The Confident Traveller Led Astray – Ode to Winston



Where are you going, Winston,

Son of the winterless north?

We have lost count of the summers

Since first you ventured forth.

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This track on which we find you,

Unmarked on any map,

Leads travellers to strange places.

Do you not fear mishap?


Countless roads I’ve travelled,

Oh ye of little faith.

Not once have I been bested

By spectre, ghoul or wraith.

My enemies take courage

From wishful thoughts and lies,

But while my star still leads me on,

Its light their spite defies.


The light that leads you, Winston,

That glimmer you call a star,

It comes from quite a different source –

A flame that’s near, not far.

Your guide is called Jacinda,

Of all our hearts the queen.

She is the one you follow,

T’is hers, the lustrous sheen.


Oh cursed is the news you bring me!

For now my folly’s known.

To have thought the baubles of my trade

Were made for me alone.

But now it’s clear the stardust,

Whose lustre led me on,

Was never meant for me to share,

And all my hopes are gone.


Did we not warn you, Winston

Of where your path could end?

Of places strange and unforeseen

To which it might descend?

See how Jacinda hastens?

How quickly her light doth fade?

Grasp you now, in the gathering dark,

The dreadful mistake you’ve made?


  1. Now that we’ve dispatched Winston can we get on with something that actually matters? Like the meltdown of the planet or the meltdown of the economy, and the NZ society that is prepared for neither.

  2. Brother, put it to music. You are our own Leonard Cohen. We can play it on election night. I wonder if it should be a dirge or a jig?

  3. 1. I don’t forget the winebox. That would destroy lesser beings.
    2. I dont forget NZF going with labour. Oh how the exalted have been cast out of the temple.
    3. The provincial growth fund has seen a lot of regional development.
    4. What’s become clear is that money needs to be thrown around to stimulate the economy. Not that important where. NZF got there first with the idea.
    5. Winston and Shane are the perfect antidote to Jacindas wokeness.
    6 We need more Maori representation. Shane was speaking te reo before Jacinda was even born.
    7. Winston played rugby for Auckland and was a hard bastard who was not all talk. He woulda destroyed Seymour in a punch up.
    8. Winston’s had every upstart woke reporter like jack trying to make a fool of him. That must really piss him off. Every year some pimply faced prick who don’t know jack shit.
    They might be gone but I will say thanks for old times sake and give them my vote. BTW we need to push for STV as with TLA’s so we don’t waste our votes. Just like evolution, change only happens at the outer edges of the bell shaped curve where the minor parties reside. The oligarchs know this.
    Actually TOP have the best ideas for real change.

    • Yep – he did some good in the past. But unfortunately in his dotage, the old pinstripe seems to have been hijacked by one or two hangers-on and BFF cargo cultists who like playing dress ups as mafia Dons – most of them not very good at what they do, and basically reliant on their bloody big egos to get them through. Its proving to be touch and go. One or two bad decisions and it could all go tits up. Never mind though eh? Next

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