Judith caught between China and Taiwan 


Judith Collins caught in stoush as Taiwan’s Auckland representative rejects China’s ‘overtly untrue’ message to her

Taiwan’s representative in Auckland has rejected the Chinese Embassy’s “overtly untrue” message to National Party leader Judith Collins that “Taiwan is part of China”. 

Jeff Liu, director-general of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, says Taiwan is a “full-fledged democracy” with its “own government and military” and is independent from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). 

“Taiwan’s president is directly elected by its people. Taiwanese people travel around the globe on passports issued by Taiwan government. All of these facts tell that the PRC’s claims over Taiwan are totally groundless,” Liu said in a statement to Newshub. 

It comes after the Chinese Embassy urged Collins on Tuesday to remember that “Taiwan is part of China” after the Opposition leader said she didn’t think China would mind if she referred to Taiwan as a nation. 

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Oh isn’t this glorious?

The National Party are little more than a business front for Chinese Business interests. The long, long, long list of National Party MPs who all have wealthy Chinese Business friends involved in private deals that enrich those National MPs personally is an ongoing political joke looking for a punchline.

So for Judith to miss-step so dramatically by publicly whispering Taiwan was anything more than totally owned by China is just glorious isn’t it?

Quicker than you can say Kauri Logs, it’s a reminder that Beijing owns the National Party.


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  1. I’d like an audit to be made of the extent that that foreign nation now owns AO/ NZ.
    – How much of our land, overall, is now owned by China?
    – How much of our underground water is now owned by China?
    – How much of our forestry is owned by China?
    – How much of our farmland, specifically, is owned by China?
    – How much of our arable land is owned by China?
    – How much of our environmentally sensitive land is owned by China?
    – How many of our businesses are owned by China?
    – How many of our NZ homes are owned by citizens of China and who are not citizens of NZ?
    – How many citizens of China, who are non-citizens of NZ, will be voting in this election?
    – How many of the Chinese businesses and financial interests use other than their own Chinese Bank?


    • Nope. The opposite is the case. Excerpts from Mark’s Link:
      Taiwanese officials have announced changes to the passport design, making the word “Taiwan” larger and shrinking the words “Republic of China”.

      [Taiwanese] Authorities said the redesign was to stop confusion between its nationals and citizens of China.

      Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic “our people have kept hoping that we can give more prominence to Taiwan’s visibility, avoiding people mistakenly thinking they are from China”, Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told reporters.

      Taiwan has governed itself since 1949, when the mainland government fled to the island after its defeat by the Communist Party in China’s civil war. It has its own democratically elected government, its own army and its own currency.

      But under the One China policy, the government in Beijing insists it is the legitimate ruler of Taiwan. It says the territory will one day come under its leadership again – by force if necessary.

      Taiwan’s passport is seen at that bbc link.
      The People’s Republic of China passport can be seen here: These people are being denied a passport.

      • yep Kheala correct. China is on a mission to takeover any country with weak will. Taiwan is a very strong and proud country as we should also be and strongly resist China’s expansion ambitions. I remember when in the NZ Army being briefed of China’s ambitions as they were behind thew Veitnam war pushing all the same buttons now again as they did in 1960’s to cause what the NZ Army called “The domino effect” https://www.history.com/topics/cold-war/domino-theory

        • So China is ‘expansionist’ because it had an interest in Vietnam, a country right on its door step, yet the US and New Zealand were/are not expansionist because it similarly had an interest in Vietnam?

      • Oh for fucks sake it still says Republic of China in english anyway, and the Chinese says zhong hua min guo in large Chinese characters right at the top which is emblazoned for all to see.

        Proof positive that the Taiwanese see themselves as part of China, just not ruled by the CCP.

        • That’s just an example of the CCP bleeding off of western innovation. Disrespecting property rights doesn’t bring about technological innovation so China steals IP and made it into a biological race. Of course, the victors never call it stealing IP, every single nation since time began has developed by stealing IP.

  3. Now we have Chris Bishop promising more bridges only this time in the South Island, that will be more ghost bridges to add to the ten ghost bridges they built up North.

    • Bishop is just another stool pigeon for the trucking industry as he was when he was in the tobacco industry as just another paid voice. No faith in Chris Bishop should ever been given.

  4. National Party is just being pro-business, and China happens to be our largest trading partner. If one day the US or Australia becomes our top trading partner, resulting in a long list of National Party MPs having wealthy America/Australian business friends, should we say Washington or Canberra owns the National Party?

  5. “A nation refers to a group of people bound together by common language, identity, ethnicity, history etc. Cultural commonality usually leads people to identify themselves as a nation. When the nation organizes itself under a government that is the ultimate authority, it is also known as a country.”

    According to the above definition of nation, there should be little or no controversy for Judith to refer Taiwan as a nation. It would be more controversial if she referred Taiwan as a country, as both China and Taiwan claims sovereignty over each other (historically Taiwan also claims mainland China as part of its territory).

    Source of definition: https://www.mapsofworld.com/answers/k-12-resources/nation-and-country/


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