Political Caption Competition


JACINDA – “Yo, Judy. You’ve got a fiddler in the roof, deal to it”.

JUDITH – “I’m going to eat you liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti”.

JACINDA – “Easy Tiger, get up on the wrong side of the web this morning? Have you sacked Falloon yet or are you still waiting to fit it into Matthew Hooton’s media schedule”?

JUDITH: – “What about how long it took you to sack David Clark…..”

JACINDA: – “I’ll cut you off right there Judy, DC was a clown who needed a mountain bike ride, Falloon’s sending dodgy text messages and you did bugger all about that so as to not stain your first round of weekend media interviews. You are comparing apples with carrots, but you don’t get fruit metaphors do you? Most harvest withers and dies around you doesn’t it Judy”

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JACINDA: “Yeah I thought so, get back on your side of the Debating Chamber”.

JUDITH: “Gerry’s going to be mean to you later…”

JACINDA: “Tell your story walking sister”.


  1. The Judipath :”Hey Cindy, a wee riddle for you sweetie. When is a smear not a smear? Heh – when I tell the media it’s not.”

      • ” Definitely. “Sir” John won’t be able to resist having a tug if he gets the chance ”
        Yes seems the only thing left after fucking the country.

  2. Jacinda thought it was a bit rich for Judy to be handing out dieting tips, especially since the black tent she was wearing had been crafted from one of Team New Zealand’s old spinnakers by Gerry’s personal tailor.


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