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  1. The Rights of Nature:

    Taking steps to recognize that nature, and yes, the planet itself, has certain rights; and empowering those who care about nature to step into the shoes of rivers, oceans, forests, and mountains to legally defend those rights in front of courts and environmental agencies, would be one big step for nature, one small step for humankind.

    Using laws to limit our ability to harm basic environmental functions – the ability of waterways to provide clean water, the ability of forests to provide clean air and absorb carbon – provides a way in which people can stop others from interfering with those basic functions upon which all life relies. CommonDreams Link Rights of Nature

    • Good idea have an Advocate for this…. waterway, park etc. Mt Everest needs one. Those crazy wealthy types, lining up the side of a mountain to say they too have reached the top. Once it has been done, no private expeditions should be allowed, and the Mountain Clubs be limited. I bet many in the line are the idle wealthy; send them into the fields to work under the sun in 40-50C? degree heat. Now that would be a task to achieve, but not as glamorous as climbing a mountain, running a marathon – just to say you have done it, that is high on sociological ladders – to spend much money and time on something really useless. I would like to see more groups offer to monitor their chosen area, say their neighbourhood.

      Also advocates and mentors to make a commitment to poor families and be their ‘Friend in Court’ sort of thing, a human relating and helping rather than just relying on genetic human relatives. This would be a mutual agreement, not one imposed on the family. That would be an investment, not in money but a personal investment with a huge exponential dividend. It would be in helping other people have a full, effective life, working for their family, becoming treasured, reliable persons in the community in good-natured, good-humoured activity and discourse and enjoyable leisure and bright-eyed, healthy, happy children with opportunities for the future.

  2. “Unprecedented wave” of Global Land Privatisation – New report.

    “Unfettered capitalism has brought us to this disaster. We must halt and reverse the privatization of the commons to protect and nurture these natural resources for future generations.”

    A study released Tuesday by the Oakland Institute details an “unprecedented wave of privatization of natural resources that is underway around the world”—one that is largely being driven by the United States and its allies.

    According to the progressive think tank’s report (pdf), “Driving Dispossession: The Global Push to Unlock the Economic Potential of Land,” governments around the world—particularly in developing countries—are often put under pressure by financial institutions and Western agencies to open up land for so-called “productive use” by miners, agribusiness interests, and other corporate entities intent on exploiting natural resources for profit.

    The U.S. in particular, the report says, is a “key player in an unfettered offensive to privatize land around the world.” Full article and report linked here

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