Labour strategy is shanking Greens – Auckland Central is the battleground


Labour are eying up that Green vote and asking itself how much can they take this election to ensure a majority Labour Government.

The speed with which Labour Cabinet Ministers threw James under an electric bus over his Jedi Academy and today’s Tax rate rise on the richest are both examples of how Labour are playing hardball with the Greens.

Here’s Grant throwing an anvil to the Greens as they thrash around in the water…

Election 2020: Labour rules out Green Party’s wealth tax in any Government it forms

The Labour Party has ruled out implementing the Green Party’s wealth tax in any Government it is a part of.

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Labour released its tax policy on Wednesday, which would introduce a new top income tax rate of 39 per cent on income over $180,000, only hitting the top 2 per cent of earners.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson said no new taxes or other changes to income tax would be introduced in the term.

…Labour are gutting the Greens and hanging them out to dry.

Yes, I know that the Green Tax policy is infinitely better and that Labour are just tinkering but I only know that because I’m a Green voter and a politics nerd and I read their dense 52 page policy manifesto which wasn’t broken down to an easily dissected media bullet point one pager for the voters because apparently every policy is equal and worthy of praise in the trigger free emotional support peacock environment of the Green Party Inner sanctum!

I mean FFS guys, you’ve zigged every time you should have zagged!

The latest internal UMR Poll has the Greens slumping to 3.2%.

This is why Auckland Central increasingly is the battlefield to ensure Green representation in the next Parliament.

Look, we can all do the autopsy of how the Greens own woke online mummy blogger ActionStation! identity politics activists are alienating arseholes who have managed to chase away voters with their virtue signalling pure temple mantras so much so that the Party has slipped beneath 5% AFTER we get Chloe elected as the MP for Auckland Central, BUT WE DON’T HAVE THE LUXERY OF TIME FOR THAT DEBATE RIGHT NOW- so let’s just accept 5% ain’t happening and throw all our weight into convincing National and Labour voters to candidate vote Chloe Swarbrick.

Watching the Green Wellington Twitteratti scrambling online as they realise how alienating they’ve all been for 3 years would be funny if there wasn’t so much at stake.

Apparently micro aggression policing all white people as racist, all men as rapists and anyone supporting free speech as a uniform wearing Nazi isn’t particularly politically appetising.

Who woulda thunk?

I’ve only been pointing this out for like 3 years.


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    • We have to pull the propertied gentry of Auckland central along with us kicking and screaming by guaranteeing rises in speculative property values above that of tax increases.

    • Party vote Green like me.

      “One Labour to rule them all” does not sound like a good idea. Labour is not even close to apologising for, let alone burying, “Roger’n’Ruth’s” toxic legacy.

      Strategic left voters like those that have gone for Mana or Māori Party in the past, should Party vote Green, electorate Labour, except Chlöe in Auck Central.

      • Labour were not responsible for Ruthenasia, that was National. Labour have always been up front about gifting seats and have always been against it, unlike National and Seymore.

  1. Even if neither party want to admit it, someone who knows a man who knows a man in Labour who knows a gender non specific punter within the Greens, badly needs to set up a meet, like yesterday, to plan ahead, positively.

    Labour need the Green Party and vice versa.

    • The country does not need these two in power it would mean another 3 years of all promise no action . Where are those trees and houses and the light rail to the airport.

      • What Promises Trev. Labour was not the govt.
        Didn’t you get that after three years.
        It was a coalition that didn’t exist before the last election so certainly couldn’t make promises.

        Has it registered yet or are we going to read more from you about mythical fantasy and non existent promises.

    • No, Labour doesn’t want need the Greens: they dont even want the Greens. They will dance on the table while the Greens go under. The two main parties want just two parties, neither more nor less. Then we will have two right wing parties who have no expertise to fix the problems of a civilisation that will collapse within a decade. Democracy will have no answers.

  2. Labour needs NZF more than the Greens, who alienate everyone. The Greens will be a liability to the Labour Party .

      • Ask yourself why ACT is polling so high and you may have your answer…(eg. the Green Party attacks on middle New Zealand ( freedom of speech, legitimately licensed gun owners portrayed by Greens as white racist supremacists, support for elitist overseas funded Charter Schools(students approx. $50,000 per ann ), support for John Keys vanity NZ flag change project and Red Peak at significant ( over $20 million)cost to the NZ tax payer, when NZers did not want a flag change, constant attacks on Winston Peters and NZF, giving the National Party their Green Party speaking rights in the House…endorsing the selling off of NZ water to the Chinese ( and in plastic bottles!) , pretending to be working class heroes when they are in fact privileged middle class elitist virtue signalling wokies, who are ageist to boot) ….and

        Labour Party is a Winner on Tax

        ( it hasnt cut its own throat and alienated middle class NZers … as the Green Party would have them do, creating instability and chaos…and persecuting NZers who have modest houses or land but not much to come and go on…value inflated through not fault of their own, but due to National Party policies of excessive immigration and overseas ownership)

        A good realistic Tax Policy by Labour… to increase tax on corporates and those earning over $180,000.

        The Green Party proposed Capital Gains Tax would discourage New Zealanders innovation and entrepreneurship and small businesses…and put the elderly out of their houses

        The Green Party proposed Land Tax would put NZ farmers off their farms

        ( and will make NZ land ripe for corporatisation, ripe for globalisation and takeover by foreigners)

        National Party supporters must be grinding their teeth that the Labour Party has not fallen for the Green Party tax proposals

        • Red B. Ok. Thanks. Digesting this. Obviously the Green attack on white middle New Zealand was utterly appalling; I was sidelining this as being the product of Davidson – and her wee best friend- who I think less than mediocre, with a big chip on her shoulder, living a far more exclusive life than those of us out in the real world.

          I know, and have historically known, too many good decent people with giant-sized social consciences, and self-sacrificing for others, to accept privileged political females making race-based judgments, and almost certainly with an underlying agenda anyway.

          Further, striving to present white people as their enemy, was a very cruel thing to do to the traumatised Muslim community. The truth is probably that most folk busy with their own lives were not particularly aware of NZ Muslims as a separate entity prior to that tragedy, and Davidson and co toyed with the truth.Another former Green supporter recently told me that they’re just shit-stirrers.

          The Green’s wealth tax, I think simplistic, and this also maybe due to their limited life experience, Davidson, Shaw,Swarbrick etc not owning their own properties, or owning for five minutes. In Auckland in particular, a million dollar property may be not much more than a shack, and owned not by a “millionaire”, but by someone scraping by on a low income, or supported by state income like NZ Super. There’s an inherited property owner in my street, who knocks on my and others’ doors, periodically, asking for money and food, with various explanations, and I go along with it. Doubt he would cope, at any level, with a tax demand from the well-paid Greens.

          Labour’s tax policy I also think simplistic. It taxes only declared income. There are rich people who pay little or no tax, through various means, and the income from the Labour tax changes, will be fairly negligible.

          Other things, such as the Greens giving Nats their questions, I don’t understand, and Key’s flag change fiasco, I always thought a cats-on-the-table diversion from a cunning creepo, which everyone fell for. Thanks.

  3. Getting the Greens thrown out of parliament is exactly what should happen if you don’t support the current direction of the party. Voting for the Greens tacitly supports their woke nonsense (including the Jedi Academy) and will only embolden them. They need a reboot. If they’re gone in the coming election, I say they by definition had it coming – isn’t that how democracy is supposed to work?

    • Fair enough Nitrium but we have a planet heating and no party with climate as their main policy area.

      Climate policy scares many so will always be unpopular to our fossil fuel loving idiots and Business NZ.

      XR rebellion has grown and will continue to grow while boomers sit on their fat cushions, just waiting for the grim reaper while sipping wine and driving cars, taking overseas holidays and voting NACT.

  4. The Green are total strategic fuck ups!!! All I hear is “Green Labour Greens Labour Greens Labour”.
    What I should be hearing is “Save the Planet Save the Planet Save the Planet and we’ll do a deal with anyone who wants to get into power under MMP so we can save the planet”.
    But no…it’s gotta be Green Labour Greens Labour Greens Labour.
    What if the right were ready to give the Greens billions for their environmental policies? But no! Must be Labour. The Greens are Labour’s slaves. Sad.
    Mind you…betcha most of them can’t even spell ‘environemt’.

  5. All the people I know that have been Green Party supporters for years are still giving their vote to the Greens this election. This is the best year to vote for the Greens. It’s been awhile since I got on their website, but the other day I got on and spent a few hours going over their policies. They’re incredible. Check it out….encourage others to do the same.

  6. All the people I know that have been Green Party supporters for years are still giving their vote to the Greens this election. This is the best year to vote for the Greens. It’s been awhile since I got on their website, but the other day I got on and spent a few hours going over their policies. They’re incredible. Check it out….encourage others to do the same.

  7. I’ll put it out there that the Greens won’t make parliament next. Three reasons.

    1. They’re splintered. You have the environmentalists on one side and the marxists on the other. Just look at their leaders, Shaw and Davidson, one is a quasi-business environmentalist, the other an pure activist. People are tired of woke identity politics for having to apologise for being male, or white, or heterosexual…it’s like apologising for being right handed, because you oppress all the left handed people.

    2. Jacindas flame has burnt all and sundry. A big part of the Green vote was the wealthy (to very wealthy) ladies at lunch. Who perhaps feel guilty for their 3 overseas holidays a year, driving an (hybrid) SUV and being married to a husband on over $300 k a year. Jacinda is “their girl” and the years of seeing her in woman’s magazines and her social media profile is crushing the Greens, especially if she’s wearing the latest fashion by Karen Walker.

    3. Minor Party’s always get crushed in a coalition. It has happened since MMP came along. Finally the Greens got to the table and what did they expect. especially since they’ve stated they’ll always go with Labour, in doing so they’ve just signed off all their negotiating power.

    • Bg – The identity politics has been terrible; I don’t recall anything similar in New Zealand since Bill English said that NZ young males were useless, and even he did no racial stereotyping.

      When the police trialled their now abandoned armed units, people like Marama acted as if the cops wanted to go into Sth Auckland to hunt out and shoot non-whites, when most of the violence there, they inflict upon each other; the police intent was to protect the community, and seemed to be a response to the ChCh mosque shootings, and even those, the Green women tried their damndest to blame on Pākehā New Zealand- a possibly pathological extreme.

      When Constable Matthew Hunt was gunned down during a routine traffic stop, it broke many of our hearts. Those who had the hard job of raising sons on their own, know that his bereft mother carries a life long wound; an idealistic young guy has no life left at all; the NZ Police lost an officer; the community lost a protector. However they may stuff up and err, the bottom line is that our police are better than many, but there are activists who may have succeeded in convincing the alienated young that the police are an enemy to be obliterated, and again, have done so for cynical paranoid political purposes.

      Pity about the Greens, they are not small picture people the way that Labour are, have some thoroughly nice politicians like Sage, and uber academically and work qualified others like Genter, but regrettably, are, as you say, splintered, and their wailing,“ Vote for me I hate you,” is hurting my ears.

  8. I’ve been saying for a long time that the Green’s need time out of parliament to regain their focus and since Labour is l looking like it will totally dominate the next parliament now is probably the best time to do that.
    I fully expect they would get back in to parliament in 3 years because the Green brand is just way too strong to dissapear.

  9. If Labour maintain their lead over the Nats/Act then it will be 2 ticks to Greens or party tick to NZF. Anyone but National/Act.

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