MEDIA WATCH: Yo – still calling out Billy TK & JLR for Magic Talk Debate


I made this challenge 9 days ago and Billy TK and JLR are ignoring it!

Journalists of principle can’t debate Billy TK and Jami-Lee Ross with the contempt they deserve!

There’s a difference between disagreeing with different political values and philosophies and what Advance NZ are doing.

In the former, that debate occurs within a parameter of 2 + 2 = 4.

In the latter, the debate occurs in a fetid whirlpool of QAnon conspiracy and naked fear mongering.

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JLR & Billy TK aren’t good faith political actors, they are scam artists manipulating fear with Facebook bait conspiracy theories.

I feel sorry for their conned supporters, but hold them completely accountable for the QAnon mutation they have spawned.

So I am calling them out!

Jami-Lee Ross & Billy TK vs Me and Damien Grant in a tag team 1 hour debate live on Magic Talk Radio with Sean Plunket as Ref.

Now, you can front up and debate your crazy bullshit that the virus is a bioengineered weapon spread by 5G to bring about a shadowy one world underage sex trafficking Government or you can slither away like cowards.

It’s a really simple choice.

So if there are any of their crazy supporters reading this blog, go tell them that we’ve called them out and urge them to prove they are as tough as they claim.

Game on boys, let’s be having you.


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  1. It was your party, they were your friends….

    Former party secretary and accountant Bill Karaitiana had initially laid the complaint with the Serious Fraud Office, which was then passed to the Electoral Commission….

    ….New Zealand Public Party leader Billy Te Kahika Jr says he kept thousands of dollars in donations in a tin under his bed and didn’t follow rules for handling cash, but denies accusations from staffers he has been fleecing the party faithful.

    Have you seen my bag of money, I left it in the parlour.


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