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  1. Can the theatre of discussion be opened at a set time say early afternoon? Or is it still subject to lockdown and we should keep our thoughts in isolation – all lonely and wasting away?

  2. So how is our recycling going, that is cardboard, plastics and so forth, that many put into the recycle bins provided by regional authorities:

    So partly due to foreign markets shutting themselves off from waste exports from NZ Inc and other places, and now also due to COVID 19 and the corona virus pandemic, more of our waste does go to landfill again.

    More on the problem:

    All the extra masks, protective year, one way gloves and so forth, it increases the waste ending up in the landfill, in rivers, lakes and the sea.

    And we are just at the beginning.

    So what is our government doing about it?
    Did you people know this? It appears most do not know, as it is hardly reported on, as the pandemic reporting takes over the news, same as other issues, largely economic and social ones, due to the crisis we now have.


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