TVNZ BREAKFAST REVIEW: Why Kiwis returning to NZ SHOULD NOT pay for quarantine!


Gerry Brownshirt was on TVNZ Breakfast this morning justifying his party’s fascist policy of charging NZers re-entering NZ.

I despise Brownshirt with a depth difficult to articulate and spent most of the interview being held back from punching the TV screen.

Brownshirt said so many outrageous lies, it’s difficult to know where to start so let’s just review the entire bloody thing hall we?

Brothers & sisters, charging Kiwis, us, our whanau, returning to NZ is an outrage for the following reasons.

1 – They have a legal right to return home unimpeded by our Government. A $3000 fee is going to cripple many of those NZers who are backpackers, students or those who have been made redundant from their overseas jobs. They are as caught up in this as we all are, punishing them is needlessly cruel. Gerry pretends it’s all boomers returning from plush European holidays, when it’s just as likely to be someone returning from the Pacific Islands or just Australia!

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2 – WE ARE HOLDING THEM AGAINST THEIR WILL IN A  QUARANTINE FACILITY YOU FASCIST! This is the bit that really does my head in. We are holding them against their will, they don’t want to be held for 2 weeks anymore than any of us would want to go through that! They agree because we all agree these are extraordinary circumstances, like we all agreed to go into lockdown. Holding people against their will and then charging them for it is just so outrageous from a  civil liberties perspective.

3 – For extra malice, National are charging the 501s as well. Now just think about that for a second. These are men who have no connection with NZ, most of them left NZ when they were young children to live in Australia. One could mount the argument that their criminality is a result from Australian culture NOT NZ culture because they were raised in Australia! These men are being renditioned back to NZ against their will because they are told ‘either agree to go back to NZ or off to Christmas Island forever’. So these former criminals are forced to leave Australia and the first thing National want to do is charge them $3000 for their enforced quarantine time???

Where the fuck are these blokes getting $3000 from? National says we will set them up with a line of credit??? It’s almost as if Judith and Gerry want to force these men straight into the arms of organised crime!

This is as fucking counterproductive as National’s fake meth contamination hysteria, their longer prison sentences minus rehabilitation bullshit and their punitive welfare programs that just grew homelessness and poverty.

National are pretending every returning Kiwi is a some white wealthy boomer fresh from holidaying in the South of bloody France – That’s bullshit, most will be from Oz or the Pacific Islands – charging them $3k to be held against their will in quarantine is just so outrageous!

So, who should we charge for quarantine? Tourists, migrant workers and international students are who should pay for the cost of their quarantine, but NOT NZers and returning residents.

This is spiteful and ill thought out, so of corse it’s National Party policy.

If Labour walk down the same path, I will be far harsher on them.


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  1. The sad thing is you really truly believe Labour are progressive and have a soul. Elections are won in the middle and they know this is a vote winner for this segment – you know the hobbits of Nu Zuuland.

    Judith got a march on Jacinda because the working group hasn’t come back with their preliminary findings and the level 9 mandarins like Neal Jones haven’t done enough poling to be sure yet whether by choosing the middle they aren’t alienating their base.

    Look for a lame response come Wednesday where they narrow the eligibility for payment and reduce the payment somewhat (say $2k) but support the policy cause you know the swing voter housewife in Hearn Bay doesn’t think it’s fair that they don’t pay.

    Bomber we went through 9 years of this flip flop shit with Key/English unfortunately you’ve just begun on that path.

  2. So true that is Martyn.

    “Where the fuck are these blokes getting $3000 from? National says we will set them up with a line of credit??? It’s almost as if Judith and Gerry want to force these men straight into the arms of organised crime!”

    We say; – Gerry Brownshirt is running a scam with his old guard National Party mates we feel; – where some of the funds obviously goes into an “offshore shell company” for his pleasure to use.”

  3. Charging people has a lot of problems but I think some NZers are upset with some of the people coming from countries with high rates of covid like India, Pakistan etc as many of these people came in through the backdoor using education. (a national govt policy) NZers should be equally upset by those people coming from the UK and USA but i think its the racism card showing here. Who paid for the Forensic Psychologist from America and her family. I hope they paid for their own quarantine. Also there is an issue of fairness.
    If we charge people does that mean only people with money can come here, now is this fair? nah! What about all the thousands of NZers living in Australia many are Maori. And do we have a right to turn them away cause they don’t have the MONEY. Do we a have a legal right to turn anyone away with NZ citizenship. Can we set up a system to allow for payments to be made. Can we waiver the fee on the basis of hardship if they can prove it. What if they refuse to pay? will we use the courts and debt collectors? Can we look at doing our quarantine cheaper in any way. Do we need a point system to assess eligibility? All of these factors need to be weighed up. Are we collecting any valuable data from the returnees to help us with the process, decision making, future planning and managing of quarantine? With the national party saying they will charge says a lot about them. Firstly its says they don’t care and secondly it says THEY don’t care about peoples rights, thirdly it says THEY only care about people with money.

    • NZers are upset with some of the people coming from countries with high rates of covid like India, Pakistan etc as many of these people came in through the backdoor using education.

      We pay for NZers BORN here, Anyone else who has gotten in off the back of our PISS POOR immigration policy. Fuck them they pay!! Provide proof of birth if you were born here your exempt if you came in as an immigrant you PAY, not KIWIS.

  4. So, fucken half a million ex pat kiwi’s living in australia have been paying taxes on an average of $72k each year on year for how many fucken years and the national party want to cut us all adrift during these times (you see everyone, this is why i read The Daily Blog, yknow no bullshit, just straight fax.) i’m still in disbelief, how the fuck can Gerry try an find a point of difference between nationals and Labours corona response packages, its a danmed universal experience, theres only a few ways to get the response done correctly and how much are National planning on spending in a first term crush government freaken nothing or what? yknow is New Zealand bankrupt or what, and here’s Mrs Collins wanting to cut back more and give Chinese nationals and easy ride.

  5. I mean…. We make homeless people pay to stay in motels and beneficiaries pay off winz help, why can’t people who haven’t lived in this country for years pay off , overtime a stay in a four star hotel?

    The vast majority of the electorate especially the poor, Beneficiaries and working classes support this strongly and in fact would prefer returning kiwis were quarantined in the kermedec or an army base. It’s a medium. We simply don’t have the infrastructure , housing or jobs for kiwis to return home so we need to dissuade them from coming back.

    The only people I’ve met who don’t support it are green voters because its unjust and middle class labour supporters who fancy a jaunt overseas.

    It sucks but it’s election year and popular with poor and working class voters who feel the rich brought covid into the country by traveling right up until lockdown started and wanna punish them.

    What are ya gonna do, it’s a backwater.

  6. Gerry Bloody Brownshirt is right, – what if some of these were his own sons and daughters for crying out loud! Every point you rose Bomber is smack on. What a bloody pack of nimby’s Brownshirt and National are!!

    Keep them out of power this September until they learn some civility.

    Maybe in the next 300 years they might learn some but I doubt it.

  7. Good points. What about people traveling to see their 7 year old son or daughter overseas because their child needs them?

  8. I could not agree with you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    $3,000 is nothing (in the same way as uni fees are nothing) for the ‘normal affluent’ in this land but for anyone else, an insurmountable burden, or damn close to it. DISGUSTING ON THAT SCORE; But when you consider the whole business of charging citizens, and luckless deportees messed around in their lives by a forbidding Oz culture – then the situation is compounded.

  9. It’s not an outrage to aslk Kiwis to pay when they are returning home at a time of crisis. Arrangements can be made and help will be extended as much as possible, but these aren’t normal times and it just has to be put down to the cost of being alive and from a little country that has been careful of its citizens. Other Kiwis are free to stay overseas if it suits them better. If they want to come back now, and put a further strain on the beleaguered economy, at least they will have a chance of a near-normal life. But we can’t afford to offer flyaway Kiwis free this and that when we can’t even look after our stay at home people fairly across the populace. Keep your grand gestures for yourself, set up give a little’s for those in need and pay for them out of your own overflowing bank accoujnts.

  10. ‘If Labour walk down the same path, I will be far harsher on them.’ — Well now that it’s pretty clear that Labour plans to follow exactly the same path then bring it on! Or is it somehow different if it involves having to criticize Saint Jacinda?

    Of course, this is the same government that also distinguishes between ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ beneficiaries. Some government of kindness.

    Is there some political party that is resisting this path? I’m desperately looking for someone to vote for in this election. It’s a struggle.

  11. If NZ citizens are returning to live that is one thing but I am not even close to being ok with paying hard earned tax to cover the thousands it costs for self-entitled *ssholes to stay for weeks in the Stamford Plaza so they can attend their mates wedding before heading back overseas.

  12. Why don’t we put the cost onto people’s personal tax bill? That way if they are back in the country it can be paid off whilst they are working and if they choose to go back overseas once things settle down they get stung with the balance once they leave the country.

  13. Yes James Brown it seems the current quarantine systems is open for abuse and you will always have people that will take advantage and spoil it for the rest. I just don’t know if we can afford the status quo. And also not all of those wanting to return can do so so quickly, they cant just drop everything and move. It seems some have managed to escape paying anything simply because they may have been in a better position to do so. I hope the other man from India who took selfies at the countdown supermarket is going to be named and we want to see this idiots face. Otherwise it is not fair to the other man who has been named and shamed.

  14. It is complete nonsense to believe that Kiwis are picking up any tab. Where the hell do people suppose the Government got all the money to support individuals and businesses throughout the Covid crisis. The Government produced fresh money, and can keep on doing it, whilst keeping an eye out for any (largely non-existent) inflationary risks. There is a good case to be made for charging folks who return after wandering off on a holiday, during the crisis, but that is not a financial matter, rather an ethical one.


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