Political Caption Competition


All quiet on the Western Front.


  1. Well Gerry did want to “bowl the old dungers” Now the Nats have elected a pair of them, maybe he will now buy a suit that fits his girth which is in inverse proportion to his IQ. Do the National Party not have any new ideas?

      • pic – No. Wrong again. Sumo wrestlers enjoy enormous societal prestige – tho’ possibly not in your wee world.

        In fact, fat can also be prestigious in Asian countries greedily eyeing us now.

      • “Wow, fat shaming.”
        Inherent in your comment is an assumption that comparing someone a Sumo wrestler is derogatory. Have you asked a Sumo wrestler for their opinion on that?

        • @ RC. I did ! The sumo wrestler reckoned there were two fat bastards in that suit then there was big jude the fat bastard. So you get three fat bastards for the price of two, and they’re not cheap, not that you’d think that to look at them.

      • Why be kind to unkind people. I suppose you can’t kill mice either. Those who are too squeamish to call a spade what it is, aren’t usually very good at being self-sufficient, or thinking for themselves.

  2. Far and few, far and few,
    Are the lands where the Jumblies live;
    Their heads are green, and their hands are blue,
    And they went to sea in a Sieve.

  3. Natiional in post-leader decision mood – feeling happy and expansive. Just one little spoonful, a mere wafer and boom!


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