More evidence that Billy TK is a dishonest conspiracy theorist 


The more scrutiny that is applied to conspiracy theorist Billy TK, the more you appreciate how delusional his followers really are…

Advance NZ co-leader Billy Te Kahikas Jr’s claim military has ‘powers similar to that of a constable’ fact-checked as false

Advance NZ co-leader Billy Te Kahika Jr has been called out for “false” claims he made that the military has been given powers similar to a police constable in New Zealand’s COVID-19 managed isolation facilities.

…he’s lying about the actual powers the NZDF have when asked to help out during the pandemic and is instead selling it as a military coup.

He’s lying about the impact of 5G in spreading the virus.

He’s lying about forcing NZers to have a Covid vaccine.

He’s also lying about the impact of fluoridation in water, vaccines in general and his ridiculous allegation that an international assassin was sent to NZ to kill him.

His continued online support is generated from people who only source their news from Facebook. He has manipulated the legitimate fear people have during this pandemic and turned it into political gain for himself and Jami-Lee Ross.

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Billy TK is a product of our ignorance and online generated fear.

All that said, his wasted vote will be recycled to Labour under MMP, so keep supporting this clown to ensure Jacinda wins.

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  1. Fucken radiowaves operate under entirely different fucken principles to that of fucken radiation you fucken idiots. Fucken radiation is produced by heavy elements at the bottom of the periodic table, fuck?

    and radio waves are produced more to the top of the periodic table.

    There is some weird universe that uses heavy elements as a means to signal each other but not this fucken universe.

  2. @Sam, not really. Radio waves are just photons oscillating within a particular frequency range, same as visible light is just photons but a different frequency range. Radio waves don’t require decay of elements. Radiation is also typically of two types – ionising ( and non-ionising (essentially harmless). Gamma rays and X-rays are a form of very destructive radiation, but themselves are also photons just at extremely high frequencies that carry a lot of energy that damages cells. Other common forms of radiation include Beta radiation, from decay of elements (see, Alpha radiation, from helium nuclei (see

    • 5G wavelengths are set on a per nation basis, so that’d be more a national thing than the basic building blocks of physics.

  3. It’s amusing he believes himself so relevant, foreign powers would dispatch an international assassin to silence him. He’s either genuinely demented or is using his platform for self-aggrandisement purposes in the same way ‘Bishop’ Tamaki does. Also, it’s legitimately depressing to see the level of slack-jawed stupidity on display in this country right now — both from Billy TK’s glassy-eyed minions, and ‘business interests’ who seem prepared to throw everyone under the bus so they can get their precious economy moving again. The current government has fumbled a few things, no question, but we’re a damn sight better off under JA than we’d be under the sociopathic auspices of ‘The Bride of Chucky’.

  4. This is not evidence. It’s lies & hate . All these serpents have.1 Military are operating.’similar to police’.2. He never claimed 5g spreads the virus.on & on.Advance NZ has 2 million registered members.All your energy spent slandering him exposes you .Shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Two million registered members should give Advance NZ an over 50% majority on election day so I guess we are in for a change of government by your reckoning. I think all candidates bar one have no governmental experience, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the reality of governing hits home. The reality is Advance NZ don’t even feature in the polls my delusional friend.

  5. While I agree entirely with the article – you actually haven’t provided evidence. You’ve just made statements. That said, Billy TK is leading a lot of people down a nasty rabbit hole of ignorance and insanity.

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