TVNZ Young Voters’ debate with Act, Greens, Labour, National and NZ First


TVNZ were trying to be so hip they couldn’t see over their own bum.

They got down with the kids tonight in a Yuff debate that was as painful as it sounds.

Candidates are:

Kiri Allan – Labour
Simeon Brown – National
Chlöe Swarbrick – Greens
Robert Griffith  – NZ First
Brooke van Veldon – Act

Jack humiliated each of the candidates with photos of them as 18 year olds, which is funny because Jack hasn’t physically aged for 25 years.

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Kiri Allan is so great. I want her as Minister for Youth Affairs. She’s choice as.

Simeon Brown is uptight and whiter than pink volcanic salt.

Brooke van Veldon is Head of Slytherin House, ACT wants to side with cancer because fighting it is state intervention in metastasising tumours rights to spread.

She said ‘fiscal child abuse’. She said it. That’s how crazy right wing she is. Borrowing to save us from the virus and calling it ‘fiscal child abuse’ is a fucking disgrace.

Chloe is a fucking legend. I will be so genuinely upset ion the Greens doing get back in, she is easily the best voice of the entire youth generation.

Robert Griffith is some wide eyed NZ First believer. He has a thick neck, he looks like a Rugby Captain from some fancy provisional private boys college. He gives Jack some lip and smack back which is remarkable over confidence for someone with that thick a neck. Robert mouthing off at Jack wins him no friends.

Chloe won the debate hands down.

Kiri Allen was a really close second, she is a star in Labour.

Brooke van Veldon was delusional in her free market nonsense but at least had what you could call a working ideology where as Simeon had no clue what he had to say other than bullshit managerial talking points about ‘making a plan’.

Robert is a cock.

If Kiri and Chloe are the future political leaders of tomorrow, we are lucky.

Brooke is so cold blooded she makes crocodiles look warm, Simeon is the new Nick Smith and Robert is a cock.

Jack was great.

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  1. In the debate Chloe said she’d build a train from Auckland to Wellington lol. There is one! Haha she should take it, it’s a great trip! how bout making it less than $150 to ride it, say $50

  2. Walked past Chloe a couple months back in Cuba Mall and was about to say “love your work” when she suddenly burst into a massive smile at sight of – a Star Wars Stormtrooper collecting for charity and she gave it money. All I need to know. Chloe for leader of Greens.

  3. Damn I missed this and kept say an hour and a half of my life. In other countries they televise a finance minister debate or the deputy leaders going head to head – you know important shit. National showed contempt for it by their choice – good.

    That said could have been much worse – could have been on 3 with Jesse Muligan as a presenter…..

    • Good old Frank – more interested in the irrelevant than the future of the country. Who would want to watch a full debate that included an aspiring Finance Minister who can’t add, let alone verbalise a credible course for an inclusive economy? Worse still, why waste a minute of time listening to the meandering pontifications of an uninformed woodwork teacher who can’t even read airport signage. Admittedly, his opposite in Government would probably be pretty boring as well. Those who didn’t waste an hour and a half of their lives but tuned in to the most engaging televised political debate of this election will have lost nothing and gained some appreciation of the abilities of youthful politicians who will shape the county’s future.

  4. Kiri clearly has a-lot of talent, and it showed. However, she wandered off topic more than once, with Jack putting her out of her misery on her economic response.

    Simeon was winding up to make a good shot on Labour’s housing achievements but blew it with a snarky aside to Ihumātao. Just such an easy comment to leave for the corporate boardrooms. Otherwise, yeah, he’s more a threat to his own party.

    Chlöe was a shark. Hit the details, knew how to avoid getting into binary responses without seeming to be avoiding, knew how to interrupt. knew how to turn to her actual audience, which isn’t Jack.

  5. Chloe is a great blend of kind and lovely but calls people out on their shit. And, she has a mind like a laser – straight to the point.
    Most interesting point of the evening was the infograph/stats taken from Vote Compass of people’s opinions on actions on climate change broken down by age.
    Over 30 years of age:
    Do more 55% Neutral 30% Do Less 13%
    Under 30 years of age (18 to 29):
    Do more 77% Neutral 15% Do Less 5%

  6. Chloe Swarbrick is indeed a good person.
    This RNZ clip convinced me.
    I don’t know if this is even appropriate but weirdly I feel that it is.
    Words of advice to young politicians with good intentions.
    Watch your back. Only trust your dog.
    Barnaby Jack.
    “According to the coroner’s report, Jack died of an overdose of heroin, cocaine, Benadryl and Xanax. He was 35 years old.”
    My hairy old arse he topped himself.
    My partner at the time and I spoke to Chloe a few years ago now.
    She must have seen me as a babbling old coot with a mad look in his eye but she was patient and kind.
    Patience and kindness works for me.
    I won’t mention the other young people above because they’re irrelevant.


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