Can NZ First survive without Winston in the campaign?


Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters takes medical leave

Deputy Prime Minister and New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters has been hit by symptoms of food poisoning and will be taking medical leave after having surgery this morning.

“This is an unexpected medical event and of course unexpected timing. However the doctor’s advice on having surgery needs to be followed,” said Peters.

Following a brief hospital visit Peters, 75, will have a post-operative period of recuperation at home, a statement said.

One of the curve balls I was suggesting might occur this year for the election was the sudden illness or death of a political leader.

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This current ‘food poisoning symptom’ medical event that has befallen Winston follows a 4 week medical event and surgery last year for an ‘old rugby knee injury’.

This current ‘food poisoning symptom’ medical event could rule Winston out for the AGM and campaign launch.

Could NZ First survive without Winston during the campaign?

He’s their best campaigner and easily their best recognised strength so losing him for the campaign would be an enormous blow to a Party that is only polling 2%.

Difficult days ahead for the NZ First team and whanau.

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  1. Winston’s song 🙂
    The original by The Carter Family

    You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
    You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
    Oh, I know you will miss me when I’m gone
    You’re gonna miss me by my walk
    You’re gonna miss me by my talk
    Oh, I know you will miss me when I’m gone

  2. Winston is born survivor and the NZ First Party also as “the middle earth political party of ‘common sense”

    I am more worried about the new National Party “economic plan” released from National’s Todd Muller today, as NZ First will cut that to pieces.

  3. Winston will have action and policy already in place here. No worries. Greens just had their meeting with an online meeting so no worries as we are in coviid 19 times.

  4. Very sorry for Mr Peters; any abdominal surgery in one’s 70’s shouldn’t and mightn’t be shrugged off lightly.
    Hopefully it was keyhole surgery.

    Winston Peters is New Zealand First; Tracey Martin one of Parliament’s best women, Jones a bit controversial; defections to ACT, an unpleasant prospect. Regardless – kia kaha Winston Peters.

    • Yep Snow White he is having a keyhole operation.
      I was scheduled for an abdominal Hernia operation late last year but was cancelled by the covid 19 pandemic.
      Winston is the most experienced politician in parliament today with has history inside several different governments during his almost 40 yrs as an MP.

      you cant replace experience with bluster as what the current National mob is now resorting to “leaking” now to damage politicians; – citing the latest screw-up with the young Southland National Party MP who blundered and was fired over leaking 18 medical files on covid 19 patients.

      Visions of the question that just came into my mind over; ‘ who released Winston’s pension information before the last election?????.

      National are a ‘dirty politics Party’ operation.

  5. Since when did anyone have surgery for food poisoning?
    Usual level of honesty from NZ First.
    Get well soon all the same.

    • Keepcalmcarryon “Since when did anyone have surgery for food poisoning?”

      Firstly, NZ First said “symptoms of food poisoning,” not, “food poisoning.”

      Secondly, re: “Usual level of honesty from NZ First.” There is no evidence that NZ First have been dishonest about this – if you know otherwise, then it may be better to say so, instead of making insinuations.

      Thirdly, It is none of our business, unless perhaps Mr Peters should have a contagious condition like coronavirus, and needs to be isolated.

      Fourthly, There could be symptoms, such as a possible obstruction, or other, showing up on a scan and warranting a closer look, and that is for the medical specialists to decide, not us.

      Fifthly, An elder statesman veteran NZ politician with a health issue is entitled to privacy, and respect.

      Sixthly, Any of us with health issues are also entitled to privacy and respect, and must resist National Party politicians attempts to brainwash us otherwise.

      • Firstly, since when did anyone have surgery for food poisoning?

        Secondly there is a press statement saying stuff so we are entitled to query it if it sounds wrong. Especially because yes NZ First and the truth are not close friends.
        Privacy what? They put out the statement I didn’t ask for it.

        Thirdly, almost certainly unlike yourself I’ve performed plenty of surgery on obstructed patients, albeit different animals to Mr Peters so do have a rather good idea what I am querying.

  6. Retire Winston, retire please. Replace him with Tracey Martin as leader and NZF will roll along very well without Winnie.

    Didn’t realise food poisoning required surgery! Seems to me old Winnie has two issues going on. None of my business though.

    • If Winnie retires NZF will be dominated by Ron Mark and Shane Jones unfortunately. God knows why they demoted Tracy.
      So that would be the end of NZF wouldn’t it!
      D J S

  7. Winston has been tiresome for ever. The ‘for ever’ part matters. But not neglecting always groaning worth tiresome.

    A carbuncle we needed.

    So an indictment on us.

  8. Keepcalmcarryon

    I didn’t say Winstons operation was for food poisoning did I – ????

    I was only relating to ‘keyhole operation’ as it is the less “invasive” operation for many surgeries in answering ‘Snow White’s question’ ; . ‘Hopefully it was keyhole surgery’.

    ‘Don’t put words in my mouth’ – you appear to be the ‘troll’ of the day here for whom?

    • Wasn’t responding to you cleangreen.

      Things to learn: not everyone who disagrees with you is a troll or on someone’s payroll.
      It’s just another cancel culture technique to say so.

      Scroll back a few years on this blog if you have forgotten who I have backed politically until very recently, not that that should matter of course but identity politics insists I must have a box to be put in eh

      Now we’ve cleared that up I’m still waiting on one if you internet specialists to explain since when you get opped for food poisoning?

      • Keepcalmcarryon “I’m still waiting on one if you internet specialists to explain since when you get opped for food poisoning?”

        I can’t see that anybody said that.

        NZF issued a press statement saying that Winston Peters had been admitted to hospital for symptoms of food poisoning, not for food poisoning.

        Symptoms of food poisoning could also be symptoms of other conditions, both transitory and non-transitory.

        Why he was opped is his business.

      • Keepcalmcarryon – “since when you get opped for food poisoning?”

        Probably since about the 5th C BC – or perhaps even earlier if you go back to the Indus Valley Civilisation.

        • I dare say the public health system might not like being compared to 5 BC 🙂 seriously you are arguing witch doctor medicine?

          Under the SOAP (google it) system clinicians are trained to come up with lists of complaints and potential diagnoses then come up with a diagnostic/treatment plan. That is:to be systematic with potential causes of problems and clinical in how to differentiate the cause then treat it -I trained this way did you?.
          Nowhere does “this looks like food poisoning” = jump to surgery.
          So I call bullshit.

          You can decide if it’s clueless media or NZ Firsts aversion to truth in this case.
          Both have form. Both are useless.

          So can you show me an example where surgery was warranted for food poisoning without digging up pharaohs and quoting shaman?
          I know of exactly zero examples.

  9. With Tracey Martin as leader they will slip into irrelevancy quicker that it takes Michelle Boag to get a chopper ride to Waiheke Island. They are toast – their shooting rural rump has been sliced off to Act and all you are left with is their ever decreasing senior stalwarts. Added to the fact nobody across the spectrum likes Shane Jones this cult of personality party dies as soon as Winston is unable to lead it properly.

    In a way it’s a shame as there is room for a NZF party and at times I have dabbled and thought about voting for Winston however common sense at the ballot box has meant there has never been 3 years of regret for this voter. If he does bow out politics will be the lesser for it – say what you like but one of the best politicians in the house we have ever had and will ever have.

    • Actually I have voted for Winston NZF …and NZF has been a huge stable asset as a coalition partner to Labour Governments

      ( to the detriment of the Nacts and some sus foreign Greens who hate him so much they make false claims against him eg the Owen Glenn affair that sunk NZF and consequently the Helen Clark Labour government three days out from a General Election … and allowed in nine years of Jonkey Nact)

      …If only New Zealand had had Winston Peters , NZ Maori patriot, as Prime Minister over the years defending and retaining state owned assets

      ….so go Winston NZF ,elder statesman, principled politician against neoliberalism, brilliant law student, ( the best of his generation according to one law Professor ….get well and be recharged!

  10. NZ First’s only hope is to become a real anti immigration party instead of a faux one and appeal to pensioners again.

    Sadly organising the Covid rescue mission to Wuhan, increasing temp visa holders to stratospheric levels under COL (18% per year and in the hundreds of thousands) and dodgy developer donations for Asian aimed Auckland apartments where they were exempt from the foreign buyers ban, and the slave trade fishing industry, have wrecked their credibility.

    Labour has already given away all the treats to pensioners… and with Labour and National both addicted to the cheap migrant donation cash and spin doctors frantically trying to work out pros and cons of voters on immigration crack down with Covid … Labour treading very carefully. Natz missing in action. I guess when Natz have sold your party to the PRC and the 2/3 of your voters don’t like it, your hands are tied. I almost feel sorry for Muller what the hell can he campaign on anymore?

    Meanwhile Labour tied to the dodgy temp visa scams as thousands all start returning back to NZ to 4 star taxpayer funded hotels in addition to the circa hundreds of thousands of PR and citizenship given away under the Natz …. some of those returnees may also be escaping as we speak, doing selfies, .. hopefully the police bother to actually check the escapee’s phone and not botch up the reason for his departure from isolation, if it was related to dowry as apparently the personal items were what he absconded for and took considerable amount of selfies around Auckland apparently…

    It will be a near miracle for NZ First to make it back, but their only option for votes at this point is for NZ First to come to the rescue with an actual NZ immigration policy (that if it actually is believable) to halt the immigration ponzi to NZ and take a harder stance of NZ’s burgeoning international intergenerational freeloading and scammers, which will be highlighted to all during Covid 4 star stays and Covid escapee’s, as more and more visa holders return and join NZ’s growing benefit queues and hospitals waiting lists and schools and maternity queues… will work….

    Being harder on immigration campaigns have worked overseas, saving ScoMo’s bacon when the lefties were a shoe in, but wait, had to blow it with woke speak. Yep, nothing wrong with immigration until you get millions of people flooding in and if it makes the majority poorer and quality of life worse already in the country, yep people are legitimately upset.

    NZ First also need to stop being dinosaurs, acknowledge climate change and put some actual environmental policy in there, because The Green Party are betting a lot by alienating the home owners in this country with their wealth taxes on middle NZ capital and I’m guessing there are a lot of local Green Kiwis who don’t know who to vote for, they want immigration scams and ponzi’s and stop the temp visas (especially post Covid) cracked down on properly and publicly and they also want to have a Green focus, but they don’t want a wealth tax… nice easy space to fill as NZ First’s traditional ‘hand break’ party.

    I know a legitimate migrant who has been in NZ for nearly 10 years (paying real taxes for real work not the cafe scam) and applied for 60 jobs after losing their’s during Covid… let’s see if they get one… cos having no jobs and lots more competition for jobs in NZ…. is not good for the current residents, migrants and locals…

    Meanwhile in a tone deaf article, the Herald leads with an American Pathologist coming (and her entire family) to NZ to work as an essential skill worker… rah, rah… I guess we should send out a ticker tape parade, funny enough we don’t find it hard to attract quality people into NZ for a couple of years to get residency, we have the problem of making quality people stay once they get their family residency and they realise what their pay buys here and it ain’t all roses!!!

    I’d say millions of voters are undecided…. Also heard the Chinese dual residents saying they are tied of the Chinese labourer scams where visa hounds round up people from Chinese backwaters who pay tens of thousands to get into NZ… who are not trained tradies… The unions love it for whatever reason though.

    It ain’t just a local vs migrant – it’s got to the point where many in the migrant community are also speaking out about the scams and dodgy people arriving into this country. In fact it’s the migrants blowing the whistle on it, who are undermined by the woke and paid for media, who just don’t want to investigate the problem and the low waged worker issues. Shown during the Covid in Victoria where the quarantine workers and privatisation of services, were a big part of problem spreading the disease.

    None of this mentioned in the tone deaf NZ media I looked at today – … who presumably still want the low paid and high paid essential workers flooding into NZ and taking a keep them bums on seats rolling in…

  11. He’s a character on in the NZ political scene and has repeatedly survived over the years when those around him have fallen. I’ve always said you can never count him out, especially when the polls are not in his favour….but, I feel certain it’s the end of the line for Winston and NZF.

    There have been way too many question marks over his donations etc for a start. His cynical undermining of the Government when polls came out over issues such as a bubble with Australia was not well received and his judgment proved to be amiss. Kiwi’s have also had enough of the tail wagging the dog. His saving grace would have been the ports of Auckland moving North but even that is now looking doubtful. Regardless if Winston was in good health, I feel it wouldn’t make the difference on polling day. NZF are gone.

    My final prediction concerns a knighthood for him. I’m sure that will arrive in the upcoming New Years honurs list….unless of course his foundation backfires on him.

    The political landscape will be just a little less colourful in the future with his absence.

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