Trump, Israel, the UAE and Bahrain “normalise” relations


Dr Yara Hawari of the Middle East Institute summed up well yesterday’s signing of an agreement to “normalise” relations between the US, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Israel is a racist apartheid state with laws discriminating against Palestinian Israelis and an army renowned for its murderous brutality against any Palestinian resistance to its racist rule. The United Arab Emirates has no elections, no political parties. It’s a medieval regime which tortures anyone resisting its autocratic rule. Bahrain is another tinpot despotic regime. It has two houses of parliament – the lower house is elected but all 40 people in the upper house are appointed by the King who has the final say on everything. The US is a declining empire at war with itself.

These are the four countries making “peace” with each other.

It’s no surprise these four are joining together to betray the Palestinian people. The US and Israel have conspired to do so for over 70 years. The UAE and Bahrain are joining the betrayal because they need modern weapons to put down popular uprisings of their people.

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Meanwhile around the world the great mass of humanity supports the Palestinian struggle. Our weapon against today’s betrayal is BDS – Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions – against Israel until it abides by international law and United Nations resolutions.

BDS is growing in strength and it will be as important for the struggle against Israeli apartheid as it was for the struggle against South African apartheid.


  1. Here is an interesting article detailing the deeply fascistic tendencies of the US and how it very nearly became a fully fascist state in the mid030s.

    Also very pertinent to the times, is the assassination of Kennedy by the cabal of power-hungry neo-fascists in the 1960s and the protection (and then subsequent expansion) of the military sector of the economy that Eisenhower had belatedly warned about in his valedictory speech.

    Trump is clearly a self-serving, narcissistic exploiter who is prepared to cheat and lie to get what he wants (more for himself and his family), but he hasn’t got EVERYTHING wrong, and his repperted opposition to endless wars has an element of truth.

    ‘Trump vs. The Military Industrial Complex: Military Coup Danger Escalates’

    ….Today, a new systemic meltdown of a $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble has similarities to the 1929 crash and other similarities to the 1923 hyperinflation of Weimar. While the coronavirus may or may not be used to trigger this new blowout, one thing is certain: a new fascist coup should be taken more seriously than ever. President Trump’s repeated calls to revive the policies of Abraham Lincoln, end regime change operations and endless wars abroad and work with other sovereign nation states in opposition to world government ideologues is more important than most people realize.

    So rather than stressing about who might be on the 2020 ballot, it is wiser to ask the question: Where are the General Butlers today?’

    We can be certain that, as environmental meltdown proceeds (accelerates) and as the unsustainable financial system disintegrates, the shift towards overt (as opposed to covert) fascism will accelerate. Those at the bottom of the heap, i.e. Palestinians, poor Africans, poor Asians, poor South Americans, poor North Americans, poor Europeans, and poor New Zealanders will be first to be pushed off the cliff face into the abys.

    And the wars to control resources (oil, water, productive land) will proliferate.

  2. Yes. No surprise there about the supporters of the apartheid state of Israel. All are notorious for their blatant disregard for human rights

      • It’s not actually an illegal act to use murder as a tool of coercion against state violence and murder under international law. It’s actually encouraged.

      • What the f**k did you expect them to do Gaby, join in a large circle and sing Hava Naguila? Would you expect Zionists to succumb to having their human rights removed if the boot were on the other foot?

        • That’s the sad part…they did exactly what everyone expected them to, threw another totally unproductive tantrum And that’s why their fellow-Arabs have ditched them.

  3. To the left – you can have all the war you want when the democrats retake the White House. Until then please let the anti war movement do it’s thing. Peace.

    I watched this report on Yemen this morning on how American Foreign Policy malfeasance has created a man made (by Americans) disaster in Yemen as they pull more than 80% of funding to support the people of Yemen who are dying of starvation and other malnutrition diseases….Seriously the American Govt are war mongers and criminals and should be bought before the War tribunal because what they are doing is worse than Hitler….If we let them do this they will come for us eventually and then what aye?? Fuck America and its murdering population of Trump supporters. I hope those Trump-supporting Americans get what is coming to them in spades fucking murdering bastards. Trump is just the executioner its the GOP and its supporters who keep this shit going all in the name of $$.

    • Thank goodness the world had a Nobel Peace prize winner Obama at the helm for 8 years, and the world was at peace…..ohh wait!
      How many wars has Trump started?, Quite the opposite he is withdrawing troops and somehow you don’t like that either….make your mind up!
      War under Obama or peace under your hated Trump, can’t have it both ways.

      • C’mon Im right. The drones and murder incorporated has increased under Trump who is sucking up to Zionist wealth and complying with his Son in Laws Zionist cabal.

  5. The Israeli government is being brought before the International Court for well documented crimes against humanity, the States will be next.

    Gaby you posted on another article Minto did and I asked where oh where can you quote him as being antisemitic, a little tiring that you haven’t managed to give me chapter and verse.

    Now were is it you live exactly?

    At least I live in Otautahi in the land of milk and honey, Aotearoa, known for Minto and others who have stood up for human rights over many many years in numerous countries.

  6. Heh -Minto inadvertently gives us an almost a perfect description of the Hamas regime. “The United Arab Emirates has no elections, no political parties. It’s a medieval regime which tortures anyone resisting its autocratic rule. Bahrain is another tinpot despotic regime.”

    • Eye watering hypocrisy from Minto, all right. His bifurcated ‘Palestinians’ (terrorist Hamas and terrorist supporting Fatah/PA) haven’t held elections for 13 years! You gotta shake your head.

      • And since when have the Palestinians voted to let Israel steal Palestine an land;

        The International Court will deal to the criminals and Israeli courts deal to a corrupt Prime Minister who is under charges.


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