To all those attempting to sanitise Paula Bennett’s legacy – one simple image in response


There has been a real attempt to sanitise Paula Bennett’s legacy, be it kind columns talking about how hard it was for her as a woman to dancing with Tom Sainsbury.

In response to this attempt to whitewash her legacy, here is one image that sums up the true spite and maliciousness of her as a politician…

…Paula knew the meth testing policy was flawed. She was told and Housing NZ were told that they were mis-interpreting their own policy, Housing NZ even admitted that they knew they were misinterpreting it and yet, they willingly used meth as a clickbait weapon to demonise state tenants while they were privatising State Housing.

Paula needlessly blew $120million on decontamination that was never a health risk, she threw hundreds of state tenants onto the streets in the middle of a homelessness crisis, billed them hundreds of thousands in costs through corrupt tenancy tribunals and banned them from re-entering State Houses.

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She can dance with as many comedians as she likes, nothing cleanses the pure spite of her as a politician.


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  1. No wonder Labour promised to build so many homes given Bennett sent people out onto the streets. Oh what 120 million could have been used for.

  2. What’s $120 million when you can just “borrow” money into existence? The John Key “borrowed” $60,000 million during the GFC (120/60000 = 0.002 or 0.2% – utterly insignificant). This Government just “borrowed” $50,000 more millions for CoVID. The Government clearly treat money as “free”, so it’s about time we demand some of that sweet “free” cash for us.

    • If you needed it you got it. I did. It saved my business kept me from going broke and ending up on the dole

      • Great point Peter Hitch, exactly why the Govt. devised the plan and applied it so effectively for guys such as you, happy for you mate and the many other businesses just like yours. That’s what a ‘Wellbeing’ economy looks like and works like.

  3. oh Paula if you think we are all going to let you forget what you did to your fellow new zealanders I can assure you lady and I use that word loosely in reference to the biggest snout in the trough pull the ladder up behind you and kill every single mothers dream to better themselves and get off the bene. You made sure that was going to be hard as hell removing the training allowances for people in tertiary study, oh and let’s not forget bullied a beneficiary by releasing personal info and of course then the throwing out of new Zealanders onto the street….during a housing crisis you done did that and we ain’t gonna let you forget it and no dancing with b grade celebs can erase what you did. SHame on you i hope karma pays you a visit.

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