MEDIA WATCH: Oh, BTW, the US plotted to poison Assange


New Zealand’s most famous Investigative Journalist, Nicky Hager,  gives witness evidence in the journalism trial of the century and we heard nothing in NZ.

Most NZ news rooms are now slavish cowards to the woke social media lynch mob, and the Woke’s denigration of Assange as a rapist means any coverage in NZ must be deplatformed and never spoken of.

It’s astounding watching it up close because normally Hager’s work is championed by the Woke, it’s fascinating seeing him deplatformed by NZ mainstream media’s self censorship for fear of triggering a woke lynch mob.

This type of cowardly journalism’s irony is poignant because of course Assange is one of the most important voices in real journalism, at least Stuff were guilted into doing a story after I attacked the NZ media black out of the Assange case.

So another week and again, more revelations that are being ignored…

US intelligence sources discussed poisoning Julian Assange, court told

Plans to poison or kidnap Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy were discussed between sources in US intelligence and a private security firm that spied extensively on the WikiLeaks co-founder, a court has been told.

Details of the alleged spying operation against Assange and anyone who visited him at the embassy were laid out on Wednesday at his extradition case, in evidence by a former employee of a Spanish security company, UC Global.

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Microphones were concealed to monitor Assange’s meetings with lawyers, his fingerprint was obtained from a glass and there was even a plot to obtain a nappy from a baby who had been brought on regular visits to the embassy, according to the witness, whose evidence took the form of a written statement.

…US intelligence plotted to poison a journalist – are they taking notes from Putin now?

It is extraordinary that plots to poison a whistleblowing journalist by America is no longer news worthy because woke censorship culture has deplatformed Assange based on unproven allegations.

What a Brave New World we live in now.

Assange is one of the most important voices in journalism, watching the vultures rip his reputation to pieces for the sacrifices he has been prepared to make is a symbol of all that is wrong in American foreign relations hypocrisy and cancel culture spitefulness.


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  1. Julian Assange is a martyr to the lies to which the people of the world are every minute assaulted with/by those who hold humanity to ransom.
    IMO, the NZ government doesn’t give a “tinker’s cuss” about Assange – that tells the world where the representative(s) of the NZ people stand re Assange.
    Assange is one of too many who, down through the ages have tried their very best to serve humankind (too many of whom also don’t give a “tinker’s cuss” about this brave man. I keep Assange in prayerful mind every day. But there are billions of enslaved human beings whom too few of of those of us more fortunate have time for even a thought about them. I think Earth is a very beautiful planet but an awful world!

      • Craig Murray was himself harassed by the police on Saturday, then apparently trailed, as he was woken abruptly in the middle of the night at the hotel by an unidentified man who asked when he was leaving. See his write-up of October 4th, “How a Police State Starts” (from Shona’s link above).

    • I think Earth is a very beautiful planet but an awful world!

      Beautifully written.
      And, the awful world is destroying this beautiful planet, as fast as it can.

  2. Add Julian Assange to the 30 million or so others the US has murdered over recent decades in the pursuit of exceptionalism -exceptionally corrupt and vicious whilst pretending to be the opposite.

    Hopefully the US goes under before show trial is completed.

  3. ” …US intelligence plotted to poison a journalist – are they taking notes from Putin now ”
    No it is the same approach they have used to silence those who don’t agree or follow the great American values of democracy and freedom and expose just how evil and corrupt they are in reality. Assange has joined the long list of other elected leaders who did not conform to Americas ” values ” like Castro , Allende , Whitlam , Kirk , Lange , Maduro , leaders of the Iranian revolution and many others. I am convinced that despite his courage and tenacity Nicky Hagar was very lucky not to have suffered a worst fate. We are fortunate wiser heads prevailed.

    • Why is the thought of Rod Donald appearing so strongly and clearly in my mind, I wonder. (I don’t know.)

  4. Martyn, you may have already come to realise that you must never “bend the knee” to the wokerati. As soon as you do so, you immediately tacitly admit you were wrong all along, and then they move the goalposts. There is no appeasing them and they will continually use their swarms of Twitter wokists that, like their insect counterparts, leave nothing of worth in their wake.

  5. Here’s a cleverly compiled article demonstrating that half the time we really don’t know what is going on but can put two and two together and work out that it’s bad and getting (being made) worse.

    With anti-democratic agendas and the need for mass mind control, governments and the purveyors of ‘news’ provide their own narratives -which are often far from the truth. Indeed, lying continuously is apparently becoming standard practice in many sectors of politics and commerce, and once the lies reach the current level, and with people like Julian Assange silenced, we are truly fucked.

    “In Short Trump Is Really Sick; Or Trump Is Faking; Or Trump Is Recovering But Not Out Of The Woods Yet”

    ‘Back in early 2020, one of the ‘signs that things were really getting serious’ for the always-astute media was that the latest Bond movie, ‘No Time to Die’, was postponed for release until October. Now it is October, and it has been postponed again until April 2021. Moreover, the UK cinema chain Cineworld is suspending operations because business is not viable as virus restrictions stand; and the global chain AMC apparently only has enough cash for the next six months. In short, the movie industry –how we watch them, and so the money for how they are made, if they are made– could be dying, indicative of a whole key slice of the service-sector economy.

    The title of the Bond film is obviously ironic given the backdrop of Covid-19. Doubly so given the film itself looks like it could easily die at the box office anyway when it is released: the trailer looked staggeringly generic, and its plot –about an eco-terrorist who has to kill everyone to save the planet– is totally unoriginal (Spy Who Loved Me? Moonraker?) and already eclipsed by reality around us, from environmental protests to Covid-19.

    On which, real life is indeed better than a movie. US President Trump tests positive for Covid-19; seems fine; is then hospitalised; his doctors give North Korea style positive assessments; leaks say things are far more serious; he goes on a Popemobile style drive outside; and he might even be discharged today, after releasing a video in which he certainly looked healthy, even though everyone knows that it is the next few days that are critical with this virus. As Scott Adams might say, if this is all a movie, what is the ending you then project? Not just philosophically, but practically, this is all just about clinging on to narratives.

    If the Walter Reed press sessions are a bit too banana republic-y, what can one say about the countervailing media and social media? On my own feed I have comments from leading journalists and economists, intelligent people all, who claim variously that: Trump is not ill and this is all an election ploy; Trump is in fact close to death and all his videos are staged; Trump knew he was infectious long before he was and deliberately tried to spread the disease; and that Trump needs to be replaced by VP Pence via the 25th amendment immediately, even though he may be discharged today. Just to underline, this is all coming direct from the intelligentsia, not the bazaar. Though it is bizarre.

    Allow me to add this academic note (Giry, 2020) on conspiracy theories: they “are used to reaffirm the dominant and established values of an in-group while identifying and subsequently portraying outsiders in a negative light. Conspiracy theories express a reductionism that serves and contributes to uphold, promote and reinforce conventional behaviours, while discrediting or delegitimising inappropriate or marginal ones.”) Isn’t that dynamic as evident today from a deeply-rattled neoliberal establishment as it is from the angry populists neoliberalism created?

    Of course, all of what we deal with in life is a story – even at work. In markets, you deal with either data or news-feed as the inputs for your decision-making; and if you lift the lid on data or news, you find it is all just a narrative too.

    How about ‘hedonic quality adjustments’ on inflation that mean if the price of steak goes up, they assume you buy more chicken instead? The magical thinking on the Aussie labour market, where cities full of jobs come and go every month? That US initial claims suddenly had their methodology changed just as they are needed as a guide for the first time in decades? And I haven’t even mentioned huge backwards revisions that change the story years later. Or underfunded national data services struggling to keep up with structural change in the economy. Or data with Chinese characteristics.

    Back to today: how about opinion polls, which sit between data and news? Two just out show Trump is within the margin of error vs. Biden, or beating him in the electoral college; yet an NBC/WSJ survey puts Biden 14 points ahead and set for landslide win. How does one account for this? Either by doing a deep-dive on the internals (sample size; geographic distribution; method of polling and the inherent errors therein; registered voters vs. likely voters; the assumed party mix vs. recent trends in both voter registration and enthusiasm surveys; the assumed demographic mix in times of change in such, etc.)… or by ignoring all that and seizing the poll preferred as one’s narrative.

    Likewise, pure journalism is increasingly, deliberately partisan in what it does and doesn’t talk about – because that sells better to those wanting the narrative. As Twain put it, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you are misinformed.” (And if you read this Daily, you are probably either bored or confused – or very angry, based on some of the replies I get.)

    On which, the press is now saying more US fiscal stimulus finally seems likely, probably helped by the sub-consensus payrolls data on Friday, showing economic momentum is ebbing. No time to waste if the recovery isn’t going to die, for sure.

    Not so much global coverage today of China’s semiconductor giant SMIC saying that it is finding it hard to get key supplies due to its US blacklisting; or that the US is starting to enforce its long-standing immigration rules that prevent members of the communist party from immigrating there.

    So, in short Trump is really sick; or Trump is faking; or Trump is recovering but not out of the woods yet. And Trump is going to lose; or Trump is going to win. And stimulus isn’t going to happen; or stimulus is going to happen. And so risk on; or risk off.’

    • careful Afew according to martyn & many here conspiracies do not exist & ANYONE who has questions should be insulted & silenced because just hearing these things will brainwash people & they are going to get us all killed.
      conspiracy deniers & media r the problem

  6. Professor Noam Chomsky:
    ‘In courageously upholding political beliefs that most of profess to share, [Julian Assange] has performed an enormous service to all those in the world who treasure the values of freedom and democracy, and who therefore demand the right to know what their elected representatives are doing’
    From Scoop, Feb 2020, Assange Hearing Day One

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