Come on, the Auckland CBD is dead and why should that be a surprise?


Desperate Elliot Stables businesses seek public help in battle with landlord

Desperate business owners at Elliot Stables food court are crowdfunding for legal fees to fight for an injunction as they face threats of closure from their landlord.

The group has now engaged a lawyer and a started a Givealittle page in the hope of raising the $30,000 it needs for its legal battle.

Luis Cabrera, who owns Latin American eatery Besos Latinos, says a meeting he and the group’s lawyer Kate Sheehan had with the landlord, the Icon Group, last Tuesday failed to reach a resolution.

He said all but two of the 12 businesses at the CBD food hall had been issued with Property Law Act (PLA) notices and given 30 days to pay their arrears or face further action.

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I loved Elliot Stables, it’s a wonderful wee place to eat and a real jewel in the Crown for locals. Watching it die is terribly sad, but utterly predictable.

The horror of the fucking Train tunnel has steadily destroyed the CBD well before the pandemic hit it. The train tunnel disruption is now spreading like a cancer to K rd (where we all have to religiously smile and say how much we love the new fucking bike lanes in case a militant cyclist false mob fire bomb your reputation) and the cancer has managed to spread all the way to Mt Eden where the Mt Eden Train station is now out of action FOR FOUR FUCKING YEARS!

The inability to cross roads easily has destroyed the CBD, it is a husk of its former self and businesses will die off, it’s as simple as that and the pandemic will make that die off a mass extinction event.

I am passionately pro public transport but what tears my nighty over this deeply flawed Train tunnel is that because it’s been done on the fucking cheap (like everything in NZ), the brand spanking new Train link that has disrupted and destroyed businesses over years and years and years will hit capacity shortly after opening.

That’s right, all this disruption, all this damage has been done for a transit system that will shortly hit capacity once competed.

If we are going to destroy so much of the CDB, surely it should have been for a transit system that was future proofed?

I’d given up on the CBD a long time ago, watching my favourite parts of it twist in agony is just another sadness to add to a year marked in sadness.


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  1. I could not agree more.

    You could swear to god Auckland Council and all its tentacle CCO’s had joined in unison to repel anyone who does not ride a bicycle with a basket on the handlebars.

    Now complete with the super mindless nana’s know best 30 km/hr protective moat, increasingly exorbitance parking fees, gangs of parking wardens clearly with a directive top up the ailing councils bank accounts, to their coup d’etat, tearing up major roads en masse for years simultaneously, to those fucking bike lanes for aging uni twits to use as a play thing, our council have busted it’s balls to ensure Auckland City is out of bounds to most of its citizens.

    It is dying, Covid and cars will be blamed but that is bullshit. Unfortunately AC getting hooked into the bike lobby and blogs like Greater Auckland was probably the final nails. in its coffin.

    But anyway, where is the super whingy Michael Barnett. He’d do far better dealing with this shit than taking pot shots at Labour constantly. Mikey, it’s right under your partisan nose, egg.

    And as for Heart of the City. Stop buying into the warped nirvana of the cycle lobby and advocate. Christ, what wastes of space.

        • A bicycle has a miniscule carbon footprint. A car has an enormous carbon footprint.

          Riding a bike contributes almost nothing to planetary meltdown.

          Driving a car contributes enormously to planetary meltdown; the exact amount obviously depends on the type of car and how much it is used. A typical car has an energy conversion rate of 100 to 1000 humans (a fit human can manage about 250 Watts or about 1/3 horsepower in short bursts and about 100 Watts or about 1/8 horsepower over an extended period). Imagine [typically] 500 humans slaving away continuously when you drive a car at speed (say 80kph or 100 kph).

          A good perspective is provided by considering how long it would take you to push/pull a car from Auckland to Hamilton and back (yes you can use ropes and pulleys on the steep parts of the journey, otherwise you wouldn’t even overcome the force of gravity).

          Would it take a week? A month?

          Using the fossil fuel converter under the bonnet (and generating 50 to 100 gram of CO2 per kilometre): just over an hour each way.
          That is the level of energy consumption considered normal in this utterly bizarre, energy-squandering, planet-fucking society.

          None of that analysis considers the humungous quantity of planet-fucking CO2 generated in the manufacture of cars, nor the other ill-health-inducing emissions generated by them.

          Aircraft are much worse, of course.

          • Nice rant. What is it with self righteous bicycle lovers? Spend more money on our lifestyles, not that we contribute anything to it.

            Lethal forms of transport, motor vehicles or not, generally because they ridden by people who seem to have the road sense of a 3 year old and treat pedestrians with as much contempt as they do road rules. I watched one go past a stop go man at stop, so very unsurprising.

            They will not save the planet simply because not all of us have the privilege of these lifestyle choices. Or want to risk our skin on them. And how do you think these shirt lived things are made and shipped, with magic dust?

            Promote decent public transport rather than the crap we have we have and you might have an argument.

            • Your argument anti-environmental argument is not based on facts but is simply an ad hominem attack: attack the person rather than the idea because you haven’t got a leg to stand on when it comes to the scientific evidence.

              It is because there are so many like you that there is no hope for the future.

              The other important aspect I didn’t mention previously is that NZ imports 80% of its oil, and when that no longer happens (an absolute certainty within a decade, if not sooner) the entire car culture is kaput.

              So current policy amounts to fucking the planet while it is still possible, which is a pretty miserable, if not utterly greedy and selfish philosophy.

              Of course the most idiotic behaviour of all is to repeatedly drive around a track, burning up fossil fuel as quickly as possible and generating as much emissions as the fossil fuel energy converter is capable of, something our anti-environmental media promote on a regular basis.

              The utterly spineless Labour government does nothing to bring such absurdities to a halt, of course. Fucking the next generation’s future is a national pastime in NZ and other so-called civilised nations.

              “It’s time to get serious about climate change” -Jacinda Adern.

              What a sick joke.

  2. Auckland peaked as a livable city in the 1960s or 70s (I lived there in the mid-70s and for comparison 1990s) and it’s all been downhill since the 70s.

    The rate of decline will accelerate markedly, as all the mal-investment in the bullshit economy of financialisation and unnecessary services (that people quickly dispense with) unravels…..Auckland being the NZ epitome of the modern Easter Island Culture.

    What is more, the city is run by fuckwits who insist on expending rapidly diminishing resources on yet more infrastructure that will have no utility in the near future. Yet these same fuckwits (or their colleagues) cannot organise a water system that works properly, nor a sewage system that works properly, nor a roading system that works properly.

    Since these ‘idiots’ have a stranglehold on local politics anbd substantial influence on national politics, and since there is no accountability when it comes to ineptitude in bureaucracy, the best strategy is to get out before the housing bubble bursts; the influx of people desperate to escape even worse conditions overseas will probably delay the bursting of the housing bubble for a while.

  3. Sadly the aim of the most livable city in the world has become a reality of the most un liveable city in Australasia. A bridge at half capacity; water restrictions when we have had adequate rainfall; polluted beaches;a CBD riddled with construction of ill-thought out public transport initiatives; decaying infrastructure such as pipes and telecommunication cables and yet council wants more of your cash. Where has this cash been going over the past decade?

  4. I was born in Pt Chevalier Auckland and my family moved to Napier when I was six years old in 1951 after my dad lost his job as a wharf worker during the strike.

    I would never want to go back again as Auckland has gown into an ugly place now and out of control and is not safe to live in again as it saw back in the 1950’s.

  5. I am a decentralist at heart, and if I ruled the world most people would be living in hamlets or villages and most people walked/cycled to work.
    We do better with around 10-35 people constantly in our lives

  6. If we are going to destroy so much of the CDB, surely it should have been for a transit system that was future proofed?


    Also get it done faster, go to Scandinavia for rail/road contracts – they seem to be able to deliver quickly and efficiently, unlike those countries hit by Thatcherism.

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  8. The CRL was originally estimated at two point something billion when proposed, then it was re-estimated to four billion and now I hear a review has predicted it will finish up at well over seven billion. How can capital estimates be so poor? The answer is simple: They knew what the real cost was all along, so they fudged the budget to get it approved. That is a deliberate misappropriation of public funds and potentially a criminal act.

    Cycling? You must be kidding! About 1.4% of commuters cycle in NZ and lavishing millions on cycle lanes might get it up to 2%. Big Deal. It won’t catch on in Auckland because of climate and geography. The cycling zealots like to point to Amsterdam as an example of how a city could adopt cycling but they ignore the fact that Holland is as flat as a pancake and has half the rainfall of Auckland. In addition cycling is dangerous. As a team safety representative for a company based in the city I saw the statistics on cycling injuries – in fact it was our No1 risk and so we banned employees from biking to meetings because it was dragging down our otherwise excellent safety record. What’s more, a friend who works for Auckland Council tells me that they are finding the same thing but are hiding it. An IOA request might be revealing. The other big hurdle for cycle commuting is the lack shower and changing facilities in many offices. These are both difficult and expensive to retrofit into existing office plans. (Note that I am a recreational cyclist, so I’m not anti cycling)

    You left wing wombles voted in this council so now you can suffer the consequences. 🙂
    Auckland will follow the same path as most of the west coast American cities that elected liberal/left local governments. They become a dead zones with both the middle class and business abandoning them for more friendly places.

  9. The landlord should not be allowed to destroy this facility but should be legally bound over to cooperate with the retail food outlets to pay what they can until full recovery. If the landlord owes the Bank same shld be applied to the bank. Creditors must not be allowed to destroy social assets as has been done to our Scifi housing market but must do their part in coping with this situation.


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