I’m not sure mocking Chlöe Swarbrick is the smartest way to win Auckland Central


This coming from the candidate who backed off a TV interview with Chloe?

Labour’s Auckland Central candidate Helen White mocks Green opponent Chlöe Swarbrick as ‘celebrity’

Asked what she would say to people who pointed out Swarbrick’s higher profile and name recognition, White said: “I’d ask them whether they’re looking for a celebrity or someone to do this job very seriously.”

Yeah, I’m not sure mocking Chlöe Swarbrick is the smartest way to win Auckland Central, it comes across as snide and a tad over confident doesn’t it?

Look, the math is clearly there for Labour to win the electorate, but it’s an electorate that likes stellar candidates.

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Nikki Kaye won because she was a talent and bloody hard working, (much like Chloe) which is why if any candidate has the chance to win, it’s Chloe.

Chloe is a true talent where as Labour has many Helen White’s.

On election day, I think Labour will win, but if Helen White keeps this type of campaign up, it’s going to be an upset.

No one likes smugness.


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  1. A friend of mine and I met Chloe Swarbrick once and not that long ago in an Auckland cafe and my friend, unlike me, is very well educated and very well travelled.
    We both got the impression that she’s (C S.) dead straight-up and genuine. We both sensed that her energy was one of forthrightness and strength.
    When I look at Helen White’s photograph I see a real estate agent. A very serious real estate agent being very serious about doing very serious deals while advancing her very serious career to promote herself, for herself, by herself and God help the little people who get in her very serious way. Disturbingly, Helen White looks to me like a test tube judith collins clone who’s escaped the laboratory. Her smile is why the request ” Say Cheese” is so poplular.

  2. Helen White needs to learn a few things from her Leader, the PM.
    Ms White, your comments come across as arrogant and petty. I’m surprised Labour chose you – have they learned nothing from the behaviour of a few 30-something MP’s recently?
    I had hoped that Labour would tell their voters to vote for CS. The country needs people like Chloe.

  3. Well, V V, it isn’t too late for Labour to gift the seat to the Greens. I dont want a Labour majority Government. Thats the next step away from First past the post. We need the Greens as part of a Left government, otherwise we will have a mid Right government. I know that the Greens have done little to earn their place but with NZF out the way the Greens can improve.

  4. On 60% labour can take on Chloe and the Nat and win. They nearly won it at 36% against a popular incumbent mp Nikki

    Auckland central is important to labours history and DNA. There is not a chance in hell that labour will ever not run to win that seat. What is more likely is that it sparks a 2002 conflict between labour and greens and labour members who were thinking about party voting green to make sure they are at 5% won’t and that if the greens end up being needed they wobt even get crumbs in negotiations , labour will say we want to renew the confidence deal but with no ministers and if you don’t like it go talk to Judith and you might even have jacinda start calling out Chloe ifnit gets really nasty I remember Helen called the greens “goths anarcho feminists who you don’t want in government” could be fun.

  5. Chloe won’t win the seat but it will help her gain enough mana to contest another electorate seat and win it.
    She is the future leader of the Green party and if they make it back i hope she is given responsibility worth of her talents in the next administration.

  6. I get it Bomber. Swarbrick is your favourite Green politician, the Greens your favourite party. You think it rude of Helen White to comment on her public persona. So I did some checking on her myself. She came into prominence when she stood for the mayoralty at age 22. I remember that from media. But why did she contest the election of Mayor of Auckland in 2016? Was it about self promotion?

    First The Spinoff in 2016. All about Chloe, her age, her achievments, her thoughts on herself, her age. She stood as an Independent for her policy but absolutely no mention of what that was.

    Second, a smaller piece from Stuff 2016. Mostly echoing her age stuff, but a list of policies from housing, jobs to transparency. No explanation of policy content. She has commented on how friends are leaving Auckland because they can’t get jobs so we can assume the jobs policy connects with that. But again, the piece is about Chloe’s youth.

    Following the election, media seek Chloe’s opinion on issues regularly. They treat her as a spokesperson for youth which she doesn’t claim to be. Then she joins the Greens. More publicity. Yet Bomber can’t understand she gets coverage as a media-made personality. CB follows your lead and reveals he is also influenced by how he interprets Helen White’s photo. SHALLOW POLITICS.

    • Since I wrote the above, my partner told me that Chloe S often appeared on your TV programme Bomber. So I accept your opinion is based on knowledge of what she talks about, how she reacts to the opinion of others. To answer my question on why she entered politics, I accept your opinion that she has an interest in change for the better.

      I had lots of contact with Helen White when she was 20ish. She was a dedicated volunteer for Corso, a New Zealand aid agency. At the time Corso was targetted by Mudoon because it was left wing. It supported community organisations that worked for change, often in extremely difficult circumstances. The emphasis was on community work initiated by the communities not on benefactors swanning in to bestow goodies. Help was for selfsustaining work. It did not appeal for support in A/NZ for what a Corso worker once called “rent a child”.

      While Chloe is described as an entrepeneur, Helen’s activism at a similar age is absolutely removed from CB’s real estate person and accusations of personal gain. She continues to be seriously committed to left wing causes and works as an employment lawyer.

  7. I’m a Green voter and I agree with Helen White. What really does Chloe Swarbrick stand for. She may be smart and all those things but what does she truly believe.

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