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  1. Government agency GNS appears to have banned its scientists from going within 590​ metres of Whakaari/White Island’s volcanic vents seven days before the fatal eruption that killed 21​ tourists and injured 26.

    There were 47​ people on White Island on December 9 when it erupted, and an investigation by Worksafe and the chief coroner continues. More here

    • This makes my heart drop. Who is in charge of running the country, as an organised and capable unit? Is it just a lot of jumped’up little upstarts each one out for the maximum income and advantage doing his or her own thing and everything else is SEP? Why is taking precautionary, wise steps to protect life, protect us and our paying and non-paying visitors from injury and the cost of such, and the damage to our reputation which is built on falsehood, or pretty good falsies not important?

      f Key’s idea was for NZ to be another Switzerland and be a great place for crooks and their ilk to park their money, we should remember that Switzerland goes to the trouble to be clean and well organised, and really effective. Whereas we are still just not bothering too much, and inevitably we fail miserably. When i was in Switzerland which was comfortably wealthy, they had a 15% GAT. We have it imposed on us before we get to be comfortably wealthy and can never meet their standards, as we haven’t got the same discipline or ambition.

      We had better get Labour back in or those Nationals with their born-to-rule approach will drop us in it like the dirty dilettantes they are. Labour is redeemable, National is the pits.

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