Wednesday 6pm Auckland University livestream Cannabis Debate


The Auckland University Cannabis referendum live streamed on The Daily Blog 6pm this Wednesday before the TV3 Leaders Debate.


Simeon Brown (National)

Chloe Swarbrick (Greens)

Michael Wood (Labour)

TDB Recommends

Jeff Lye (Legalise Cannabis Aotearoa)

Shai Navot (TOP)

Felix Poole (ACT)

Robert Gore (NZ First)

University of Auckland CBD 1010
General Library Basement

6pm live streamed on TDB.

Hosted by Bomber Bradbury.



  1. I am likely going to watch the debate, I think another issue that needs to be debated along with the Cannabis Referendum which is heavily related is Cannabis Oil which is usually referred to as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) or Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) on whether they belong in the Class B classification under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 since it has legitimate medical uses

    • Debating is male-dominated. We can help minorities into the debating chamber but you’re going to have to do other things to stimulate the minority imagination. Debating just doesn’t arouse them.


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