CPAG disappointed with Government’s continued refusal to extend crisis support

A slew of new reports show successive governments have failed children and young people for decades, just as the current government has reiterated its plan to cut incomes of families receiving benefits when the Winter Energy Payment period ends on 1 October.
“New Unicef and youth mental health reports are gravely concerning, and show our leaders need far greater courage and commitment to our children and young people,” says Child Poverty Action Group spokesperson Janet McAllister.
“Our young have been made to stay out in the cold for so long that it will take a lot to warm them up – more than it would have ten years ago. We need to cherish our children, not burden them further.
“Because the political neglect has been so serious and chronic, child wellbeing needs a significant boost, not just tinkering, or playing catch up, or treating kids just a little better than preceding governments,” says McAllister. “We need both immediate measures and true transformation if we’re serious about New Zealand being the best place – or even just a good place – to raise children.”
Yesterday Unicef revealed that New Zealand ranks near the bottom of a list of 41 countries for child wellbeing, and a separate University of Auckland report showed mental distress for youth in New Zealand has doubled over ten years – with deprivation being a key driver.
CPAG research, also released this week, shows core entitlements for most families with children on benefits are already below primary poverty lines, and are set to dive by a further $63 a week when the Winter Energy Payment (WEP) period ends on October 1.
“We are disappointed that when Minister of Social Development Carmel Sepuloni  was asked by Green party co-leader Marama Davidson in the House about CPAG’s report she refused to lift or even keep current family income levels as a stop-gap measure,” says McAllister. “Cutting incomes for families on benefits will entrench poverty at the deepest end, and this does not bode well for future child wellbeing.
“Each day that goes by without action makes the poverty problem worse. We look forward to seeing all parties’ policies and commitments to prioritise child wellbeing.”
CPAG election priorities for transformation include building 5000 state houses a year, and redesigning the welfare system so it treats families and whānau with dignity and guarantees them adequate incomes.


  1. Not to mention the blatant underfunding of our healthcare and access to welfare health income due to the bullshit relationship rules and pathetic income limits.

    When is CPAG and AAAP going to take up that battle .

    It is not only families with KIDS SUFFERING .
    IT is couples with health issues and no kids as well trying to fund meds and other health costs .

  2. Living in Chch we are seeing first hand the way Wellington officials deal with health issues. They have built a new children’s ward but will not give the money to staff it. One of the countries best CEO is forced to leave because off the pressure to live within a budget way smaller than it should be . 6 others in his team are going or gone at a time when we need to have our A team as we look at a possible pandemic.
    It seems to me no matter which party is in power the real rot is in the boffins in Wellington and councils around the country.
    If you have no imagination or real drive then a government job is the way to go. Once there do not rock the boat stick to the rules and you are set for life.

    • Not only that the new 3rd Hospital tower is only going to have 2 active floors the other 3 won’t be outfitted and the 4th tower has been postponed so tower 3 is going to be full to capacity before it is operational. So much for christchurch’s health care .
      On top of chch hospital creating a waiting list to get on a waiting list chch healthcare along with pathetic pharmac funding we are being screwed over on the daily and yet we see NO LEFT WING BLOGGERS SAYING A DAMN WORD.

      • Like your last comment . The truth hurts and time and again this government show no urgency to fix the problems of the poor . They can spend billions on new aircraft but even Jacinda crows at reducing poverty in children by half in 5 years . It is a pity if you are in the other half. The only answer for them is to make weed legal so they can seem happy for a few hours.

  3. So much money being thrown at the economy it would be nice to think we had something good that would last 30+ years. It remains an abomination that children are not properly supported.

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