Te Ao with MOANA – The ultimate Willie Jackson Interview


Willie Jackson has gone from an outcast in his Party to one Labour’s most vocal MPs. Moana goes Eye to Eye with Willie Jackson.

On the day he was selected to be in the Labour Party, 400 Labour members signed a petition to get rid of him. The Roast Busters controversy has always followed Willie Jackson. Despite his rocky start in Labour, he’s gone from an outcast to one of the Parties most high profile and vocal MPs.

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  1. willie jackson? meh.
    Lets ask the USA ambassador to AO/NZ to unleash this California congresswoman on trump.
    adern? collins? This is how it’s done.
    “The California congresswoman used the old-school device to win free Covid-19 testing for Americans and she’s not done yet.”
    Watching her peel that rich old crook like a grape is incredibly satisfying.
    This woman must become the first president of the USA.


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