Ummmmm – about Winston’s extraordinarily defamatory accusations in Parliament



When Winston throws down, he doesn’t hold back does he?

Winston Peters reveals who he thinks is source of superannuation details leak; David Seymour asked to leave House

What Peters claimed

Peters claimed Morton heard about the details of his case because she was there when former minister Anne Tolley told Paula Bennett in a ministerial office.

Peters claimed Morton then told Act leader David Seymour in confidence.

He alleged Seymour then told Taxpayer Union director Jordan Williams who told Hutt-South MP Chris Bishop’s father, John Bishop.

Peters alleged the information was then passed to Newsroom editor Tim Murphy and blogger David Farrar.

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Morton used to work for Newshub and NewstalkZB, said Peters.

“Newshub was doing its best to protect her after David Seymour tried to get the story leaked through channels connected with Morton. Three Newshub journalists … looked collectively stunned when they were told they had burnt Ms Morton as a source.

“They knew they’d been tumbled. When this was put to the Newshub reporters that it would also expose National and Jordan Williams’ dealings with Tim Murphy, one of the Newshub journalists paused and said that National were ‘distancing themselves’ from the story.

“But it was an Act-inspired hit job to damage me politically in collaboration with a National Party staffer, Rachel Morton, who was the source of the leak and the source of Jordan Williams weaponising the information during the election campaign.

“Every last one of them – Morton, Seymour, Williams, Bishop, Murphy, Farrar – played dirty politics to breach my inalienable right, and the inalienable right of every New Zealander, to privacy.

Let me be crystal clear here.

I think that it was disgraceful that Winston’s personal information was leaked before the last election and the scum bags who did it should have been caught and punished severely.

You can’t have the State use privileged information about individuals for political point scoring, that’s incredibly dangerous.

I also supported Winston’s Court Case and am sorry he wasn’t successful, so I am totally on his side.


This fanciful conspiracy theory sounds like the sort of pixie dust Cameron Slater and Simon Lusk trade in, it simply doesn’t ring true.

I don’t know Morton and while I think Farrar and Williams are capable of much malice, this sort of dirty politics simply doesn’t connect for Seymour or Tim Murphy.

I feel that Winston has defamed an enormous cast of characters in a Game of Thrones plot that sounds as ridiculous as it is reads.

Winston is abusing Parliamentary privilege at a time when he is desperately deflecting from this story about him pushing for friends to go to Antarctica on the taxpayer. 

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  1. Winston is throwing his toys out of the cot because he’s just been made to pay back $320000 in court costs for his failed superannuation leak nonsense. Suck it up Winny and get your wallet out.

    • “Winston is throwing his toys out of the cot”

      I can’t imagine a more accurate or funnier summation of Winston’s career. Thanks.

  2. Well you know?… all it took was a ‘small organism to kill the martians’… and now that house of 120 travelers are falling like flies in today’s icy blast, one by one. There’s not one party unaffected. Whether its scandal , lies , misappropriation of truth, entitlement, political ‘expediency’, party coups, and so on. Most seems to be coming from National , but not always. These are the people purporting to lead us. Take your pick. Its all unraveling under pressure.

    Its all going to pot.

    Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard – It’s All Going to Pot

  3. On this subject we can agree!!!
    Winston going feral to try and deflect from the Antartica thing

  4. A drowning man will clutch at a straw!
    Now he is approx $300k out of pocket for his FAILED court case on the same matter he is now using privilege and smearing the shit all over as every one is against him it seems.
    Nothing covers up a scandal like accusing others of illegal activity, now I wonder what parliamentary privilege crap he will accuse someone of when the SFO enquiry comes out….it’s not going to be good for NZ1st (but culpable denial will be used and keep King Winston safe I’m sure)

    • But he was wronged by an underhand dirty conspiracy to rob him of privacy and insinuate he had done wrong.
      Aggrieved and angry he has used an avenue open to him perhaps hoping a scatter-gun approach may touch the target.

      • John W “But he was wronged by an underhand dirty conspiracy to rob him of privacy and insinuate he had done wrong.”

        Yes, that’s the crux – like him or not.

        This was a regular WINZ stuff-up of the sort which can drive lesser persons to desperation.

        A woman in the Hutt committed suicide when confronted with an alleged WINZ debt, which transpired, post-mortem, not to even exist : they’d stuffed up once again and accused her of wrong doing, when in fact it was their wrong doing.

        The other grubby thing was a couple of fairly low class MP’s being dopey enough to think that Peters would perpetrate a fraud for such a paltry sum of money – revealing their own sad little origins.

    • Failed but the court system concurred that his information was illegally leaked just prior to the election.

  5. Winston will win this stoush. Not because he is right, I have no idea of that and frankly I wouldn’t trust any act or natz MP, much less their hangers on & enablers, as far as I could spit them.
    Peters will win this because he is so practised at entertaining we the hoi polloi while he stitches up a fellow member of Aotearoa’s political elite. Unlike most of them he is quick witted & articulate. “Jackals followed by jackasses” was one of his better throwaways today.
    The greedy pig-eyed natz pols just can’t do that. Take Collins who can only be nasty wile acting nasty & compare that to Peters’ insouciance while he stabs multiple pompous tossers in the front, back & sides.

    I’d never vote for the creep but I am gonna miss him when he along with act & about 50% of the natz greedies go down the gurgler in a few weeks.
    I just wish that the Greens would loosen their corsets and whack a couple of smart characters on their list.
    Then they would be worth voting for but they are so goddamn serious all the time that the net effect of any Greens’ spruik is severe depression and nowadays they want us to be straight as well. What happened to the pot smoking jokers of old?
    Yeah the planet is going to hell in a handbasket but that doesn’t make it compulsory to be a downer 24/7/365, laughing is a much better way to go out than whining I reckon.

  6. Time for Winston Peters to go. This story through his outbursts has become a ridiculous case of he said, she said, they said and so on. Where is the evidence of his claims? He’s getting quite pathetic now.

  7. I think that Winston’s story is highly plausible.
    If ACT and National do not believe in dirty politics they could always make any correction.

    • He isn’t much given to empty allegations this serious. he says he has learned something since the trial and with Wellington leaking like a sieve at the moment I don’t expect he has spoken up just to make a fool of himself. He is bitter about this episode understandably.
      I was surprised by Seymour’s petty ridiculing of him for his age over the past few days , it seemed unworthy of David from what I have been used to. he seems usually to make a lot of sense. Now I see that he probably knew this was coming and was setting the scene in preparation.
      Lets see if anyone can disprove Winston’s claim.
      D J S

      • I have witnessed this side of Seymour before DJS.

        It’s probably why by Seymours own admission, why he doesn’t get invited to any political parties.

  8. C’mon Winston it is time to give it away after 39 years in parliament after being elected in 1978 as part of Muldoon’s second administration.
    He is loosing the plot and is damaging what legacy he has left with this Antarctica affair and the news regarding the NZ First foundation.
    If his party is to survive then its either Ron Mark or Tracey Martin who have to take the leadership and bring back the support that is there in the electorate for their policies.
    Yeah Winston its time to call it a day.

  9. The guy is a racist xenophobe and has been since he started NZ First 27 years ago with all the blue rinse set in Tauranga. And now he has the cheek to play the race card when questioned about forcing Antartica NZ to take a couple of his cronies on a junket to the ice.
    I have truly had enough of this bullshit and the ongoing tit for tat “exposures” of the ongoings from those supposedly leading the country.
    The problem is that the situation is just as bad at a local body level with cities like Wellington having to resort to bringing in the lawyers.

    Have we not learned a single thing from the way the world has literally collapsed both economically and morally during recent times.
    I don’t know the answer but at the present rate I truly despair for the future.

    • @ Roubaix…cough cough irony!…you are talking about a Maori nationalist and patriot in his own country New Zealand!

      ….Winston Peters fought sale of NZ state assets for 27years since he started NZFirst!

      ….Peters has had many Nacts, globalists… and racist hypocrites undermine and attack him over the years, including foreign born ones( with a sense of entitlement), but he does not whinge like a wokey !

      (Roubaix. (French rubɛ) n. (Placename) a city in N France near the Belgian border: forms, with Tourcoing, a large industrial conurbation.)

  10. Winston is our unctuous uncle who says a few true things every 3 years, by which he’s better than everyone else.

    Happy to be rid of my unctuous uncle, much like my nieces and nephews

  11. More serious than his various allegations, Winston apparently blocked the promise of a $100 million recovery package for Southland. RNZ link here

    The Prime Minister’s plan to announce a roughly $100 million recovery package for Southland, in the wake of the likely closure of the Tiwai Smelter, was scuppered by New Zealand First at the eleventh hour.

  12. RNZ
    ‘PM’s announcement of $100m Southland recovery package scuppered by NZ First’

    pin stripe peters.
    The narcissistic bull shit artist gets the lime light. Again.
    And this time for throwing Southlanders under a bus.
    Here’s what I’d do if I was the Governor of the State of South Island. ( If it works for Au$tralia and the U$A then why not here? )
    I’d disconnect the feed of OUR electricity and agrarian raw materials to Mr Pin Stripe’s north island in retaliation.
    Would make that $100 million pale into insignificance wouldn’t it wee winnie?
    Does he have a pulse? He looks like he died a week ago??

    • He wants to finance the staff at the plant to take it over and carry on smelting aluminium but for us instead of for Reo Tinto . I think its’ a bloody good idea. Did you read the whole article?
      D J S

      • Shane Jones may need a job after the election . He is so knowledgeable about how to run a business perhaps he could be the CEO of this new company

    • Nothing t see here, keep walking. Peters has correctly calculated that the handful of votes he loses in Southland by atrseholing the Tiwai Point smelter without any lifeline are microscopic compared to the votes he picks up everywhere else in Aotearoa by standing up to seeming parasitic destroyers of ‘our’ environment.

      Yep these are two quite separate situations and they are far from mutually exclusive for a pol who needs a boost.

      IMO whining about Winnie does nothing beyond identifying the whiner as yet another whitefella who is more interested in maintaining his/her entitled lifestyle than he/she is achieving a fair, workable nation for everyone – y’know – all of us, not just a herd of hubris sodden, self-entitled arseholes.

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