MEDIAWATCH: How desensitised to our never ending gridlock have the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nuzilind become thanks to hyper tourism?


How desensitised to our never ending gridlock have the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nuzilind become thanks to hyper tourism?


Here’s a Stuff journalist confused that removing 3million tourists from our roads might free up traffic.

Personally I am LOVING being able to move around my city without 3million tourists, exploited migrant workers and exploited international students!!!

Closing our borders has been one of the best things to happen to the quality of life for the long suffering domestic NZer more than any single thing ever!

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You ask those pricks in the hyper tourism industry what is the actual upper limit of tourists.

We have 5million New Zealanders living here, at last count we had 3million tourists each year visit us. NO WONDER our groaning infrastructure is gridlocked, almost as many tourists are here  as people who actually live here!

The Hyper Tourism pricks are just like the Intensive Farming pricks. Intensive Famers want more and more and more cows on less and less and less actual land, same with Hyper Tourism, they would cheer for 4million tourists, cheer for 5million tourist – Christ these greedy maggots would do a song and dance for 10million tourists!

That’s right, twice as many tourists than actual people living here! These Hyper Tourism pricks would do it to us in a second.

So closing the border has killed the hyper tourism market and all those freedom campers using our country as a collective public shit hole. Am I supposed to feel sad that the Kiwi who sells these people V and bars of chocolate won’t have a job?

Fuck them!

Likewise fuck the service industry and agricultural industries who have exploited migrant workers and depressed local wages!

Likewise fuck the international education industry who exploit international students and cause enormous rental pressures for locals!

So less tourists, less exploited migrant workers, less exploited international students and the benefits are we don’t have gridlocked roads and rental desperation?

Oh and don’t even at me saying, ‘But Bomber what about all the money they bring into the country’ – WHAT ABOUT IT?  I don’t see any of it, I just have to put up with the enormous infrastructure gridlock, rental desperation and low wages these industries force upon me as a domestic NZer, those billions don’t go to me, they go to companies who have been set up to exploit but in a global pandemic world those industries are all flat lining because there’s no future in that type of exploitative free market capital because there is no free market transfer of global capital any longer!

The only people being hurt here are the industries who greedily exploit migrant workers, greedily exploit international students, greedily exploit our good will and fucking Landlords!

Good! Their tears are delicious!

Keep. That. Border, Closed!!!!!


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  1. Spot on.
    And the up tick in internal tourism will make up 75% or more the drop in tourism FOR ‘mum and dad’ type tourism industry. e.g. motels, B&B etc.
    It’s the big hotel chains, large car rental franchises etc that’ll hopefully be hit the hardest and as you say, they’re invariable tax dodging Cayman Island located businesses. So F’em

    • +100 @Kevin B.
      Be interesting to compare estimated carbon footprint of mass tourism with other forms of economic activity in NZ.
      Don’t imagine it would be a favourable comparison at all, taking into account the feeding, transportation and accomodation of those millions of camera-happy souvenir shoppers.

  2. Absolutely, BB. But, I cannot see any reason why the usual suspect narrative won’t prevail.
    The same suspects, same motivation, influence on Govt.

  3. Awesome post Bomber, keep on rocking in the free world? No!
    Here in Westland certain senic spots get hammered by free loaders, pushing out locals and burdening rate payers.
    Meanwhile the silence from the van rental companies is deafening, fuck em i say.
    Most of these campers spend at the supermarket, the bottle store, gas station and wharehouse.
    Then they whine about how expensive NZ is and how we should be more welcoming.
    Personally I am looking forward to going to the beach and not having to wade through 65 poorly parked road maggots, or a code brown just about everywhere.

  4. It is a myth about the roads being congested by tourists driving cars and camper vans, just as much as it is a myth that tourists cause most of the accidents on South Island roads.
    The roads are clogged because Kiwis think that their lives revolve around their right to travel on their own in their own cars at all times.
    Can anyone honestly say that traffic congestion is any less in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or any other damned city in New Zealand since the lockdown?
    Plus there was a news item about a week or so ago saying that the accident rate in the South Island is actually higher now than it was before the lockdown.
    When I was touring the South Island a couple of years ago most of the incompetent and idiot driving I saw was not by tourists, it was by people who obviously were not tourists – mainly tradie vans.

  5. The biggest developer in Wellington these days is probably the person whose academic qualification makes him an expert on veterinary nutrition of dogs. Yes – nothing to do with his ongoing development of buildings and accommodation for overseas tertiary students and a persistent campaign for importing more overseas students to finance his building aspirations. Who is this genius who constantly subsumes the interests of NZ students and academics? Why, it is Grant Guilford, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University.

  6. I love the way you said all that Martyn. Yes, fuck them. Agreed. It has always been us kiwis that suffer the infrastructure overload and for what? We don’t get any benefit from this exploitation. Queenstown? Rotorua?Taupo and the like are just prostitutes to the tourist dollar with little actual home grown jobs for the locals and highly inflated housing costs. International Tourism is dead for the moment, long may it last. Life is better in NZ without it. R.I.P.

  7. Agree mostly Bomber.
    But a question you should be asking (apologies if you already have), is how much the government is paying these hotels for quarantine returnees.
    If we, as taxpayers, are paying the full tariff for people returning home, and I think we are based on the 4k fortnightly cost, why are we subsidising foreign multinationals.
    You can always get a 5 star hotel off peak for $100 per night.
    THE Rate per person should be capped at $1000 per person per fortnight. Or far less. Take it or leave it.
    The reason I am writing this is that we are driving up rates of hotel stays and property prices with taxpayer dollars.
    We need a swift recalibration of prices so we can all survive the coming crisis.


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