FFS – Are we or are we not under ATTACK!!!


Where the fuck is the GCSB???

NZX down for third day in a row, following another cyber attack

The New Zealand stock exchange website is down again and trading remains in a halt, after a likely cyber attack took it down about 11am for the third day in a row.

Remember when Key passed all that mass surveillance law misusing urgency and bribing Peter Dunne???

Remember how all that new power was going to act like a giant security blanket that would protect Cyber NZ?

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Remember how Key promised us all that it wasn’t really mass surveillance powers (yes it was) it was actually a giant Norton Virus programme?

Ok, so it’s a fucking giant Norton Virus protection programme – SO WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THE NZX???

Brothers and sisters, I’m screaming because for 3 days the NZ stock exchange has been shut down because of foreign cyber attacks.

So, where is the GCSB to tell us if we are, or if we are not UNDER ATTACK FROM A FOREIGN STATE???

The journalism around this so far has been bewilderingly woeful – every question to Jacinda today must be…

“Prime Minister is NZ under cyber attack from a foreign state agent”

…that our stock market has been knocked off line is astounding, but not once, not twice BUT 3 FUCKING TIMES???

This is a crucial part of our economic sovereignty – this would be like preventing Parliament from sitting – Parliament is fucking supreme NOTHING stops Parliament. As the Speaker approaches the Chamber, his Man at Arms can knock anyone over to ensure the Speaker reaches the Chamber.

We have our Stock Exchange, the very muscle of our economic sovereignty, blocked from working, this is an attack on our Financial system and to date no one seems to know what the fuck is going on.







The GCSB look like they have been caught fast asleep at the wheel again, just like they were when the White Supremacist Terrorist plotted his atrocity in NZ for 2 years without them noticing.

It’s a simple question folks – are we, or are we not at war with another country?


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  1. oh, wait for the full entropy friend of wite collar criminals and property investors (poor little mum and dad investors)…

  2. It’s astonishing that elements of GCSB do not carry out ritual seppuku. Families are in trouble and it’s showing up in all kinds of ways. The government can keep incomes up simply with debt but the asset inflation of course cant last. Directly in front of us is the collapse of the housing bubble and debt in general which amazingly, almost no one can see. We are in deep trouble and GCSB capabilities and responses are only one aspect of how deeply in trouble we all are. For awhile we on the left was being called envious of the wealth and now the wealth is officially over.

    • Dear Americold,
      Please accept these free germicidal lozenges for you to sample.
      Best regards, the orange avenger.
      PS, and if my corona prezzy fails, I’ll next unleash secret service hackers against your stock exchange.
      Expect increasing hostilities until I change your govt. It’ll be Big Norm all over again. Maga 4ever. Hashtag out.

      • It’s the worst sparing white belts. They always take offence and only a few make it past yellow belt so not really worth the effort.

  3. https://thespinoff.co.nz/business/26-08-2020/new-zealands-stock-exchange-may-be-under-attack-from-russian-cyber-gangs/

    Here’s the GCSB: “Both the GCSB’s National Cyber Security Centre and Crown cyber security agency Cert NZ said they don’t general comment on specific cases so couldn’t provide details of who the culprits may be.”

    The attribution to Fancy Bear is loose at best so far. DDoS attacks can be issued by anyone on the planet, so just because the traffic itself came “from offshore” means nothing: the perpetrator(s) could be anywhere.

    DDoS attacks are roughly 20 years old and are primitive attacks. Mitigations are well-known, but NZX (like so many others) prefer to spend as little as possible on cybersecurity defences and only take it seriously when it’s too late.

  4. Sadly in NZ our low wages and discrimination to anybody who is qualified and experienced has led to our brain drain and thus when things go wrong, they don’t know what to do!

    IT companies in NZ and overseas, routinely just put in the cheapest body and charge the highest amount for it. So the profit is not about ability of candidates and staff but about gaining the highest margins for the lowest wages they can find. People charging low wages tend to have some issues, which is why they charge less… and often NZ’s poor management of get em in cheap or go for a brand name who will do their work for them, causes the most issues….

    Police confirm privacy breach on gun buy-back site, SAP apologises

    Treasury hacking: The time I hacked WINZ – Keith Ng

    Incompetent management led the charge!

    Treasury boss Gabriel Makhlouf’s actions not reasonable over Budget ‘hack’ – SCC report

    One of the leading recruitment IT sites in NZ, still has the top wage rates in their programme that they had a decade ago…. forcing many professionals to leave NZ and earn outside of the NZ pay peanuts culture (NZ only likes to pay overseas rates for seriously bad CEO’s that seem to plague NZ).

    At the end of the day, NZ can’t even hire a qualified CTO for government – possibly using a marketing recruitment company relying on he best video presentations for a person with no IT qualifications and was from a marketing background but watched Star trek, was not a good idea!

    With more foreign agents using IT for foreign attacks and intelligence, NZ is probably more interested in following a process, than actually creating systems that work for NZ.

    NZ government seems to rely on other nations to do everything for them. Funny enough, might not be working that well for NZ as surprise, surprise, other countries actually have their own problems and are not gonna be bailing NZ out before themselves and may use NZ to make more money and power for themselves.

    If the NZX network is down repeatedly then clearly they don’t have the right staff or contractors doing their jobs, most probably because NZX management is too incompetent to hire the right people who are qualified and experienced in their jobs and managed by people who are technically qualified and experienced in their jobs.

    • This is a major problem for we NZs I think. I agree with you savenz with this: (NZ only likes to pay overseas rates for seriously bad CEO’s that seem to plague NZ).

  5. Covid is another example of why the government can’t do IT.

    Relying on policy rather than practicality from Ministry of Health is clearly a mistake… The NZ ministries are full of networkers and nepotism, not people excellent at their jobs, known for getting real stuff done. Successful IT, is a lot more than managers and developers.

    Covid App is crap, built by the ministry of health and extremely basic, a laughing stock of industry.

    Covid card another stupid attempt that seems unrealistic, ignores the people component aka how many people are going to walk around with it around their neck, and battery life.

    NZ also seemed to rely on big names to do their ‘data’ for them aka Google rather than having policy and teams in place ready to go and know what they are doing… then not knowing that data from phones is reliant on users security settings so will never be accurate.

    We live in a country, that could do so much better and doesn’t even know how to attempt to do better.

  6. Definitely, what the fuck is going on? Martyn.

    But I think you have some misunderstanding of the NZX.

    ‘our stock market’

    No, it’s not really ours. It is a small component of an international Ponzi scheme, a kind of casino, which allows fiat currencies to jump across borders, from nation to nation, allowing speculators and exploiters to make short-term gains. Buying on a ‘low’, jerking up the prices of shares, and then selling them a moment or two later, usually via ultra-fast computer systems linked directly to the so-called exchanges -otherwise known as high-frequency trading.

    In the case of Wall Street, he/she who has the fastest computer linked the shortest distance via the fastest optical fibre wins. Milliseconds matter in such scenarios.

    Then there is the share buy-back scam, whereby money ‘printed’ into existence by central banks rapidly finds it way into the accounts of corporations, which use the money to buy their own shares, thus pushing up ‘valuations’ and using those ‘valuations’ to justify bonuses for high-ranking executives.

    Also of interest is the fact that ‘the Dow’ removes companies that don’t perform well and replaces them with companies that [superficially] are doing well. Thus Exon (not long ago one of the biggest companies in the world) is gone but Tesla (which manufactures about 0.01% of global vehicle production and is yet to make any profit) is in.

    Thus, even as large sectors of the US economy implode, even as Covid-19 continues to rage across America, even as Laura causes unprecedented damage, ‘the markets’ climb towards the pre-Covid peak, perhaps to surpass it soon:

    Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI)
    DJI – DJI Real Time Price. Currency in USD

    28,492.27+160.35 (+0.57%) At close: 4:20PM EDT


    It’s all smoke and mirrors. It has been for a long time but is increasingly so these days. And it that’s not a bubble about to burst, I don’t know what is.

    It’s much the same with the currency markets, which are jigged up and down by the hour, if not by the second.

    So, if there is ‘an attack’, one has to wonder cui bono:

    ‘Cui bono? (/kwiː ˈboʊnoʊ/), in English “to whom is it a benefit?”, is a Latin phrase about identifying crime suspects. It expresses the view that crimes are often committed to benefit their perpetrators, especially financially. Which party benefits may not be obvious, and there may be a scapegoat.’


  7. We all already all know it is China. BTW, New Zealand is so dependent on China now for export (= wealth generation for NZers) that we can’t be seen to be criticising them in any way, hence the crickets from both the media and parliament. New Zealand effectively ceded it’s sovereignty the moment Auntie Helen signed an FTA with China.

    • +100 Nitrium…we would be naive to think it wasnt China!… given its recent hostility and massive cyber attacks on Australia …and Chinese the hostility in the South China Sea

      ( maybe they are trying to blackmail the NZ Government, as they have been with the Australian Government)


      NZ has massive assets for China given our proximity to Antarctica and our extensive coastal fishing grounds and extensive exclusive ocean zone

      (Maybe we should pay to get Mr Kim Dotcom on the case to defend New Zealand!)

      • You can win a game of chess just by advancing a pawn if you can tie up your opponent with grand schemes involving knights and rooks somewhere else on the board.

    • If it was China, TV1 and Radio NZ would be singing it from the rafters. Try thinking about who might want NZ’s economy on the rocks at a time when we are doing quite well thank you. Who wants everyone in the world to be vaccinated. Who prints money and gives it to the billionaire class while decimating the middle class in their own country.
      Who does not need some smart arsed little country in the South Pacific demonstrating that Coronavirus can be beaten with out the help of big Pharma.

  8. The most likely nations to perform a cyber attack on New Zealand would have to be the United States and Israel, two cheeks of the same backside when it comes to spying and cyber wars. They are the only countries who could have a motive in destabilising New Zealand with a cyber attack, due to us having a comparatively progressive government. There’s no reason in the world that China, Russia, Iran or any other country in the world want to do a cyber attack on the NZ sharemarket. This would explain why the GCSB “doesn’t know” what is going on.

    • Interesting thinking esoteric pineapples. I read recently something like – Your opposition gives you a fight, but your real enemies come from those appearing to be your own side. History shows us that there may be truth in this. Mike Moore said it? Not sure, but he would know of the difficulties of deciding sides.

      • So called fifth columnists, supposedly from the Spanish civil war, in which Franco had four columns of troops marching on Madrid, and another ‘column’ in Madrid, undermining the efforts of the defenders.


        I have forgotten who said it; the quote goes something like this: The defence from an enemy that attacks from without is a simple matter compared to the defence from an enemy that attacks from within.

        Saboteurs and traitors are not hard to find in NZ -the place is riddled with them- but dealing with them is.

        • Many Kiwis see the stock market as a tool of capitalism where insider
          traders and gamblers coin money without earning it.

          The stock market produces nothing

          Most Kiwis had normal days unaffected by the stock market shut down.

  9. Kiwis with money to invest, take note. If want a more secure future and you love this land then put that investment money where your heart is, here in Aotearoa NZ in real life, on-the-ground, grass roots projects. Invest in the land itself, in the food we are producing, in our homes, in clean renewable energy, in sustainable agriculture, in the people of Aotearoa, in the children of Aotearoa, in our future as a nation. If we are going to have a more secure future, it starts with all of us and all that we do.

    • Land? Too many rules and regulations by too many Labour aparatschiks who’ve never been to or even seen ‘land’. Clipboard warriors in designer clothes who would to get dirt on their shoes.
      Why would one invest in land? Rather invest in private Green schools like the Green Party does. And listening to James Shaw…he seems proud of it. Won’t affect the votes he says.

      • Herman, I’m not saying anything fancy or complicated. Just that if someone here in AO/ NZ, who cares about us as a country, has some money they want to invest for the future, then they can likely find something that suits them right here at home.

        It could be a small biz enterprise, someone’s new invention, whatever. Just that the person is as likely to have secure returns on their ‘home’ investment, ultimately, as they would on the stock market, so let’s invest in our own country first and foremost.

  10. The GCSB look like they have been caught fast asleep at the wheel again, just like they were when the White Supremacist Terrorist plotted his atrocity in NZ for 2 years without them noticing.

    Pretty sure you’ll find that the terrorist comes under the jurisdiction of the SIS and not the GCSB.

    And I’m pretty sure that the stock exchange is also a private enterprise and so doesn’t come under the jurisdiction of the GCSB either.

    I’d also like to point out the the stock exchange is a scam and needs to be shut down any way. After all, the only thing it does is swap money around in such a way that allows speculators to make a profit while producing nothing of value.

    • Yes, it’s a game of greed, from a “What can I get mentality, instead of a “What can I do (that is helpful)” approach.

  11. Well there are plenty of other states not keen on us having been successful in keeping covid out. Now we have covid. But the covid has no known source of entry to Nz. Previously with a more rudimentary tracking system in the last lockdown the government knew exactly where, who and when the covid entry points to NZ were…And simultaneously an attack on our also successful stock market. I am suspicious of what is happening. And it’s at election time. Too many coincidences.

    • Too many coincidences.

      There are a fair few, yes. Including a couple you haven’t mentioned.
      I’m not drawing any specific conclusions yet, but there are, certainly, “Things that make you go Hmmmm..”

  12. I’ve just come across a new, marvelous abbreviation for central banks creating money out of thin air to prop up the global Ponzi scheme a little longer: ‘CTRL-P’.

    It comes from an article about the sudden resignation of [Japan’s PM] Abe, due to a terrible bowel condition.


    Could this be pay-back for the appalling policies promoted by Abe (and Kuroda) over recent years?

    Anyway, the question is: CTRL-P in perpetuity?

    Obviously the answer is no, because all Ponzi schemes come to climax and then collapse.

    So the next question is: how long can CNTRL-P be maintained?

    I think the general answer is for as long as interest rates can be pushed downwards and as long as the pretence that there can be an economic recovery is still accepted by the majority of the proles -which is obviously not much longer when we read about the implosion of numerous sectors of most economies around the world, and the severe stress that the Trump mishandling of the pandemic (and pretty much everything else) is causing, including severe and increasing mortgage delinquency, rent delinquency, cratering of inner-city dwelling prices, cratering of retail, and the shockingly bad personal finances of most Americans. And on top of that, extraordinary anger over continued shootings of black men by police officers, and the mishandling of the consequences of those shootings.

    One has to say WTF when a man who is paralysed and on medication for severe traumatic injury -and unlikely to ever walk again!- is shackled to his bed:


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