Election Night Coverage 2020


17th October 7pm – The Greatest NZ Election Results Show on Earth:

Follow all the twists and turns, the gossip, the best one liners and best burns on Magic Talk Radio with Sean Plunket, Damien Grant, Martyn Bradbury and very, very, very special guests.



  1. Ask Judith why is she only advocating for road freight in her roads roads and more roads infrastructure plans; – is she tied to the oil industry who wants trucks for they use 7 times the diesel per tonne carried than rail does???
    Why is she advocating “dirty emissions trucks ‘in a desperate effort to reverse the climate change disaster times on our own doorstep?

    • FFS Cleangreen, give it a fuckin rest!
      No matter the thread post topic it somehow allows you off topic for your pet hobby of rail and trucks…YAWN!
      Wonder when we will all next be enthralled by your uninvited posting of another letter to govt by your ‘old people with nothing to do but write letters’ group!


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