A list of one sentence Party Election promises so far


So Labour are promising to do in their second term what they promised to do in their first.

After National have paused self mutilating itself, they are promising to build uncosted motorways while slashing public funding.

NZ First are promising the Polls are wrong.

ACT are grooming gun fetishists and 1080 deniers.

& the Greens are doing unicorn photo bombs…

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…righto then.

We are going to discuss the global pandemic, climate crisis and looming economic meltdown that will spark enormous social damage soon right?

Like we are going to discuss it at some point in the next 6 weeks eh?

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  1. There wil be no true discussion about climate change amonst anyone we can see sadly Martyn which disapoints many since Jacinda said in her last Auckland town Hall election speech i 2017, that “climate change” was her generations Nuclear moment”!!!!

    So has that changed now????? I am confused and disturbed.

  2. You forgot to add the one liner from Jacinda.
    We are not announcing any new policies, I am too busy handling the Pandemic.

    There goes your discussion on what to do now.


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