A Brief Timeline Of Events Pertaining To Schrodinger’s Homeless Man


1. Michael Woodhouse alleges Government has inadvertently housed the homeless

2. Government carries out full-scale investigation to determine whether they have, in fact, housed a homeless man for two weeks

3. Despite putting huge resources into the above, including manually reviewing a whole lot of CCTV footage, the Government can find no evidence that this has, in fact occurred

4. Government writes to Michael Woodhouse formally requesting his assistance in investigating the matter

5. Woodhouse starts to umm and err and claims his source, while “reliable”, is unlikely to want to co-operate … and that he’d always been careful to emphasize that his claim wasn’t “verified”

6. Woodhouse then turns the attack back on the Government, claiming that the fact that they’ve put significant resources into investigating HIS CLAIM made as a Member of Parliament that somebody got into Quarantine and stayed there for a full two weeks … means they believe their own system’s immensely flawed and it could have happened and that’s what’s important.

7. Or, phrased another way – “IT WAS JUST A PRANK, BRO, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN IT SO SERIOUS” … and, of course, if they hadn’t .. he’d have attacked them for that as well.

Some things are too important to “cry wolf” over. Unless you’re National.

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  1. “Homeless man alleges Woodhouse is a credible minister of the highest integrity”.

    A massive amount of resource went into finding out whether the above was true only for a guy walking his dog down the road to say “bullshit”.

    • Which leads me onto… if in fact this is nothing more than a fabrication, then nothing short of Woodhouses resignation is acceptable.

  2. This is indeed the stuff of urban myths. Woodhouse will be working on getting another one going – that he is not an arsehole.

    He has to face reality though, he’s up against many many reliable witnesses.

  3. Don’t think we have forgotten your scaremongering tweet about having enough bodybags.
    At a time when the nation was gripped in fear and uncertainty about the looming threat of Covid, you showed your true colours WoodLouse.
    Gutter politician, from a party of cowards and dirt dealers.

  4. Jase you say it like it is!
    And the Schrodingers? cat similarity is apt. Clever. My contacts! tell me that someone is supposed to have said the same thing after the Christchurch earthquake. Rumour, rumour.
    There must be some good rumour quotes. I’ll see if I can find something pithy. It’s sick-making the low quality of political behaviour and integrity that we see in the 21st century with all the education and resources we have poured into our society. We should be at the top of our game in running our political entities. Instead – piffle, quibble, mendacious, irresponsible, erratic, unreliable, shifty, dilettante are all suitable words of that arise as description of it from said education.

    Mark Twain was a seriously ironic thinker: ““A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ― Mark Twain ” (goodreads)

    and “RUMOUR: (Where there’s a Will, there’s a way of skewering human behaviour succinctly.)
    “Upon my tongues continual slanders ride,
    The which in every language I pronounce,
    Stuffing the ears of men with false reports.”
    ― William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 2 (goodreads)

  5. We have a gullible and probably bought media that sells news for money.

    I have no real interest in whether a homeless man did, or did not, get free 2 week accomodation because even if he did, it is hardly breaking the taxpayer bank and we are in the middle of a pandemic killing people, and economic and environmental ruin for the Western world.

    I would hope the NZ policy is that homeless people should be housed in NZ anyway, so I would think, most people in NZ support the homeless man being housed.

    Latest made up media trend, seems to be the idea that Kiwi’s are ‘hostile’ towards returning people to NZ… no evidence as usual to back this claim up. After all, who wants to spend money on real journalism when you can just make things up and then they get caught up in viral spread of misinformation….

    If not sending out a ticker tape parade that 2400 people left isolation without being tested and that millions of taxpayer money is being spent on 4 star accomodation and the expenses for returnee’s some of whom have contributed little to zero to NZ, and isolation seems set to continue in the foreseeable future and has to be paid for somehow…

    Meanwhile our government is spending peanuts on local research for a Covid vaccine, NZ has some of the lowest amounts of ICU beds in the OECD, and if you have to pay to deliver a baby in private accomodation in NZ then you pay for it even thought apparently maternity is free….

    Hostility is the wrong word, there is growing concern of the equality and sustainability of the growing system of NZ giving to any overseas person (or business) who can easily become a NZ citizen and PR, and taking from the current taxpayers…

    The homeless man story is more a distraction that a scandal…

    And media reporting on it, shows the poor quality of our media.

    • savenz “I have no real interest in whether a homeless man did, or did not, get free 2 week accommodation”

      Ditto. And as a tax payer, I think it’s kind of nice if some poor blighter did have a couple of comfortable weeks, and I wouldn’t begrudge it – especially when the current righteous wailers deliberately created the conditions rendering so many people homeless. That’s the real scandal. Morons.

    • It was many years ago that the news media reported on the news, now they make the news that they think will benefit their supporters & the general public is mostly in the dark.

    • “I have no real interest in whether a homeless man did, or did not, get free 2 week accommodation”

      Yes. The government, and parliament, has bigger fish to fry than worry about a homeless man getting a couple of weeks free accommodation at taxpayer expense. The matter should simply have been referred to the police for investigation.

  6. “Woodhouse will be working on getting another one going – that he is not an arsehole.”
    He cannot win that one given the well known fact that being a member of natz & not being an arsehole is an impossibility as the two conditions are mutually incompatible.

    • How would misleading Parliament fare or costs for the investigation taken from the taxpayers budget that could have gone into Health.

      He has no morals in what and how he presented the fabricated “rumour”

    • Yes c’mon NACT show your colours or are you doing that already with more blatant misinformation.

  7. Michael Baker telling everyone to calm the fuck down. There is no community transmission. NZ has a lot to celebrate in our response. Some new arrivals happy to complain to a receptive media about anything that pisses them off, which is then rushed to the public with no fact checking. National leader claims that we do have community transmission although he describes this as ‘a feeling’ and not a fact. National Health spokesman says whatever he wants with no fact checking from media. National policy reads like a Boris Johnson ‘stay at home, don’t stay at home’ Matt Lucas piss take but for some reason, the media ignores the inconsistencies. Nick Smith rails against a playground spend, the Speakers legal bill and ‘nazis’. The cost to the taxpayer of checking Michael Woodhouse’s ‘false?’ claim is a similar expense. The media sum up for the week after seeing other countries go backwards with warnings of a massive 2nd wave of infection? …sack the Health Minister because he’s not nice. Am I the only one who sees the perversity in this?

  8. I like to think some homeless guy was housed for two weeks…I mean, wouldn’t that be a good thing? Especially if he was a ‘rough sleeper’ with their inherent mental health and/or addiction issues..yet he was so well behaved during that time that no one noticed….that seems encouraging…

    • If he existed then sucessful Therapy indeed.
      Parliamentary perks Woodhouse enjoys far exceed such ficticious alleged expenses.

      • John W – But it may not have been successful therapy. If this hypothetical man spent two weeks in a hotel, then turfed back out into the harshness of street life, it is disgraceful that there was no concern expressed about his well being.

        At the very least there should have been an effort to see if Mr Schrodinger would be amenable to some sort of help.

        Instead, he was objectified, and he was kicked at the govt like a political football.

        That’s a shocking way to treat somebody, and a stark example of how ruthless politicians are.

        Even more chillingly, the wood lice have provided a textbook example of how successful New Zealand politicians have been in demonising the disadvantaged as some sort of subhuman vermin. It’s a brutal scenario.

        • SW
          I was replying to the idea
          “if he was a ‘rough sleeper’ with their inherent mental health and/or addiction issues..yet he was so well behaved during that time that no one noticed….that seems encouraging”
          and therapy of a little self induced kindness producing such sucess is indeed encouraging.
          But I also very much agree with your post and the dreadful punishment metered out by an unkind section of our community who have the power to change things to a more positive and supportive understanding of our communities real needs.
          All people have need to belong to groups in society that provide support and affirmation of what each individual can share with others.

          • John W – My initial reaction to the possibility of someone enjoying two good weeks indoors, then out on the streets again, and everyone blithely unconcerned about what happened to him thereafter, was shock. He’d served a political purpose as human mud, and that’s it.

            Historically, the village accommodated the village idiot fairly comfortably. Pagan societies welcomed the outsider or stranger, for he could be a god in disguise. Early Christian mythology embraced
            similar concepts, Catholic school pupils learnt all the stories.

            Now we’re walking backwards.

    • Siobhan. Yes dear. You’re quite right. It’s unbelievable that this Woodhouse person raised it in Parliament (I assume that he did) and a waste of taxpayer money that the matter was then investigated.

      Govt need to learn prioritise, or valuable time and resources could be unnecessarily squandered every time that some opposition air head comes up with some sort of idea to try and discredit the govt without one iota of evidence – and complicit googly-eyed media need to grow up too.

  9. These lies are all Hoots’ faut. The practice was brewing at the time of Hager’s Dirty Politics, nows it’s on a rolling boil.

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