Todd Muller’s shock resignation: Winners & Losers

4 things in this poster aren't true

Fascinating rumours are circulating. The National Party factions were always shocked at Muller’s coup and felt that Simon had earned the right to run the campaign his way and he would only face a challenge to his leadership if he failed at the election.

Those angry factions have leaked against Muller from the beginning of his leadership and there was a deep animosity towards Hooton.

Like poisonously so. Apparently Hoots had no idea of this going down and may have been blind sided.


He blew up his media career on RNZ and the Herald for this???

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Dude. Unbelievable.

Here are the winners and losers of this entire Muller fiasco.



Judith Collins: Finally, she is licking her lips in delight. The terrified Caucus will swarm to her and the steely eyed Goddess of Death shall arise like Darth Vader at the end of the 3rd movie after Anakin Skywalker got chopped up with a light sabre and 3rd degree lava burns. I always start imagining Darth Vader whenever I think of Judith. NZ doesn’t want or need her dead eyed Prime Ministership. She loves blood more than your average Great White Shark. She’s adored by the raw meat chewing base, but frightens in a way Simon Bridges couldn’t. Middle NZ will recoil in terror from the blood dripping from her fangs in the silvery pale moonlight.

Labour: The argument that Labour managed to win 2017 with a change of leader out 8weeks is a nonsense comparison to National imploding now. Jacinda was a phenomenon, that’s why she turned Labour’s fortunes, National are floundering with no one close to Jacinda’s talent. At this stage National could put Elvis, Jesus and Ronald Reagan in as co-leaders and Jacinda would still beat them.

ACT: The meltdown in National will have those angry enough to want to ensure their spite is politically represented to vote ACT this election. David could have won a large chunk of vote without allowing his Party to have been taken over by the NZ NRA. Now he has to nod his head when they start foaming over 1080. Oh David, it’s just so sad seeing you held hostage by these far right gun nuts. We hope to rescue you one day. Stay strong David. Care package in the mail.

Simon Bridges: How hard is he laughing right now?


The next Leader: The problem for any National MP wanting to step up and claim the poisoned chalice that is Leadership of their party is that no one will want to be the Leader when the inquiry into the Boag leak comes out.

Todd Muller: Muller had all the false confidence of a tall man. His coup was inspired by spooked backbench MPs frightened they would become unemployed and that cowardice mixed with his unconstrained self appreciation of his skill set. The whole things has been a farce.

Mark Richardson: I’m sorry. I want to be a better person.


Mark Richardson’s tears on The AM Show as the National Party melts down are delicious.

Pour me another pint Mark.

Matthew Hooton: Please God, let Matthew Hooton return to Twitter where we can all ask him how it went?


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      • I take that back.
        I endorsed that ‘Muller’s resignation was a “win” for NZ’.

        I don’t see it that way now.
        Muller was no threat to our lives and our future.
        What we have now, may well present such a threat.

    • We’re already winners I reckon Bert, based on our outstanding collective response to the pandemic. Irrespective what happens from this point on, nobody can fault Aoteoroa’s initial determination and unity in preventing the horrors we’re witnessing overseas from taking root here.
      And a big part of that was Jacinda listening to health experts, rather than profit-before-people business “experts”.
      My question is: what did Toddy learn about the corruption in the National Party that left him with no choice?! And that’s apart from their obviously clumsy , but exceptionally dangerous attempts to undermine our Covid response all the way through – and there is still a LOT of fallout to come from that.
      But the mysterious departure of the Chinese spy, and the upcoming National Party donation case before the High Court, suggests there is much rot at the core of the National Party yet to be revealed.
      The years of protection by biased “journalists” and “reporters” has eventually backfired.
      It simply fed their arrogance and feeling of being bulletproof.
      But there is only one result when your values and actions are not put under the spotlight. A role the 4th estate has failed dismally to perform.

      “Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott, 1808)

    • And Hoskings on holiday too. Did they know something was up? I might even put a peg on my nose and listen to Mike’s minute when he returns.
      Michele Boag presided over Bill English’s disastrous defeat. Matthew Hooton has presided over Todd Muller’s disastrous ‘leadership’.
      Big losers are Boag and Hooton. I’m a bit sorry for Bridges, Muller & Co. but not sorry to see the demise of Michelle Boag and Hooton.What a couple of great PR agents they are (I mean were).

  1. LOSERS: Whoever steps in to replace him, as they are revealing themselves as the wannabe King or very possibly Queen of the Toxic Swamp Rats.

  2. I am sorry that Todd Muller’s brush with Dirty Politics has so affected his health. Let us respect his family’s privacy now. But in the future, I think political pundits should still reasonably ask what he knew and when about the Walker leaks. And ask, as always, about Boag’s real intentions and actions. Is she the Steve Bannon of New Zealand?
    For the election ahead, let us look to truly progressive post-Covid policies, with regard to re-assessing and changing neoliberal economic policies, real action on climate change, true equality for Maori and women, proper marine and terrestrial conservation, addressing the poverty issue, a more-supported arts community, more refugees to NZ, etc. With Muller’s departure, the possibility of gains for ACT and NZ First has arisen – and we should take care about that.

  3. Given his policies and that of wet National are almost identical to post 1984 Labour the country doesn’t ‘win’ or ‘lose’ due to his resignation. What it does point out that as a caucus and as a party National has some structural issues that require significant remediation before 2023.

    Simply put there is no common purpose nor strategy behind National at the moment and resemble a poorly performing sports team where everyone is waiting for everyone else to do the work required. They need to write off 2020, keep their base and build for 2023 which will be likely an economic election whereas NZ and the rest of the world is in a prolonged recession/depression.

    • Using a sports team analogy, National have players beyond retiring years Using a rugby analogy , National still have players that deal in the dark arts at the bottom of the scrum. This is why Muller resigned because he seems to be just too nice a person for that. National need a complete revamp, until they do so they won’t move from the 80’s/90’s.

    • Not an airhead but a great hand wringer, with not a lot of substance behind the hand wringing… half of children pulled out of poverty in 10 years, give us a break, money found to house the homeless only because of covid.

      • Michal,

        Please give me the name of any political leader/ Head of State on the planet, who, through the year 2020, has done better than PM Jacinda Ardern of Aotearoa NZ.


      • You probably yearn for “Mr Smile and Wave” to come back to pull a few ponytails, raise GST and bring our wages up to Australia levels. Yeah he was all substance.

    • This scares me, but I think at first hand you are right.
      No other person makes sense right now.
      But the reason I am scared, is Judith has her own mental health issues.
      And yes I deal in that area.
      It would be sad to see her smashed over the next 10 weeks for a vain glorious self demolition.
      On the second hand, I think she and her advisers may wake up to the damage it would cause.
      So. only a fool would vote for Bridges (unless they want to mitigate the damage at 22%) or Mitchell with his dubious background (unless of course in Orewa where that would be celebrated).
      So, down to Paula and Nikki.
      I’m going Nikki and she is the best option the Natz have. And the best opposition the incoming government could have.

  4. In the dark days of the post-2014 Election, I hoped that somehow we could turn it round and Id be around to see the Nats assume the foetal position of despair. Who knew it would be only five short years!

    Now if only the US, the UK and Oz can discover the empty shell that is right-wing politics…

  5. People are saying ‘politics is brutal’. It wouldn’t be brutal if National didn’t make it so. Hoisted by their own petard.

  6. The biggest loser is our country. An honest (lol) competent opposition party is an essential part of a healthy Dumocruptcy. And we don’t have one. How long has this been the case?

  7. National must be hoping that history repeats.
    A lot of people (including myself I admit) doubted that Jacinda would be able to get Labour up to the point that they would even have a chance of forming a coalition, and yet she did.
    That showed that there was enough of an appetite for change in the electorate, but that they needed a different person to fire up the taste buds.
    I can’t see it happening this time for National, the signs are all wrong.
    If Judith Collins becomes National’s leader she will make Rob Muldoon look like a choirboy by comparison.

  8. Who knows maybe tova knows more than we think and like the other dirty rats, she has deserted a sinking ship.
    Ben Thomas an avid national supporter was actually lost for words this am on RNZ. I really enjoyed my ride to work this morning. I wonder how other loyalist motor mouth hoskings is feeling this fine morning.

  9. Radio NZ does not need an individual so uncomfortable with honesty as Matthew Hooten. About as much they need that old ferret Boag.

    Actually they need a clean out, full stop!

    • Surely nobody will touch Hooten again? I mean, the guy is positively radioactive after this fustercluck of kamikaze strategic manoeuvrings.

  10. National’s new plan is to promise everyone more roads! roads! roads.!!!!!

    On the Daily Blog it was featured this plan in January 2018 after National begun their scheming again then so they will try this again.

    National will tempt supporters back with this bribe to; – “Build a highway within meters of your door”

    “National’s road lust petition campaign gives insight as to how they plan to attack new Government” the Daily Blog article was called in January 2018.

  11. ‘She loves blood more than your average Great White Shark.’

    Please be kinder to sharks, Martyn. Most species are endangered, and the reputation of the Great White is entirely undeserved.

    If you want a metaphor for Judith Colins’ sociopathy. Vlad the Impaler would do quite nicely.

    ‘Multiple sources (including Laonikos Chalkokondyles’s chronicle) recorded that hundreds or thousands of people were executed at Vlad’s order at the beginning of his reign.[45] He began a purge against the boyars who had participated in the murder of his father and elder brother, or whom he suspected of plotting against him.’

    I would have thought Judith Collins would have waited to be deputy to Luxton after the next election .

    Collins may hold the fort for National but she is too polarising for many New Zealanders to sweep National to power .Plus she has limited support in caucus .

    If Bridges comes back the caucus is still worried and divided as they were desperately low in the polls with him at the helm 3 months ago with many MPs looking at not getting back in.

    My pick is Niki Kaye to move to leader with Mark Mitchell deputy.
    Realistically they are all seat warmers for Luxton .


    The strategic key to this election is simple .

    1. The dirty politics to paint Labour as incompetent in a pandemic hasn’t worked and has backfired .

    a] 2 travelling tourists with Carona not notified early by Wood house b] Imaginary homeless man in 2 week hotel stay by Woodhouse c.Illegal leak of corona patients details by Boag /Walker/Muller/Woodhouse .These attempts to make Labour look bad will push National lower not higher in the polls.Bridges gone/ Bennett gone/Muller gone/Boag gone/Walker gone , its a train wreck .

    2.The key electorial message for Labour should be ..”in a world of constant covid escalation in OZ , US , Brazil , with the tornado of death and economic destruction encircling the globe wave after wave after wave , do you personally trust National to keep the borders closed after the election if they were to win ? ”
    No we f***king don’t !!!!!! = Labour Wins in 2020.

    We alone are in a currently covert free island of sanctuary with one of the worlds best crisis leaders to keep us safe ; will we put this at risk ?

    Do we want to go backwards and become the next Brazil because a right wing National PM wants to “Revitalise International Tourism ” and reopen ” the economy prematurely ?

    The realistic fear that a National Govt will break promises after an election and bring the virus back in threatens all our lives .

    The continued resurgence of covid 19 in America and Australia increases the legitimate fears of all kiwis to avoid voting for any party which may put us in danger and strenghtens Labours position to Keep us safe .

    JOB DONE .

    • Good call all round @Black Lemming
      My pick is Niki Kaye to move to leader with Mark Mitchell deputy. Realistically they are all seat warmers for Luxton .

      As you rightly point out, everyone knows that whoever takes over as captain of the virus-ravaged SS Blue Princess Shambolic is just a seat-warmer, till Sir John Key’s protege takes over, worst kept political secret in New Zealand.

      Natz shark-infested cruise on a leaky boat seemed to start when Stephen Joyce used the Eminem-esque song “Lose yourself” to parody a shambolic sinking political dinghy….. (The SS Princess Blue Karma sent a torpedo back to the future 6 years later into the SS Princess Blue Shambolic,

      If Natz are going to bring back, or resurrect a past leader to right the ship, they can do no better than ACT pin-up Don Brash (Reserve Bank Governor) to steer National full speed-ahead, a real leader, to restore greatness again to the New Zealand economy.

      Better still, have Nikki Kaye as leader and Judith Collins as vice-leader, a formidable pair of women, female leader and deputy, a first in the western world….and would show countries like America, how gender progressive New Zealand has become. And let’s face it USA is unlikely to have a woman-woman leader and vice-leader – EVER.

  13. Now, Sir John Key must carefully manoeuvre his protege Chris Luxon into the best position to take on the vanity-flag-korowai-leadership role Key reluctantly gave up. Does he joust now, or after the next interim sacrificial lamb Natz leader.

    Can someone please twitter-feed Hosking the news, and ask him politely for his opinion about how to bring back ‘Happy Days’ back to his beloved National Party. I don’t have a Twitter account

    If Mark Richardson is in tears over National’s leadership woes, then Hoskings will be inconsolable, poor man. I say poor man, but oxy-moronically …….

    Sad days for National, Richardson, Hoskings…..have a cup of tea and a lie-down dearies.

    Help Me Obiwan David Seymour and the New Conservatives, you are our only hope.

    • Bad call that is; Diane.

      ‘Help Me Obiwan David Seymour and the New Conservatives, you are our only hope’. –

      David Seymour is a leech.

      Another John Key ‘stool pigeon’ Luxton is just as Judith Collins is, so they are peas in Seymour’s pod too..

      Luxton has drunk from the poisonous trough that the rich have sucked our blood from and has been poisoned as Key and other corrupt excecutives waiting to take over as our Political leaders have, so if we think Luxton is good for NZ dont be fooled as he is lined up to sell everything he can to foreign interests making John Key’s selling of our assets a ‘miniature tea party’.

      • It’s irony CG – and there’s no html code for showing irony in a post.

        My brand new nails from the mall nail shop, were covered in a sticky ironic residue after typing my comment about Seymour being the only hope for National.

        I have another appointment at the Red Orchid Nail Salon tomorrow, they assured me they could remove the irony residue with some fine sandpaper. Irony buffs out apparently.

        The only winners from a wounded National, will be ACT and New Cons. Expect more of the extreme right sections of the Right Triumvrate to mount full-out assaults on Labour and the Coalition

  14. This whole mess stinks because after one of the worst weeks in any leaders career Muller has gone into hiding permanently before he should have been held to account for suppressing the whole privacy fiasco and not firing Wood house and a number of others.
    I hope the enquiry is more severe than the coverage of this so far and the actions of the main participants in breaking the law !!!
    RNZ is showing its collective bias in drumming up sympathy for Muller if you read the online media feeds on their page !
    Had this been a Labour leader or PM the wolves would be in for the kill.
    To quote the journalists of Watergate ” what did the president know and when did he know it “

  15. I smell a rat.
    Prior to the jonky becoming the previous natzo pm there was helen clark for labour and prior to her ( ? )
    there was jenny and jimbo.
    Why then, did bridges get pushed into the lime light to fuck things up?
    And as things were indeed getting fucked up, old school natzo’s like bennett and amy adams, sarah dowie and david carter are going. jian yang, going, nickey wagner gone too. Have I missed anyone?
    What’s going on???
    You know, right? When the rats start swimming for it, the ship’s sinking. But why?
    What iceberg’s heading for the ill fated Titaniczo’s ?
    Could it simply be that the internet’s meant there’s nowhere left to hide? The natzo’s can’t grift and swindle with impunity so they’re taking what they can and are running for it?

    • Countryboy, by this time tomorrow it could be the Bridges and Bennett show again. Then the ABC brigade will see the end of Collins.

      • I wouldn’t count Collins out. She is the only realistic opponent to Adern. She has a native cunning to sniff the wind and see which way things are headed, to do so with ‘charm ‘ when necessary, and enough intellect to zero in on weak chinks in her opponents armour. And enough ruthlessness and killer instinct to apply that to Adern.

        She has also had the Police /law and order portfolio to establish her as the archetypal ‘tough on crime’ thing going on to appeal to many timid conservatives.

        And despite being set back by Key , – shes still there and Key is long gone. People can see shes got the guts and ‘Muldoonism’ style adversarial nature to challenge Adern and any mistakes by her and her caucus. She thrives on that mode of politicking. We have also already had a raft of female politicians so that precedent is broken.

        Tribal Nat voters would rather vote for her than see their beloved party in opposition any longer than they have to be.

        Also, because of her Chinese businessman husband, what better way of having that link stay intact and also many other Nats personal business links as well, esp after the demise of Jian Yang…

        Adern and Collins seem to get along swimmingly, however…what better way to keep the neo liberal paradigm in place….

        (Just copy and paste all of the link to see the picture below …)

  16. National MPs are seemingly generally not good the dirty politics. If I recall “Dirty Politics” right, they subcontracted a lot of it out. They should leave it to the experts like Hoots et al although Michelle got caught out.As she said, polics distorted her views.

  17. Putting aside the rivalry for the position of Chief Snout-in-the-Trough of the National Party for the moment, EVERYONE needs to pay close attention to what is happening in rest of the world, and particularly to what is happening in the US, because the global economic-financial system has sirens warning of in impending crash of unprecedented magnitude, and that crash could well occur within months, if not weeks!

    Chris Martenson, of ‘Crash Course fame, has posted a ‘Brace for impact’ warning which points out that the US is rapidly unravelling, with the share market being just about the last pillar of the temple of neoliberalsim and consumerism still left standing.

    Since economic-financial-social collapse is a self-reinforcing phenomenon putting an exact timing on he point of total failure of the system is impossible but wisdom demands we brace for impact.

    I know I am speaking to generally deaf ears, but one has to tell the truth when one’s society is at high risk and is more-or-less totally unprepared because of the ignorance/cowardice of its leaders and the complicity of the media in keeping the lid on the truth.


    …’When it comes to making judgment, I look at actions much more than words. What have been the actions of the US authorities so far?

    The Federal Reserve swooped in to assure that the wealthy got even wealthier.

    The CDC couldn’t get effective test kits prepared or deployed until months after many other countries did.

    $Billions and $billions were smoothly and rapidly delivered to the largest institutions, corporations and wealthiest households.

    But only a single $1200 stimulus check has been sent to the poorest of American families. Well, most of them, but many are still waiting for their stimulus checks. Every household sandwiched between the rich and the poor has received nothing.

    In other words, the Fed has made its #1 priority the preservation of the financial advantages of the already-rich, while the federal government has made clear that public health isn’t really a priority at all.’…

    ‘When people are busy moving down the Hierarchy of Needs, that means society is crumbling.

    And folks are already indeed moving. Literally. Real estate for sale in Manhattan is piling up without takers, while more rural properties are being snapped up. Gardens are being planted and guns are being bought.

    SARS-CoV-2 has taught many lessons and revealed much. To me, it’s revealed that the elites as led by the Federal Reserve won’t deviate from accelerating inequity until being forced to stop. Whether that will occur via social revolution, the destruction of the purchasing power of the US dollar, or something else, I don’t know.

    But I do know that whatever it is, it won’t be the cause of all the misery that will follow. The true culprits are the current and former managers (not leaders) with the Fed and within the DC beltway who failed to protect the vulnerable, set reasonable policies, and conduct themselves with integrity.

    So my advice is to brace for impact. There’s nothing any of us can do to affect national monetary policy or stop the major unraveling trends already set in motion, but we can do our best to step outside harm’s way and tend the welfare of ourselves and those we care about as the system falters.’


  18. Will National finally this time drop their ‘road only policy’ and finally support rail?
    CEAC Again Warns: National Party Position On Climate Change Is Still Abysmal
    Friday, 10 July 2020, 4:16 pm
    Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre
    CEAC review of pre-election National’s “outline plan” just sent to us by Todd Muller 9/7/20 was actually his speech about his plan and was described as ‘an outline’. So in our review of National Party response to A Greener, Smarter Future; climate change policy’, is yet again lacking in substance without any clear policy, and that will leave voters with no idea of what National Party plans for saving our climate.

    Glancing at their ‘Greener Transport plans’, National only seems to support a Government policy for building yet more roads, because not one word was used to mention “rail freight” – while they are still on track for cutting plans for elevating clean ‘Rail Transport’ over truck transport, for moving more freight by rail, which would thereby keep CO2 ‘climate emissions’ at a far lower levels.

    Here is National’s answer to climate change here.

    “A Greener, Smarter Future
    That third element is inextricably linked to the fourth element of National’s Plan to Get New Zealand Working: a greener, smarter future.

    New Zealanders want a greener future, and the world wants food, fibre and holidays that are green and sustainably produced. My commercial background is in agri-usiness, on the senior executive teams of Zespri and Fonterra and as CEO of Apata. But my political background has been mostly in climate change policy, negotiating the historic Zero Carbon Act with the Greens’ James Shaw, including bringing along some of the more sceptical voices in my own party.

    National commits to the Zero Carbon framework, and to cleaner lakes and rivers in provincial New Zealand – and a cleaner Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora here in Canterbury, and a cleaner Waitemata Harbour in Auckland. I do not see any conflict between the interests of agri-business and a greener future. I reject the Government’s demand on Tuesday that agriculture must be “transformed” rather than constantly evolve and improve by building on our status as the most productive and sustainable food-and-fibre producers in the world.

    New Zealand has the world’s best farmers, and New Zealand agricultural scientists. National launched the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, which now involves nearly 60 countries working together to find ways to grow more food without growing greenhouse gas emissions. It is well within New Zealand’s capability to keep improving productivity while protecting and enhancing the natural environment from which we all draw our mauri as New Zealanders, and on which our economy is based. That in turn creates intellectual property for export.

    A greener, smarter future is about much more than tourism and agri-business. It is about technology and intellectual property across the board, which is clearly the future New Zealand must focus on whatever the industry – including the super-coders I mentioned for the video game industry, and in every area, from movies, to rocketry, to accounting software.

    As well as the looming challenge of AI we also need to invest further in connectivity, as a major enabler of better services, better productivity and better lives, whether you are in Auckland or Akaroa. Where would New Zealand have been these past few months without Amy’s Ultra-Fast Broadband Network? We need to take it to the next level of its development. As we enter the 2020s, every New Zealander and every one of our businesses needs to know that the whole world is open to them in a way that other countries can only envy – and that’s what my Government will deliver.

    National’s vision is of a post-Covid economy that is greener, smarter and better than the one we had before.”

    Response from CEAC
    CEAC adds our support to Government for elevating clean ‘Rail Transport’ over truck transport, for moving more freight onto rail when considering the benefits; thereby keeping our CO2 ‘climate emissions’ at a far lower levels, potentially stabilising climate changing weather events, saving taxpayer spending, keeping all our public highways/local roads safer, reducing road surface destruction from trucks causing immense road/bridge surface damages, and saving taxpayer costs from rising from paying for every day on roads all around our country.

    Todd Muller could have mentioned ‘rail freight’ once but failed to do this; so read between those lines.

  19. Wow….!!!!!! Today has been a long time in politics for the NZ National Party.

    To date they have gone through three ‘leaders’ since election 2017. That certainly is quite a track record for them. Keep it up National.

    They have MPs who have resigned and/or decided not to run for re-election in a little over 2 months time.

    At the rate National are losing MPs etc I would say there would hardly be an MP left in that obviously self-destructing and imploding within itself political party…. Well…. hang on…… probably about the ONLY ones left will be the dregs and the troughers eg the way past his Used by Date Nick Smith and even Gerry Brownlee.

    National are ruining any chance of being voted for individually at the next election. It will be so splendid to see them gone at the election. But there will be those very few die-hards that will always vote National because they are brainwashed into thinking National is the best thing since sliced bread and Cuppagate.

    • Very quick selection process that went something like this:

      Panel: Do you promise not to use your private emails or dirty politics?
      Applicants: I promise not to use traceable emails.
      Panel: What about dirty politics?
      Applicants: I promise not to use traceable emails.
      Panel: Congratulations Judith and Gerry.

      Just Michael Woodhouse to go in the short term – he has to resign based on his reticence about receiving emails.

      QC Heron’s investigation should continue however, because there’s more dirt to find, more dirty politics muck to rake through and QC will need a good N2020 mask to keep the stench out of his olfactory passages. He might need a tetanus and rabies shot.

      Three people were not the only ones cc’d or bcc’d into and out of Michelle Boag’s emails containing private health information of patients.

      Judith Collins’ name may still appear in the list of Natz to resign before the election based on emails in and out of Boag’s private email in-and-out box.


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