Excellent Agriculture Policy a reminder of how much we will miss the Greens


Anytime you have the farming community on its hind legs screaming about something, you know you are doing the right thing…

NZ Election 2020: Farmers furious at Green Party’s future farming plans

Farmers are furious with the Green Party’s plan to introduce a new levy on the use of some fertilisers.

The Greens say farmers would be charged if they use artificial fertilisers – about $1500 a year for an average dairy farm and $1200 for a sheep and beef farm. A $297 million fund will be available to help farmers move towards low-emission agriculture and the use of palm kernel feed would be banned.

…the Green Party released an excellent policy on Farming that will make our rivers cleaner, lower emissions and reduce destructive Indonesian rain forest depletion.

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These are necessary changes and it’s a cost Corporate Farmers must pay!

There’s no more waiting around as the planet burns, we are seeing real time acceleration of global warming so I don’t give two shits what the corporate farmers have to say on this.

Unfortunately it is unlikely to pass because the Greens have doomed themselves to being under 5% by alienating vast chunks of the electorate with their activists micro aggression policing cancel culture.


If we want to see the Corporate Farmers pay their fair share, every Auckland Central voters must candidate vote Chloe Swarbrick to ensure the Greens are back and this awesome Agricultural Policy undertaken.


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  1. Because of their excellent Farm Policy (though it still needs some significant tweaks), and their excellent Poverty Action Plan, I am party voting Greens. It’s been an internal struggle, as there have been actions taken by the Greens which I find abhorrent. But I’m putting that aside for now (though not permanently).

    I’m electorate voting Labour, Kiri Allen. (Yep, I may as well put it out there.) This was Tolley territory for what felt like forever. Now it’s all changing, and there’s light up ahead for the Left.

  2. Would you please stop being so negative about the Greens! I have organised a Meet and Greet our Green Electorate Candidate, and already have a number of people that have responded they are coming. I have had people coming to me to help with delivering leaflets in our area this election year. Be encouraging, stop attacking them. Stop with the doom, doom . My connections with those involved, either on policy, branch members etc. are the same people with the same principles as they have always been. If you have a problem with some that you can’t identify with, get over it. The Green Party has a strong foundation, and the members, MPs, policy makers, branch leaders, staff, and volunteers together have built a structure on top like none I have ever seen. There might be differences in the building, but the structure is built for differences, discussions, and learning.

    • “but the structure is built for differences, discussions and learning”…..for who?
      If you are not one of their identity people, then they don’t care!
      You maybe enthusiastic about the building being strong, but unfortunately you have bad tennents and they need to be evicted!

    • Mateee. One more time, just for you. Martyn Bomber Bradbury has been attempting to warn The Greens that they will fall below 5% eventually if they persist with identity politics.

      On the standard dot org, various authors are allowed to reinterpret non-green members where non-green members where we learn far more about the relationship Green Party gatekeepers online seek to cultivate.

      There is something dark about that that isn’t readily available in the Greens manifesto. Ultimately I take pity on a lot of them, they don’t realize that non-pure-temple-greens are people and not individuals. This is illustrated in their search for “patterns of behaviour.”

      And I just want people to know that that is not what good people think of them. With this though people who can see how many have been alienated from the greens are granted the vision of greens polling come election night.

      Made for recruiting Green voters. Disposable the unpure are considered.

      Even though Green Party gatekeepers are coming to the visions of the future late they are acting upon them because the decay of the Greens is a direct result of the decisions made on the standard and now they have decided to act and respond.

      Anyway, I will allow The Greens to slip below the 5% threshold knowing that the-woke-pure-temple-greens will be destroyed but also knowing That the Party will rise again.

      • 100% SAM;



        • In order to subscribe to the Weka’s version of the Greens we, and by we I mean everyone outside of the Weka’s social media bubble has to assume full guilt for the threats to our environment, and so in principle, all the needs to happen is everyone else changes there lives. What a naive little world this weka lives in.

          Everyone on the command of the weka must be reduced to a passive role of the impotent observer who can only sit and watch what our fate will be. So I just can’t resist the urge to do something even if I know it to be meaningless.

          The Weka assumes for itself a central role in the way capitalism functions. The response to regenerative farming is typical, that it’s expensive, that it’s unethical to improve something that only elite people are interested in. The rushing in of expense isn’t important to economic illiterates.

          If we are improving the environment we are improving the health of everyone. If we are putting more money into the health system we improve the health of everyone. That makes workers more productive and families hold together. Society works better and that’s what an environment party would do to ease the strain on the natural environment not out of the goodness of our souls but because of the practical benefits.

          We can not leave people held hostage to the polluters.

        • +100 CLEANGREEN….I do not know any farmers who are voting Green….and in fact I know many people who used to be sympathetic to the Greens but no longer vote for them or are sympathetic to them….these are environmentally conscious people

        • Can you explain how you’re going to get trucks off the road because you must realise that by transporting More goods by train won’t achieve that.

          • We can’t answer that purely by concentrating on logistics. We would have to ask and address the question of who will control the merging of brain and computer.

            Will it be the state?

            Will it be corporations?

            Will it be the individual?

            Or will it be a group of people?

            Technology has always brought about the most change ever since the invention of horse-mounted infantry. Nature is mute and suffering, it’s not just us, there is a certain poverty of pain that remains in a shadowy undertone and I’m not convinced that can be addressed.

            Maybe we reduce trucks on roads or whatever but we would still be stupid humans allowing terrible things to go on in nature. Instead of finding a balance in transport, we should be seeking stability in nature.

            If there is any meaning we need to stabilize population, health, education and maybe, later on, we stabilize or reduce the concept of transport.

  3. Good policy better than ANYTHING I have seen from Labour. Almost enough to sway me away from the minor parties.
    Just get new leaders and I’ll vote Green. Don’t say it can’t be done, how did Jacinda get the gig after all?

  4. I hope the Greens get in a Govt 2020 with both a candidate and polling numbers. I think they will sneak in and Labour should take there full support and actually use some of there excellent policies this time. Nothing will change the old die hard greenie bashers mainly farmers but stuff them we want a fairer society and clean waterways and everthing else the BAU has messed up. 2 votes from me.

    • re “Nothing will change the old die hard greenie bashers”…you are kidding yourself ….the Greens have LOST recent and long time supporters big time….look at the NMR polls…and look who has risen in the polls…ask yourself why

      Real NZ environmentalists no longer support the Greens

      • Yeah well I’m well aware of the Greens so called failings. But look at National and Labour, there failings are massive. People still vote for them, in the Natz case probably don’t even know why, just habitual. I mention our farmers as an example only. I live in a farming stronghold – Taranaki, and work with many ex farmers. I get there opinions all day long. They hate the Greens, and loath Jacinda Ardern. Of course not all farmers are National fanatics but most probably are IMHO. Anybody that raises any objections to there precious farming methods, or mentions waterways and farming in the same sentence is absolutely pilloried. How dare speak you speak out against us! Well stuff them. I know why I’m supporting Green policies, even if they are outsiders and polling really low. I remain hopeful some of there policies will rub off on Labour, for the good of the rest of us. I am not an enviromentalist. I want some there policies that’s all. Harping on about the Greens of old is irrelevant these days.

  5. Social Justice could be something like green partys around the world collaborating against the tax haven network and ALL the big corporations that use them to stiff us ,,, Good social justice worth voting for .,,,

    Ending the wasteful discriminatory war on Cannabis users is another example of good social justice.

    But as the destruction of our planet and environments becomes more pressing and obvious ,,,, more voters may be inclined to vote for the environment ,,,

    If you want to vote clean ,,,,, vote green

    • YEAH…If you want the Chinese taking water out of our NZ aquifers and bottling it in plastic bottles…vote Green!
      ….If you want fascist restrictions on freedom of speech ….Vote Green!
      ….If you want elitist foreign Charter Schools where foreigners pay almost $50,000 per year ….Vote Green!
      ….If you are a Pakeha male and a licensed gun owner and would like to be designated a “white racist supremacist” and blamed for the Mosque attack ….vote Green!
      ….If you dont care about NZ kea exterminated by 1080 ….vote Green!
      ….If you want to see NZ farm land sold up to corporations and foreigners because of a land tax ….vote Green!
      …If you want to see NZ small businesses go down the gurgler …and the NZ elderly and New Zealanders who live frugally and those on a low incomes thrown out of their houses because of a Capital Gains Tax ….vote Green!

      The Greens are an attack on New Zealanders….dont vote Green!

        • @ Gweenie reason ….Sorry ‘F’ for a FAIL for a reasoned reply

          ….and I wont be drinking French wine (like you?) . Probably be drinking NZ sparkling (Lindauer NZF champagne ) as I watch Gweenie Party results

          …look forward to NZF giving the Gweenies a spanking

      • Red Buzzard, I cannot dispute the points you make. They are all, or almost all, true and valid and concerning. I had given up on the Greens and even had a “Good riddance!” feeling when their imminent demise was suggested in the polls. My general anger at some of their actions and at their inability to act when needed became even more intense, and personal, when some of them sanctioned and participated in a general “shoot up” around my home. An unnecessary and bloodied massacre of wildlife was the result.

        However, at the very last possible moment, they have brought out the one thing that Aotearoa NZ needs the most, in my opinion. And that is their Poverty Action Plan . No other party is offering any clear pathway towards levelling out the inequality that is plaguing us as a country. So for that reason if for no other, I’m holding fire on them until after the election (and will Party Vote Green).

        Their Ag Policy is also a good step in the right direction, imo.

        Yes, there ARE major problems with some of the things they have done and that they seem to be ready to continue to do. Absolutely. But for the moment I’m holding fire, to give these new, positive developments a chance at becoming real.

        • @ Kheala ….I respect your views and your arguments are usually well reasoned….I also support poverty action ….and absolutely housing for ALL indigenous New Zealanders ( I am a former Green Party voter and Mana/Internet voter as well as a NZF voter)…but I do not support the Green Party tax proposals

          … I do not support the scapegoating, victimisation and tax expense directed at indigenous middle class New Zealanders, who have struggled all their lives and lived frugally and seen their houses and land go up through no fault of their own (but through excessive immigration competition and foreign ownership of New Zealand’s scarce resources under the John Key Bill English National Party )

          …put the blame and the taxes where it belongs and NOT on so-called middle class New Zealanders

          …do not annihilate struggling small NZ businesses owned and operated by New Zealanders ( with a Capital Gains Tax) or annihilate New Zealanders who have very little capital but own their own hard gained houses and land( Land Tax and Capital gains Tax)

          ….Immigration needs to halt ( New Zealanders can not afford it, especially from countries which have an excessive male overpopulation problem…China and India



          This is where the focus of the Green party should be on Immigration and Foreign ownership and privilege over New Zealanders ( especially poverty action)

          ….but no doubt the wokie globalist Green Party will find it politically racially incorrect (and “crude racial profiling”as Metiria Turei said when the Labour Party complained houses in Auckland were being inflated by excessive Chinese buying)

          …and the Green Party will find it not to their Globalist Corporate Agenda ( eg their foreign owned , elitist Green School … patronised and entry at almost $50,000 per ann for foreign paying wealthy students…no doubt intent on back door NZ immigration ,residency and citizenship)

          ….This elitist globalist Green school is a corporate money making insult to real New Zealand environmentalists who do not support the Green Party …as if schooling of foreigners will make up for real NZers culture and experience in New Zealand’s back country

          …it is a PRAT Green Party insult to real New Zealanders …it is an attempt at globalisation and commodification and supplanting of NZ culture and NZ environmentalism into a Green Brand and elitist club

          …it is an attempt to supplant real New Zealanders culturally in their own country

          The Labour Party is far more on the tracks than the globalist wokie Green Party with its taxation policy ….

          • RB, Thanks for a thoughtful reply.
            Agree strongly on immigration – Why on earth are we continually bringing in thousands more people when we are unable to house our own people! But I think your concerns around the Greens tax policy may not be warranted. (I probably need to look into it a bit more.)


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