Media Watch: I don’t know Jase, I think NZers will be more pissed the former Opposition leaders jogging buddy is spinning 

Herald 'Journalist' Jason Wells out jogging with some mates.

Really Jase?

Really love?

NZers are going to be piss off are they?

Comment: New Zealanders have every right to be ‘incredibly angry’ at the Government over incorrect Covid messaging


Are they going to be pissed at the Government or do you think they’ll get pissed at you, the Former Opposition Leader’s jogging buddy running with a story that wasn’t  confirmed by the Government?

Yes there was clearly a fuck up here with a social media message that was wrong, but it was the NZ Herald who screamed fire here without confirming the story.

The rest of the media were contacted and told the Herald story was wrong.

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The NZ Herald doesn’t have a good reputation for fact checking their stories, remember when they sent in a fake journalist to smear the waitress who John Key was touching?

The NZ Herald were the ones who were wrong here and the childish manner in which this ‘journalist’  is operating is more Mike Hosking than it is Nicky Hager.


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  1. Yawn.

    Can you just accept continued government incompetence and move on rather than blaming the media.

    In fact should we put Stoner Tywford on border patrol and be done with it.

    • Yawn Frank you can’t see the conflict because your eyes are smeared blue. Back to the article young Frankie . Do you think Corrupt Collins or Buffet Gerry would do better at the border given one has dodgy dealings at the border and the other likes to barge his way through them.

      • 100% Bertie they would do a better job because at the first sign of a fuck up Judith would have chopped off St Ash’s balls and fed it to him for afternoon tea. Likewise Key, English and Clark. Its called accountability – this government has none and has never had any.

        Realistically the border control is going that bad we might as well give it to Kelvin or Stoner Twyford. I mean they couldn’t do worse.

        • Frank, I am disheartened by the constant screw-ups as well. But I don’t know that in this instance it is government incompetence. Public service incompetence more likely. And I don’t see that this particular issue is as grave as the media is making it out to be. It feels like they’re quick to jump any anything slightly negative but nobody wants to take a step back and say hey, we’re actually doing really well in the grand scheme of things. We’ve had some of the lightest and shortest lockdowns of all countries trying to contain the disease, and we’ve beaten it once and are on course to beat it again. Nobody seems to want to give this perspective, only pile in on any minor snag.

          • If there had been some humbleness and acceptance that geographic characteristics were as much to do with our initial success then there would be some leeway. Buuuuut there wasn’t – Labour strategists and Jacinda milked this for all it was and in a blatant political play positioned an emotional responses to a crisis that requires objective reasoning. The cult of St Jacinda and Ash was born.

            So they deserve all the brickbats they deserve. Border control once covid19 was eliminated was by a fair margin the most important task for the government had – and they have stuffed that. To blame this on the bureaucracy is blatant finger pointing and naval gazing. Point is they set the ‘rules’ of the game – if the bureaucracy don’t follow them then heads need to go on pikes. That they haven’t suggests more questions than answers.

  2. Well well – here is national Party back again with more “dirty politics again with no surprises as they have no meaningful policies but toxic plans, so they cover up with sending out false messages as usual.

  3. National please leak this;

    CEAC Calls Govt’ To Test, Test Test, Again On Fighting COVID 19 Outbreak
    Monday, 31 August 2020, 10:41 am
    Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre
    Back in March 17th 2020 – WHO (world health Organisation) warned the global community test, test, test, everyone suspected of COVID 19 virus infections, today our senior epidemiologist James Baker advised his caution again, and we agree to go careful slowly and use mandatory face masks everywhere now to lower the spread, before opening up the whole country without all controls and to test multiple times not just once or twice.
    James Baker has warned us as several others have that some infections of Covid 19 are reaching the other parts of the body, such as the lungs rather than remaining in the throat, so he confirms that multiple sampling for the virus is advised if any symptoms are returning of an infections have yet to complete full testing of anyone in very close contact with the public.
    We at CEAC call for Ministry of Health to test, test, test as was advised back on March 17th as low figures were only done to date.
    Wuhan (where the virus came from) is a city of 11 million and finally was mass tested of all citizens over 10 days to stamp out the virus and finally now last week they celebrated a virus free city again.
    “Kiwi’s can do this” can’t we?.
    Media is awash with suggestions we all open up the economy now but; CEAC say’s let’s do the whole job properly by testing the whole population as Wuhan did to rid the virus.
    So until this is done we will again spread this COVID 19 virus if we wrongly just open up the economy and our borders and the regions.
    Until Government complete the clear directions from the World Health Organisation recommendations to test, test, test, to fight COVID 19 with all the controls we need to isolate any spreading of the COVID 19 virus by anyone not yet tested for the infection, we will kill our last chance to win the fight, and we will all suffer and flounder.
    Simple isn’t it, when we do testing of all citizens and travellers we will have control over this virus.
    • We again ask Government to begin testing all the active citizens in our community firstly to see where this COVID 19 virus is hiding by the use two separate test procedures; recommended as the gold standard.
    • As CEAC has said before; the test statistics must now be incorporated with the current ‘swab test’ and now with – “the antibody test (also called a serology test.) which confirm all who developed immunity to Covid 19 before the virus leads to death.
    We at CEAC have been for many months requesting NZ Ministry of Health expand our COVID 19 testing to all citizens, and this includes all rest home workers and residents, to capture all these lost statistics in our pandemic, but the Ministry is so far not planning to include rest home workers to align us to the UK model of data collection.
    • Elderly are now most venerable and are dying in NZ now without being diagnosed if, they previously had or still have Covid 19 that is the cause of death by using two testing protocols explained below.
    • UK are claiming that early diagnosis and treatment give patients a better chance of survival.
    • So clearly we not finding all the complete more accurate data and are running without adequate accurate data on this Covid 19 pandemic to save lives.
    • As CEAC has said before; the statistics must incorporate with the current ‘swab test’- “the antibody test (also called a serology test.) which confirm all who developed immunity to Covid 19 before death.
    • We need to know who has actually developed immunity to the virus.
    • We do not have these tools at present in the test protocol
    • NZ Ministry of health is using only the nasal or throat swab test, which can ‘migrate’ from the nasal or throat in a few days we are being advised.
    • The current ‘nasal throat Swab’ coronavirus test look for the virus’ genetic material in a sample of mucus, which is usually collected by a nasal or throat swab administered by a health care worker. and only diagnose a current infection.
    • Whereas the antibody test (also called a serology test.) finds who develops immunity to Covid 19.
    • It signifies that the person has been exposed to the virus long enough that their immune system has been responding to it- which is the real gold standard now being used.
    • Ministry of Health must incorporate with the current ‘swab test’- “the antibody test (also called a serology test.) which confirm all who develop immunity to Covid 19, to save citizens lives and avoid false negative throat nasal swab tests.
    • Conduct full Covid 19 testing of all our citizens firstly and complete a full assessment of solid robust controlled ‘track & tracing’ of the Covid 19.
    • We must have mass testing of all our whole community firstly to have a solid ‘robust tracing process’ to fight Covid 19.
    Do this right. – We are all in this together.

    Thank you for your attention; – we ask for your action to this issue of citizens concerns.

  4. I agree there was a stuff-up. The message was wrong, and the government certainly should have been able to correct it quicker than they did. However, I don’t believe the response from the herald was proportionate to the scale of the error. In the grand scheme of things it was a minor mistake, the result of which didn’t really have any detrimental effects. In fact, given the likely trouble the government might have enticing asymptomatic people to volunteer to get tested, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to capitalise on their error and leave the ad up longer to get a few asymptomatic tests through. It would suck for the people who wasted some of their Sunday queuing unnecessarily but think of it as them taking one for the team. The data from those extra tests will be valuable for determining asymptomatic background infection in the community. Of course there is no mention of any upsides in the press.

    So I’ve got to say, by the time Jason asked the same question for the 5th time I was ready to scream at my TV for him to shut the F up and move on. It was a mistake, we get it. You’re not going to win a pulitzer for going any deeper into an incorrect facebook ad. Crikey, he seemed more excited in this story than he did over the border testing fiasco. It’s well past time for some much needed perspective from the press.

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