What do the Greens & Māori Party do if they get elected & Jacinda doesn’t need them?

Where's the revolution Jacinda?


It’s October 18th.

Labour have been swept to a historic and unprecedented under MMP, majority Government.

IF the Greens are returned and we get a surprise on the night with the Māori Party winning an electorate seat and pulling in one off the party list, what should the Greens and Māori Party do with a Labour Party that doesn’t need them?

The first thing they should do is contact each other and put forward a joint Māori Party/Green Party negotiating team that has a list of demands that the Greens and Māori Party want in a first 100 days time line.

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Labour could say, ‘we are the majority, why do we need this’, and the comeback of course would be, ‘Sure, but this is the price of keeping us inside the tent because if you don’t agree it is open warfare between now and 2023.”

The only thing Labour fears is a ruthless and never ending attack from the Left that exposes all the caution and meaningless gesture symbolism of their Government.


Even if Labour does win a majority and the Greens and Māori Party get in, they still have leverage to negotiate if they play smart.


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  1. Labour would welcome “a ruthless and never ending attack from the Left that exposes all the caution and meaningless gesture symbolism of their Government”
    because that would make Labour the sensible Centre-Left party most people could vote for!

    Labour could point to the Greens and Maori Parties and say “that’s your alternative to us. The impractical gesture politics identitarian nutjobs!”

    • 1000000000%

      Then point to the leaderless desperate rabble engaging in fiscally irresponsible nonsense and conspiracy’s to the right

      “Jokers to the left of me, haters to the right of me ,here you are … Stuck in the middle with us”

  2. Here’s hoping. The issue is climate change. Given that the two environmental parties have both been captured by identity politics, the Greens co- leader terrifyingly so, my hopes lie low. A new environment party, 2023.

    • Agreed Snow White 100% Greens party is now a substitute for another alliance party or “values’ Party and not really any more as a serious ENVIRONMENTAL WATCHDOG AS THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

      • Cleangreen – I voted Values back in the day, and don’t think the current Green hierarchy are socially concerned like the Values Party was. They are socially divisive, Tory style – or worse.

        When Bill English decided to metaphorically castrate our young New Zealand males, he at least lumped them all together and didn’t differentiate on ethnic or other grounds. English was toeing the neolib line, whereas some Greens seem governed by their own foibles and feelings, while the planet burns regardless of colour race creed gender or any human idiosyncrasies.

        Could be that Green Peace, Forest and Bird, and other environmental groups are who we should be massively supporting when politicians are so erratic and fickle about the big stuff.

  3. Greens play smart? LOL!
    The Greens are the answer to what would happen if you cross bred a brain dead cucumber with a brain dead sheep.
    Their loathing and hatred of National means they always bend over at the negotiating table with Labour.
    As for Shaw talking tough about the negotiations post election, what a joke.
    National is not an option, and that’s just fine, but it means they are perennial losers.

  4. … and Labour will do largely nothing unless the Greens & Maori Party are there to prod them into action. Climate change issues & continued environmental degradation are too important just to continue to sitting on their hands, doing nothing.

    • Richard Slade. Precisely. The Greens have some impressive people with world class credentials and work histories – Genter is one of the best qualified persons in the New Zealand parliament; if they could harness their talent, they could be a power for greater good.

  5. Labour will give token positions to the Greens and Maori party if any survive the election, positions that are non critical but gives the impression of ‘something’.
    Crumbs from the table but enough to stop any sideline embarrassing heckling over the 3 years that would happen if no positions offered (which would suit the Greens as they perform better outside of Govt, when part of Govt they have to perform and that’s a problem…easier to shout slogans and make laws when you are never going to be asked, in depth, about them and they remain just a bumper sticker slogan)
    Moot point I guess, there will be no Maori or Green party representatives in Parliament after Oct 18th

  6. Gosh, why on earth do you think that the Greens would declare warfare on ‘the party for the working man’ that does the bare minimum in terms of addressing the two greatest issues of our time – climate change and inequality? They really should keep quiet and avoid upsetting the feelings of sensitive centrists; that way they will be assured more votes and comfy seats in Parliament. Isn’t that what John Key did?

    • And, until Covid, was still letting around 350,000 Temporary Work Visas be given out Annually.
      Which kept Kiwis Wages in the Basement and Rents / House Prices through the Roof.
      Greatest Drivers of Poverty in Aotearoa.
      And Labour did nothing about it.
      As for Semi Skilled and Skilled Workers coming to do Mahi that multiple NZ Residents can do, and are “Fake” Advertised for, to RORT the Visa Laws. Labour are letting them in. Taking up scarce Quarantine Places to Boot.
      Just look at the Multiple Personnel flown to man the Year plus Drilling Mahi on our 40 yr old Maui A Platform.
      On the Bullshit Story from a Foreign Owned Labour Agent which Govt. eagerly accepted that Kiwis experienced and willing were Not available and wanting the ADVERTISED Work… Even though Govt. were TOLD it was A Pack of Lies…

  7. The tax cuts for the wealthy are a cunning Tory bribe which will attract a lot of the greedy Boomers and middle class back to National. It seems like the Greens cannot rely on Cloe in Central Auckland and it is also unlikely Labour will win over 50%. Therefore it cannot be discounted that National and Act (and NZF?) may be in with a chance.

    Whats happened to the polls? If they show that Labour is maintaining their big lead, some of us need to tactically use our two ticks for the Greens, and if they also look reasonably safe then the Maori party and maybe NZF.

  8. If John Tamihere is in, we will finally see some serious changes. I’m just sorry that he placed himself way down the List. He should have just stepped up to the plate, imo.

    He was the ONLY candidate on The Hui to speak out with any passion about our most vital asset, after the land itself, and that is the water of Aotearoa. He would finally end the bottling/ exporting madness, given half a chance. I very much hope that he does get in, but being way down the List it seems a long shot.

    • Ranked at #18, Peeni Henare will be returned anyway. I hope that Tāmaki Makaurau voters understand this, and that by voting for Tamihere they get, at very least, two MPs for their one vote. But they will get much more than that, as Tamihere is not the pushover that so many other MPs have been. He will bring in needed changes.

  9. The question of “What do they do if Labour don’t need them?” won’t even arise if J.T. is there. He would never follow the idiocy of the Greens in handing over his Question Time to the Nats – that was a creepy move on their part, to say the least.

    J.T. has sufficient Mana, and the absolute conviction with which he speaks his truth, to command the parliament when he is speaking and to ensure that the media cannot just cancel out whatever he has to say. Change will happen. (He just has to get in.)

    • Kheala: “J.T. has sufficient Mana….”

      Mr Front Bums. Could anyone ever take him seriously, after that godawful revelation?

      • D’Esterre – Tamihere refers to women as “ front bums “, and Tamihere asked a teenage girl on talkback radio what age she lost her virginity during that shameful roastbusters debacle, and Tamihere says that Pakeha – I gather all Pakeha – are asymptomatic racists, and that makes Mr Tamihere another perfect exponent of neoliberalism mechanisms for alienating and keeping groups of people down.

        The asymptomatic allegation is sneaky sort of stuff – if my doctor told me I was an symptomless leper, I’d get another doctor – but Mr Tamihere may derive mana from posturing like a medieval Jesuit, in the absence of provable facts. It’s worked before.

  10. “Labour have been swept to a historic and unprecedented under MMP, majority Government.”

    Not the first time. Remember the 2104 election?


    However. And fortunately: “On election night counts, the party appeared to hold the first majority since 1994 with 61 seats, but lost one seat to the Green Party on the official count.”

    At that time, we didn’t like the thought of the Natz being able to govern alone. No reason why we’d trust that Labour lot with a parliamentary majority, either. Especially after the depredations of Rogernomics.

  11. Davidson should really go. She made it into the UK Guardian as the co-leader of a New Zealand political party, proselytising about normalising usage of the word ‘cunt.’ Not in her job description, and not her job. We have better ways of publicising this country, and none of them are by sounding like Donald Trump gone wrong.

  12. Shaw betrayed the Greens and betrayed the environment when he handed the Greens parliamentary voice over to the National Party, in one of the dirtiest, slimiest deals ever.

    WHY is he still there?

  13. Labour will have a long memory concerning the Maori party, and the Greens were a support party during the last three years; keep them onside. Little chance of a racist Maori party being elected anyway.

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