Jacinda makes political sacrifice on the altar of puritan Intersectionality to ward off Judith’s Dirty Politics


The decision to sack a Minister for a consensual sexual relationship with someone who was staff in one of his agencies serves two audiences at once, Labour’s fourth wave feminists who will see the Minister’s relationship as an abuse of power in the ever shifting hierarchy of the powerless that is intersectionality and the other audience which is every other voter who won’t see the issue with such humourless indignation.

For everyone else, Jacinda’s puritan and immediate dismissal will be seen as the perfect match to Judith’s Crusher persona, especially in light of how long it took Judith to do anything but be expedient with Falloon.

For that audience it is Jacinda not looking weak that matters, not really what the Minister did.

Jacinda’s efficient cauterising of the issue will be seen as strength and might actually end up boosting her already stratospheric approval numbers.

This announcement reeks of a hit job by National, they needed heat taken off them and the affair with a Minister was the perfect media scapegoat.

They have destroyed the career of an MP and caused his family enormous trauma.

Note how Jacinda passed the Info directly to Judith & left it at that, where as Judith tells the media that she has sent info through after she magically gets asked the question from Garner this morning.

Jacinda showed leadership, Judith played politics.

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The Venn diagram of people who believe Judith gained this information by chance and those who believe 5G might spread Covid is a perfect circle.

This sudden blood letting of smears will have some MPs nervously sleeping tonight because many affairs occur in Wellington and if this is really where National wants to go…

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  1. Hahaha hilarious headline!!!! So Lees Galloway had ‘intersextion’ with that staffer?

    • Everything is a hit job.
      The refering the first se MP problem to Jacinda, the 2nd MP problem being sent to Judith.

      Get over yourselves.
      Both sides play the game.

      Both Jacinda and Judith did the right thing.
      Trying to tar one over the other is infantile.

      • The difference was that Collins went straight to Garner to let hm know she had a juicy tidbit of information, and then pretended she wasnt interested in dirty politics. She had no thought at all for the families and children who will be further distressed by the media…it is sickening.

  2. The winner here so far is Jacinda–she has covered the bases. Shagging is not the crime of the century, but, it is unethical surely, for a Minister to consort with an underling, like it or not.

    The bar has now been raised for affairs around the Parliamentary precinct, for all comers–pun intended. Like Martyn says–Nats–enjoy.

    And Ju-Darth has shown her true face again–the Nat dirty tricks dept. never sleeps, it is on twin turbo boost with nitro, around the clock. She must have been pissed to have to drop this little gem so soon, but she is obviously humiliated by the Falloon debacle and needed to strike back and drop a bloody, road killed beast of some sort, on the table. Well aided by Dunky from news hub with his patsy question.


    • Jacinda got totally suckered by Collins. An affair is simply not a sackable offense. Jacinda just wants to look tough after not sacking David Clark.
      But now she looks like a total rookie. Which is exactly what she is. A rookie.

      • ILG was one of the empty chairs that your lot is always spouting off about, Herman.
        Efficient bit of housekeeping while offering a small morsel to appease the bloodthirsty right wing hobbits. Although, I agree not a sackable offence IMO.

      • Well our rookie has done well handling the Covid Herman. And our rookie has put some of the most powerful leaders in the world to shame on this issue. Do I need to name them.

  3. I hope Ian L-G took all reasonably practical steps in onducting his workplace relations, as per the HSWA law. Maybe not, hence the chop.
    Can’t agree with ya sentiment Martyn. You pay the price if you screw the crew.

  4. Well any one thinking Collins had learnt from her rather questionable and far from stellar past in politics and had turned a corner for the better – think again!

    The Queen of Dirty Politics is back. Actually she never left.

    To quote Dirty Politics, “Personally I would be out for total destruction,” she wrote to Slater (in Dirty Politics) about some National Party infighting, “but then I’ve learned to give is better than to receive.” And she loved the word “Utu”.

    Fuck ILG, to hell with his family, for an affair over with, Judith got her revenge. Lavished with spite, tinged with hatred and seasoned with pure vindictiveness.

    You are the same sad Judith Collins who should have been booted put of parliament years ago. Keep up the nastiness.

  5. So Ardern didn’t know Iain’s secret until today but the rest of Wellington, included her intelligence service, did? And now Judith Collins is her go to for affair gossip and political information? And Ardern will happily pass judgement on Falloon but not comment or act on the swamp queen of dirty politics who also brought politicians into disrepute with her business dealings?

  6. Its a case of, what!s good for the goose is good for the gander. Yes Bomber, it is a political hit for the Nats, that in the scheme of things took the P.M. A PUNISHMENT STRETCH to far, yes although an act unbecoming a Minister, and also inhouse with a worker who!s working environment should be one of care with dignity and principled consideration was broken, however, the acceptance of both parties acquiesce. Yes abuse of his position as Minister, withdrawal of his Ministerial position is appropriate yet to resign and not stand again for re-election, are the Nats big hit and a stretch too far. Look around the house see those sitting how many could we point to and say, yous are just as guilty, I could sugest some but no.
    That said, this case of inappropriate conduct by an employer, although acquiescent is not as daming as inappropriate unsolicited text and vision porn.

  7. We knew about this yesterday. This morning on RNZ, Fitzgerald asked Collins to confirm the story. She did.

  8. For the love of God: what the hell is the matter with everyone? Lees-Galloway gets his leg over: so what? It’s not in the same ballpark as what Andrew Falloon is accused of doing, and even that was not as exceptionable, provided the recipients are of age.

    I have great sympathy for the families involved: such humiliation, and they’ve done nothing wrong.

    When did we all get so bloody censorious?

    • By the amount of spluttering from the usual suspects over ILG, I’d say it’s been extremely difficult for the Labour faithful to enjoy their woke moral outrage at the National muppet, so heads must roll!

    • Sending unsolicited porn to anyone isn’t ok, and it needed to be dealt with.

      However, I have no interest in the back histories of MP’s sex lives, and there is no purpose in resurrecting them now except to be vindictive, and to hurt persons perhaps undeserving of being hurt; it’s sick.

      If the lead-up to the election is going to be punctuated with more revelations of adulteries or personal peccadillos, it’s likely that others will become as fed up as me – not with the offendors, but with the dirty shit-stirrers. We need to dump half the mp’s anyway – clearly they don’t have enough to do, and even most of the seemingly-virtuous ones are totally damned useless – there’s far too many of them.

  9. Jacinda quietly and discreetly passes personal damaging info. to the Leader of the Opposition.

    Judeath defrosts some old scuttlebutt from the freezer and without any sign of restraint or decency blurts it out to media.

    A leopard never changes it’s spots.
    Once a malevolent duplicitous sociopathic piece of shit, always a malevolent duplicitous sociopathic piece of shit.

  10. I will tell you this.
    The allegation that Lees-Galloway had an extra-marital affair is not new, I saw it on the Whaleoil blog around three years ago. The exact time I can’t remember but I am sure it was before the last election.
    Cameron Slater made a reference to Lees-Galloway “playing around” amongst other comments he made about him. I saw it more or less by accident, I wondered when the shit would hit the fan and was somewhat bemused when I saw or heard nothing more on the subject.
    Until now.
    What also happened a few days ago?
    Judith Collins became National’s leader.
    Collins becomes National’s leader and a story at least a few years old suddenly pops up out of obscurity.
    Yeah right.
    This was a deliberate calculated hit-job.
    A splendid example of the kind of National dirty politics campaigning style we will witness in the weeks to come.
    National will go down, but Collins will make sure that in defeat she will destroy as many others as possible with National’s kamikaze scorched earth mentality.
    National, especially with Judith Collins as leader, are unfit to govern this country.

    • Oh come on Mike and Rosey. Your not helping you own cause or that of the PM. Prior to your astonishing announcement I was prepared to believe that the PM was suddenly confronted with an inappropriate behavior issue which she swiftly dealt with. But now you say it was public knowledge three years ago in which case, given the way rumours fly around the House and the press gallery, it must be assumed Adern knew about it and by her inaction effectively condoned the ‘wrongdoing’ for a very long time until it was exposed from an unwanted corner and it became politically expedient for her to dispense with ILG’s services. While your intentions may have been to simply place Collins in a bad light, you have in fact made Adern look even worse. Own goal springs to mind.

      • I don’t qualify what I saw, nor do I know if it was public knowledge.
        I only say I saw something in Whaleoil that obliquely referred to Lees-Galloway “playing around”.
        But Whaleoil was notorious for making up stories about its political enemies so I didn’t really take it seriously and when I neither saw nor heard anything else about it from any other source I just assumed it was just Cameron Slater’s latest fiction.
        It is possible, of course, that this this relationship Lees-Galloway had with his staffer has nothing to do with the Whaleoil allegation.
        I don’t know: just saying what I saw and asking the question whether National was sitting on this information until they considered the time was right for a hit job.
        The fact that allegations of Lees-Galloway using taxpayer funds on this staffer conveniently arrive today points even further to the likelihood that this is a National/Slater/Hooton dirty politics hit job.

  11. Compared to some of the crimes members of the last National led government were able to get away with like assault and harassment Galloway’s misdemeanour is not breaking any law but as a minister and MP his behaviour was extremely unwise.
    He has paid a huge price in terms of his career and the cost to his wife and children cant be underestimated.
    The PM had to act and did so decisively and without point scoring unlike Collins and her colleagues.
    Adern has just has a taste of what kind of campaign to expect next month.

  12. Like the ‘intersectionality’. Fissures everything down to your balls. Why the Right with their clarity, whatever it matters concerning reality, has a clear selling advantage. Lies go a long way further and by then you’re gone with the money. Or the end of H.s.s.

    Don’t disagree with Ardern’s decision in this case. MY main point is there is just Ardern and Robertson of talent in Labour. Recently they’ve pushed forward Hipkins. Frail. And ‘happy’ circumstance of these recent events. God help us, says an atheist.

  13. As Minister of workplace relations [sic], once this became widely known, his position was indeed untenable; a bit like Falloon wearing a white ribbon. Morals is one thing, hypocrisy another. Of course the timing is suss, and while hyperbolic, the witticism about a Venn diagram was rather clever (did all readers get it, I wonder?).

  14. Poor guy, he was good for us in Palmy. And nobody here cares if he banged his lover co-worker.

    • Affairs’ pleasures and pains affect the participants most, so oversight is superfluous. Why I’m slightly leery about safety belt rules and my spraying of glyphosate being judged. A golden rule, if the punishment for an action affects the participants most its ultimately deleterious to the community for authority to intervene. The safety belt is a small thing so maybe it helps, doesn’t weaken the individual, but wouldn’t it be better directed at children?

  15. Mere mortals are routinely sacked for less. I don’t envy him explaining Paris to the missus though.

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