TwitterWatch: So Judith Collins is the reasonable one???


Wait, WHAT?

Judith Collins responds to criticism of husband David Wong-Tung’s anti-Jacinda Ardern social media posts

National Party leader Judith Collins has responded to criticism of her husband David Wong-Tung sharing anti-Jacinda Ardern memes on social medial, saying it’s not something she would do. 

“We’ve been together for 41 years. I’ve never been able to get him to do anything I tell him to do so,” Collins said on Monday. “I’ve just said to him, well it’s not something I would do, but he’s an adult and he makes his own decisions.”

So Judith is the reasonable one?

Jesus wept!

Look, David Wong-Tung has every right to post whatever he likes within the law, this is a liberal progressive democracy and Clarke isn’t shy about getting political in his social media feed either.

So Wong-Tung posting isn’t the issue.

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The issue is that it’s really, really, really, really questionable why the Christ an old man like Wong-Tung is shit posting 4Chan jnr memes!

I mean, he’s 64years old and he’s shit posting?

How much of an immature arsehole must you be to be pulling stunts like this?

Does he graduate to pet kidnappings in his 70s or calling ZB Talkback as Merv?

Faster than you can say ‘Kauri-swamp-logs-Oravida’, David has helped remind us all that replacing Jacinda with Judith wouldn’t be the only trauma of National winning in October, we would gain a childish octogenarian as the First Gentleman as well.


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  1. We don’t need to speak to therapists on twitter when we are all addicted to “never stop.” Don’t stop keeping it moving is the narrative. You move, then I move, then you move and then we all move forever.

  2. Its the old bad cop good cop game but at 64 he’d be a sexagenarian not an octogenarian. The mind boggles and shudders and goes ugghh!

  3. Really? Is this really a news story? And you wonder why there is a reasonable chance Trump will get a second term……..

    • If Trump gets a second term it’ll be because he cheated. And lied. And suppressed the vote. And sabotaged the US Postal Service. And possibly incited riots. It won’t be because he’s in any way a viable candidate for President. Also, some of the slack-jawed racist dullards over there would vote for a balloon with a smiley face drawn on it if you told them it was going to stop nasty Mexican rapists from swarming over the border wall. Dumb people make dumb decisions. Because they’re dumb. And there’s not a lot you can do to prevent that in a representative democracy.

        • There is a difference between everyone getting a vote & all votes being equal as the systems in NZ & the USA have shown. With MMP we get a parliament that is a fair representation of the party vote (you could question the governments formed from that vote though) while the USA has the electoral college which allowed Trump to receive less votes than Clinton yet still win, we had the same situation under FPP at times.

        • Frank, Trump’s creating a dictatorship and it has nothing to do with democracy.

          You only have to see the news with Trump’s brown shirt thugs’ caravans riding into Portland, shooting up the sheriff. Classic “Kristallnacht” in America.

          Judith needs something similar, here in NZ, to smash the glass ceiling that Jacinda is looking down at Judith through. It’s the only way for Judith to win. ‘Cept the glass ceiling Judith is looking up at, is like the glass on the elevator floor of the Skytower.

          Ruined stock exchange? Media cyber attack? Dutiful husband meme, with all Judith’s ‘Basic Instincts’ showing, in all their dirty politics glory…

          eeeuuuuggghhhh!! Pass me a mental corkscrew.

          That image was enough to make my eyebrows flick up past my forehead, over my forward fontanelle, and rest just past my back fontanelle.

          I’m gonna have nightmares.

          But so are Judith and David “Kristallnacht” Wong-Tung

  4. “Man posts meme about opposing politician, triggers faithful, makes headlines.”

    Meanwhile: covid, civil unrest, global warming and the rise of China.

    • Keep…carry on – The thing here is not a man posting about a politician. Men – or approximations of – post many things.

      Here the man – or approximation of – is the husband of the Leader of the Opposition, posting very peculiarly about the woman Prime Minister of New Zealand.

      Gentlemen – well raised men – do not sink to this level, but from what his own wife says, the old fellow seems of control, and always has been.

      Tacky Tacky too much milk drinkee.

      • “Important message”

        If you’re the Prime Minister, please allow for an easy pathway for Oravida and Kauri Swamp logs through our Border. See you toninight, love you sweetheart”


  5. Some of the old gNatz …. the “old school” ones ….. must really be tearing their hair out by now.
    What I can’t understand is why they’re not speaking up. It’s all a bit Republican-Trump-like.
    The only explanation I can come up with so far is that they’ve become so doddery they’re past it, OR they’re bald and have nothing left to tear out, OR they realise the Nats really are a lost cause.
    Won’t be long before they become a party of one …. called the Wayne Party maybe, with an enterage of sHersons and (john) thomases, and a number of other clippet tickers looking for an earn on Red Radio or what’s left of The Nation.
    You can understand why a mildy intelligent smiling assassin with the cunning of a shit-house rat did a runner when he did.

  6. Having said that, the SULK meme is bang on though…she puts on that look when she is challenged.

  7. I’ve got a good reason for having time to read daily blog. I haven’t been back to work since covid 19 struck. I’m lucky though, I’m still being paid by my employer, but at least I have an excuse..unlike some other dimwits like frank the loser..whom has plenty of time to while away at the keyboard ha ha..just my opinion that’s all..

    • Didn’t Jacinda herself say she was a big fan of some nobody rapper who “sung” about rapping John Key’s daughter?

  8. Grow up champ. Clarke Gayford has has plenty of years to learn from your rule too. You are being a tad ageist and hypocritical.

  9. National are hell-bent on demeaning themselves to the level school-yard bullies having temper tantrums. It’s juvenile and childish but then such behaviour is rampant through-out the NZ National Party, its supporters(even those in the mainstream NZ Media)and of course amongst its very MPs and probably spouses.
    To me now every time National MPs, their spouses and even their supporters in the mainstream NZ media make stupid comments I look upon them as imbeciles. They do not merit attention, respect or trust. Their actions to date and shown they are just a nasty bunch of people who just hate anyone that questions them indepth.
    If National thinks the best way to gain votes is by insulting others eg those NZers who protested again say the TPPA of many years ago then they will never ever deserve a vote from me.
    NZ deserves politicians who LISTEN and that is something National MPs lack alot of. NZ deserves representatives to the world who don’t make stupid comments like John Key did at a Show by claiming unless like the rest of the world NZers love America.
    NZers deserve a damn sight more than what National and its MPs have been doing for the past 40 plus years.
    But lets realise National don’t really have much going for it. It’s a party that will probably cease to exist except be an unpleasant memory of how badly one lot of politicians and their supporters of the NZ National Party demeaned themselves to just for purpose of Shrillish(as Jason Wall sounded in a press conference recently)and stupid Upmanship.
    The world h as changed but the NZ National Party haven’t noticed that. They have been ‘too busy’ feathering their OWN nest and probably Double Dipping more so than ever before.

  10. Just when you think The Left couldn’t get any more pathetic… they up and surprise you. Communications Barbie can look after herself.

    • Quite right Orangemanbad and just when you think The Right couldn’t get any more pathetic…they up and surprise you. Corrupt Collins doesn’t need her knight in shining armour to protect her, she has Whailoil to do that..oops!

    • He is not even an octogenarian, and I assume Martyn was indulging in one of his wildly imaginative figures of speech.
      Sexagenarian may have been what Martyn meant? Martyn needs to get a good proof-reader.

      • 64 now and after a three years term he would be 67.
        But school Maths programs are not well implemented and the past years would appear to be no exception.
        Unless you mean Sexa-generian with Crusha – deranged?
        Probably not as he won’t do what she asks him to do. – Sanity?

  11. The real story here is that of the significant vested interests of the Wong-Tung family, how they would benefit financially (at the expense of others in Aotearoa) if they came to power.

    If only AO/ NZ had even one true investigative journalist.

    • Kheala – You’re probably right here, this was my initial reaction to Collins’s husband proactively slamming against PM Ardern, and happy to look like a misogynist- or Freudian old creep like Key and his pony- tail fixation.

      After one of her previous Dirty Politics troubles, Judith Collins was pictured and published saying how grateful she was to her husband, for his support etc. Now this same woman is saying that Mr Wong-Tung has always done his own thing and pays no heed to her. Which is it ?

      Further, there is no way that the National Party, or New Zealand, should risk being lead by someone who now looks as if she has an out of control husband publicly shooting his mouth off to suit himself.

      Further, the hungry under-employed can be unpredictable and dumb: The devil makes work for idle hands.

  12. “A threesome in dirty politics”, a play in one act, by JC, DC, CS.

    The setting:
    It’s the bedroom of National Party would-be PM and her husband who will will call Davie T. A nicotine-stained, dingy “Show me the Dirty Politics Money” sign hangs above the marital bed 29.08.2020. Three ducks, of various sizes, fly predictably towards the right-hand corner of the ceiling. “Mack the Knife” by Bobby Darin plays quietly moody, behind an autographed limited edition re-run recording of ‘Hosking’s Greatest Hits Compilation CD’. An effigy of Helen Clark embraces a Cindy Doll with a Jacinda Ardern’s face glued on. On the lowboy, two dolls acupuncture needles sticking out of their backs, glinting in the tea-lights

    CS 11.47pm, ‘Cindy-memes’ emails generated and attached as requested Judith, no need to thank me with a knighthood. 😉
    Judith “Fuck off CS and don’t email meet 11.46 to my privvy email, you Jabba the fucking Hutt!!”

    No reply from CS, none needed….

    Later …..
    Judith is in bed, massaging her eyebrows (tough day of joking and japing around).

    “Funny, jokey day, at the office today dearest,” says David, David Wong-Tung 000-888 (as coquettishly as a rugby-playing cop can flirt).

    She glares across the bed at him. “What? Just post the fucking thing. And no matter what, don’t talk to the fucking media, I’ll handle the media!”

    David Wong-Tung leans over, pecks her on the jowl and looks at her admiringly, He hits send?

    “Just post the fucking thing David! I’m sick of sending emails out to Nat numb-nuts in the party, we’ve lost enough National already. Pussy sissies who can’t keep a confidence, I’m not gonna email out this whale-generated ambergris shit to anyone but you, lover!”

    The playwright suppressed vomit at having witnessed this courtship ritual

    “And what if the media attacks me for these memes Jude…… …pause dearest?”

    She raises, her eyebrows at him.
    “Just let me deal with those media wimps. I’ll tell them you’ve got more balls than me!. Hoskings, Richardson and Garner will lap that shit up, plus, it will imply I have a heart – to a point.”

    “What if John Campbell wants me on Breakfast for an interview?”

    ” Let me deal to Campbell, Davie dearest! I’ll just do what Key did to him and sack the bastard”

    ‘ I love your balls Judith!” said David
    “Me too!” said Judith
    “Me too!” said CS

    Awkward tension

    “Night Judith!”
    “Night Davie!”
    “Nightie night CS!”

    Awkward three way silence….

    The end.

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