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  1. Just watched a replay of Interview by Hoskings of Jacinda Adern.She has to speak to him as one would reply to a toddlers questions. His interruptions are rude and his gotcha questions were handled superbly by Adern. Neve must have given her practice in how to handle childish babble. It’s worth watching to see both ends of the intelligence continuum operating simultaneously.
    I’m impressed by her tolerance and her ability to not scream , ‘Oh for f**ks sake’.

    On a less anger generating theme, nice to see Paula Bennett quitting. Not sure if the rats are leaving the sinking ship or the ships are leaving the sinking rat. Oh no that happened around last election, didn’t it?

  2. David Clark, MP Dunedin North
    About In November 2011, I was elected to be the MP for Dunedin North. Previously, I was the Warden at Selwyn College in Castle Street. Before that I’d done a bunch of different things. I’ve worked on farms and in factories. I’ve worked as a Presbyterian Minister and celebrant. I’ve worked as a Treasury analyst, and I’ve served on the Otago Community Trust as Deputy Chair.

    His path has been a broad church. Haha.
    But a close-fisted? (miserist) Presbyterian AND a Treasury analyst. Sounds to the right of the left to me.
    I don’t think much of Treasury people. The thought ‘Physician, cure thyself’ comes to mind. Can they justify their supposedly objective view on behalf of the public of a nation? They are as bad as those fashionistas who choose their models thin to the point of anorexia, because of their own predilections. Economists? Who know what dark arts and fancies drive them?

    He is experienced in handling finances, and interested in health, and full of rectitude, and feels close to God I think, anyway he is trying. How trying will he be? I haven’t viewed that clip of him with Bloomfield but he should have been full of praise and completely supportive of this man who has been Mr Unflappable with not a hair changed from his last ‘hairy’ interview. Always the same, reliable and explaining the unpalatable.
    Mistakes will happen, life’s a beach. I wonder if that was where Clark was pedalling for on his outing. Now that was a mistake. Methinks he doth protest too much about Mr Bloomfield.


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