She’s both priceless and worthless in her quest for as many Tui’s Billboards as possible.

    She’s now bleating about “other people” being abusive.

    Yesterday she moaned that “other people” were bullies.

    During one of the farcical debates, it said Ardern’s response to her was not becoming of a Prime Minister.

    Haha….cough cough, Cameron Slater….cough cough, David Wong Tung…cough cough etc etc etc etc etc.

  4. Breaking news… latter day JC snapped on the campaign trail during an apparent down low prayer to the Big Boss…err JC.

    But wait, hang on, apparently she’s been on this wavelength for years, so why the cutesy and nicely back lit pic of a supposedly every other day occurrence. Especially just now?

    What next, ablution pics?


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