Did the Greens actually think they were getting Jedi at this Private Harry Potter Environmental Academy?

The Green Party Jedi Academy resembles the Ewok village from the Moon of Endor.

Oh Jesus, that Private Harry Potter Environmental Academy the Greens funded just gets better and better doesn’t it – a crystal garden?

Couple who called COVID-19 ‘manufactured natural disaster’ held ‘DNA activation’ event at Green School

Newshub can reveal the Green School which received nearly $12 million in Government funding hosted a ‘sacred ceremony’ run by a school parent who believes COVID-19 is a manufactured natural disaster.

Did the Greens actually think they were getting Jedi at this Private Harry Potter Environmental Academy?

I love that it has cocooned class rooms that look like the Ewok village from Endor.

For years the Greens have desperately attempted to shake the wacky holistic Gaia worship midnight garden dancing image to be seen as responsible, but this Wizarding Academy fiasco has managed to tie them to the Maypole.

I think Chloe winning Auckland Central is rapidly becoming the only way the Greens get back into Parliament.

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  1. The current Green Party is a bunch of ‘young idealists’ mostly and they need to grow up and be real about the “big picture” we are all faced with here.

    This private school project on the surface feels ‘warm and fuzzy’ but underneath it’s just a plan to make money from the environmental issues that face us.

    But we would do better to fund everyone to have a small garden to grow their own food as our forefathers did before the 1960’s as an elder I recall being given a job to weed the large garden at the backyard of the state house in Napier and that garden fed six in our family every year that I grew up on the properly.

    That’s real home grown environmentalism.

    • Ditto. I had my own lawn to mow, and edges to clip at primary school. My own small vegetable garden.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. All state houses should be planted out with fruit trees.

      We lead the world with overweight problems (amongst other bad things) and all it’s concomitant health issues, but won’t provide simple healthy aids like fruit trees for the poor and diet challenged. Possibly because there’s no money in them for the friends of the rich.

    • I simply don’t agree with that comment:
      it’s just a plan to make money from the environmental issues that face us.

      It is in fact an excellent school but you need dosh to go there that is my objection to it.

      I have several grandchildren who would really benefit from this type of education frankly

      The one size fits all system we have does okay for some but why fit a square peg into a round hole. We should have alternative types of education and I note that there are an increasing number of schools popping up that have more of an outdoor focus which is great.

      If Steiner can get funding surely we can have more alternative schools.

  2. It’s why I think you are off thinking Billy TK appeals to the right wing: there are a bunch of well-healed anti vax Gaia worshipers they will drag off the greens.

  3. It’s true. They did plant crystals ! And here am I growing kale and beans and hoping to get the tomatoes in before Labour weekend…

    Suddenly, Gareth Hughes seeking to domicile on an uninhabited island in Otago Harbour, seems to be the most reasonable reaction to his valiant immersion in the N Z Greens, and I wish him all the best.

  4. Not only should this school not have gotten taxpayer funds,it shouldn’t be able to fuck up the minds of you impressionable New Zealand children.
    This shows just how fucking insane and corrupt the greens are, but you still want them in parliament???
    If national did this,you would be baying for their blood just as loudly as I would.
    But the greens do it and all you can do is cross fingers that they still make it back to parliament.

    • If National did it?????? Simon Bridges sister taught creationist science at a taxpayer funded Christian school. That’s state funded anti Darwinism.folks,same wacko shit just a different bucket!!
      I have a daughter in law who was home schooled in a Christian cult who is so ignorant of basic human biology she doesn’t practise contraception because it’s “the work of the devil”And this in the 21st century.
      We are truly fucked!

      • Indeed, but his sister isn’t in parliament and her crack pot school presumably didn’t receive $12 million in tax payer funds.
        However I agree that all forms of religion should be kept the fuck away from school, whether they are public or private.
        And let’s be clear, the sort of conservation they teach at the school in taranaki is every bit the crack pot religion as all the rest.

    • Jays. What Bill English did labelling young New Zealand males useless druggies, was a thousand times more destructive than the Greens playing Hans Christian Anderson.

      Bill Christian English enabled importing and exploiting foreign workers to effectively keep our guys out of jobs, keep wages down, and both groups living depressing lives.

      • I’m sorry but I sick to death of sycophants like you defending people by saying at least they aren’t as bad as National.
        What precisely does that have to do with it?
        They are better than Pol Pot too, does that make their behavior ok?
        The Greens are an utter disgrace and deserve to be flushed from parliament where they can face the prospect of getting real jobs.
        Just for once I’d like Martyn and the rest of you to measure the government based on their performance rather than how bad the other lot are.

        • @Jays. The crucial thing here is that planet earth is melting, and we need a
          Green Party. The current bunch calling themselves green, contains too many individuals who may have lost sight of their mandate – and that’s putting it kindly.

          One or two, or more, seem to be as egotistical and sociopathic as the neoliberals who have trampled on this country and its people for their own selfish ends.

          Nevertheless, in spite of the fruit jobs in Parliament, there are genuine environmentalists, and non-racists, and people with social conscience, who will support the Greens, and it’s up to the party membership to clean up the party, or see it sink into the litter bins where some belong. This is their last chance to shape up.

          They may not deserve to be given that chance, but, unfortunately, at this moment in time, the alternatives are no better.

  5. Well. there are those who are of the opinion that COVID-19 originated in Fort Detrick, USA, NOT Wuhan, CHINA. Made by MAN – not a pangolin.

    • Andrew. Perhaps you should suspend judgment here until you see how all these things come together.

      How about getting your mum’s crystal necklace, and burying it. I wouldn’t ask her – surprise her – and yourself- with what grows up along the track.Lie down above your pretty interment and feel the vibes under a. full moon.

      If your mother has no crystal necklace, your nana almost certainly has those lovely vintage earrings WW’s sold for decades, with crystalline stones in gorgeous colours. You could make a bit of dosh if you can get them to breed, they’re high fashion for goths and drunk first year students.

      Lastly, how about burying a few crystal glasses ? Grow your own Christmas presents. Waterford crystal is top stuff – but don’t turn your nose up at Czechoslovakian crystal, even if it’s hard to spell, it has its own distinctive idiosyncratic patterns, especially the really old pieces that arrived here post WW2, carrying their own histories. You can restart history.

      You don’t need to run around saying cunt – in fact say as little as possible as correct anatomical terms can sound worse than their socially unacceptable replacements, just make sure you tell everyone you meet that you are not a rapist and always say,”No” to drugs.

    • ” Latest Roy Morgan poll, to end August, has the Green share of the party vote at 11.5% ”
      That’s because National voters suddenly realise James Shaw was one of them all along…a blue green.

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