Righteous incandescent rage needed in Cannabis referendum debate


The cannabis referendum polls are doing what I’ve thought they would do, tighten.

My feeling is that it will be a very close run referendum.

I am passionate about reform and believe deeply that from a social and economic perspective, a regulated taxed market is the only intelligent, scientific and ethically righteous choice.

The propaganda paid for the American Religious Right is dark ages bullshit and nothing less than basic bitch fear mongering.

I’ve blogged that one of the problems I see in the current debate is that not enough of the actual cannabis community feel any agency in the current referendum and are lacklustre in their support because of the vanilla campaign…

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The trouble with the Cannabis Referendum – too many pointy heads, not enough coneheads

The sanitised pointy heads of The Drug Foundation and Helen Clark Foundation are great and necessary to win the support of the buttoned down proper middle NZ soccer mum electorate but by alienating the current stoner community we risk not winning at all.

…I’ve suggested that an old school hero of the movement like Nandor needs to be rolled out to engage with the stoner community in the hope of rousing them.

I’d like to suggest another catalyst to spark the stoner community from their apathy.

How about righteous incandescent rage?

Shouldn’t we be fucking outraged by these prohibition fascists?

Shouldn’t we be furious that the American Religious Right are interfering in our domestic politics?

Shouldn’t we be incandescent with fucking rage that the State have used the prohibition of a product far less damaging than alcohol or tobacco to imprison, arrest, prosecute, punish, stain and mutilate generations of our fellow citizens for a ‘crime’ that was always about control and never about our safety?

Fuck the prohibitionists with their failed war on drugs.

I’m not being lectured by an alcoholic society on what substance I consume and I’m sure as fuck not going to tolerate being told what to do by moralistic cowards who dare use my safety to continue their systems of control.

We should be collectively outraged that we have allowed them to have this prohibition power for as long as they have. Cannabis is a civil rights issue, the State has crushed hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens for decades upon decades to enforce a law that was always about control and not our welfare.

How dare they and how dare we allow them to get away with it!

You can enrol on the day of the election so there are no excuses this time.

Don’t drag yourself to the ballot box comrades, march there in furious anger and tell the State to fuck off out of our collective lives.


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  1. I heard the idea of Kiwis being the ‘passionless people’ which sparked some TV investigative programming in the 70’s and the sheepish stereotype has been furthered by the newer label of the ‘smiling moron’.

    You can always rely on crackheads for a good bit of incandescent rage, and usually for nothing in particular except lack of sleep and sensitive ground down teeth.

    Stoners and incandescent rage are kind of an oxymoron, which actually suits me just fine. When I was in the US it blew me away how people get so full of rage and just how acceptable it is to be feisty like that.

    Peace and goodwill is my preferred pathway forward now, though a peaceful righteous indignation is certainly still on the menu.

    I guess that is why NZ is always behind the rest of the world. Its the countries like the US whose anger sparks change momentum, that we rely upon. But just as we followed the US into prohibition, I guess its only right that we follow them out of prohibition. I’m sure we will follow in others areas too like medicinal psilocybin, possibly free global healthcare, and a trend of no more shaving of pubes.

    Free the weed!

    • Festus, hope the old Ford pick up is still rattlin.Crack Head, well in 1920 Germany, that is where crackheads where birthed in the Temmler pharma factory where they produced billions of Meth, way better and clearer than Walter Whites, without the Harmful Chems added than today!s garage motel labs CONCOCTIONS. The Doc Fritz Hauschild, is the father of then pure Meth, so pure that in 1920 Germany, or them known as Weirmar Germany every if not most were using this clear meth in chocolate in drinks in tablets it was known as a pick me up tonic Pervatin. Why the reasons is a history lesson not for this, yet when Hitler and his Cronies got control they outlawed its use, ONLY TO INTRODUCE IT AGAIN, when they decided lets get rolling, and the then Blitzcreig ensued, and the world was amazed how fast and unrelenting the Germans overtook lands, why, they all their troops where all speeding on Pervatin.

  2. If this vote fails, the next round of lobbying will be to let medical users grow at home, that situation is fucking terrible.

  3. ‘tell the State to fuck off out of our collective lives.‘

    And yet that’s exactly what you want them to do. The clowns in government are in the habit of fucking up everything they touch.

    My concern is that if this referendum fails we won’t get another chance. And yet these fucking idiots wanna straight legalise.

  4. I have been to 2 meetings that discussed the pros and cons of legalisation. In both cases the 2 sides agreed that we would be better off without another legal drug on top of alcohol and tobacco but in both cases the pros said the current law is not working and Maori get a raw deal when it comes to prosecution. This seem a poor reason to open the door to this drug. I suggest more money is needed to be put into finding out why so many need to hide away from their problems by taking any drug and more work needs to be done in cutting out racism in the Police .

    • Trev poverty is a factor that needs addressing.
      Criminalisation of kids with a joint in their pockets has set many on a path of jail, crime and downhill slide.

      That has to stop.

    • “open the door to this drug”

      LOL That door has been wide open for decades…
      And kids of any age do not need ID, like at a bottle store.

    • Oh Really Trevor??? So at these meetings what reason /rationale was given for WHY we would be better off without another legal drug? Why is it better for people who don’t drink but who smoke a bit pot to be prosecuted and thrown into jail?
      Why is it a better for organised crime to continue to make profits from this drug?
      Why is it better to be a criminal for growing a plant that benefits my arthritis by relieving the pain far more effectively than ANY prescribed pain killer and without the side effects. And no I cannot be prescribe cannabis for my chronic and ever increasing crippling pain legally, I don’t fit the idiot criteria.
      So do let us know why people are so woefully under informed in their understanding of the true implications of prohibition.

  5. The best analogy I can think of to illustrate the issue is that of having wine illegal and anyone who does enjoy wine having to go through the buying process that cannabis users currently have to.

    Approach an unknown person in the park who is selling ‘wine’. You pay your money and take your chances.

    Maybe its red, maybe it’s white, maybe its a Sauvignon blanc, maybe it’s a Gewürztraminer. You’ll never know because its got no label. If you like it and want to buy it again you can’t.

    If you’re having a dinner party with friends and want something that goes well with fish, fat chance, you don’t get to choose. The only option is ‘wine’.

    Legalisation is sensible. It doesn’t mean you have to start drinking wine, but it does mean standards and accountability.

  6. This pro cannabis rant makes me even more confused about your other recent anti-Green Party rants, considering they’re the only party taking a loud proud pro legalisation stand

    • Actually about 2-3yrs ago the young nats did a group survey and nearly all were pro legalisation. You will find most current labour and many nats too in favour too but they are harmstrung from the top down. Yes, harmstrung…

  7. OMG of course stoners are gonna vote pro legalize, do we enjoy a raid and a beating?, only those in it for a long time are that perverse (40+) we say nothing because its lose lose for us to speak up, they are still Raiding pot heads and after the election the Stasi will have a new list.
    After they finish rounding up FB posters encouraging Lock down Protesters of course

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