NEW TVNZ POLL: Labour 50%!


New TVNZ Poll is out.

Labour Party – 50% (down 9 percentage points)
National Party – 38% (up 9 percentage points)
Green Party – 6% (up 1.3 percentage points)
ACT – 3.1% (up 0.9%)
New Zealand First – 1.8% (down 1.1%)
Māori Party – 0.9%
New Conservative – 0.7%
TOP – 0.5%
Don’t Know/Refused – 15% 


So Labour could govern alone?

Despite the media meltdown , the pearl clutching over the quarantine border and David Clark being a dick?

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Jacinda like a boss!


This is bad news for NZ First who are politically irrelevant here.

Substantial jump up for the Greens which would allow for a Labour-Green Government, which would be an out-standing and surprising result (I still fear Greens will fall under the 5% threshold).

National have stabilised and paired back their losses by using the quarantine border revelations but still have no mates to form a Government.

If this result is what we get in September, a Labour-Green Government, then there can be no more excuses for real progressive change.

Great result for the Left.

As a side note, it’s funny, before Jacinda won in 2017, NZ msm would always ignore MMP and claim National was leading in the polls, now Labour have won 50% in the polls, it’s still all over for Jacinda? The engrained bias of the mainstream media is extraordinary.


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  1. I see a lab green govt as likely but this exact result would be about 63 64 seats Labour which would mean a Labour govt which would be cool for two reasons

    1.Labour has no excuses for not being a reforming govt

    2. The greens popularity would grow in opposition making a third term a good bet

    Time for an early election. Pick a fight with Winston over something or say “we can’t have a caretaker govt for three months in the middle of a crisis”

    I will never write Winston off. Ever. I still think he’s being underpolled and I still think there are a lot of people saying they are going to vote national who will secretly switch because it’s a vote to put the breaks on Labour or a vote for a potential Nat govt. Plus there’s Northland and as much as he aggravates me he’s a legend and parliament would be so boring without him, noone takes it to the nats like he does.

  2. So the bullshit being pushed by the tory media is working, it seems.. Notwithstanding that TVNZ have always shown higher numbers for the nats than any other polling agency… I’d hate to think that the average kiwi has the IQ of a sun dried mollusc, and is accepting this tripe at face value.. Not a word about Chris Bishop knowingly allowing two idiots to travel 800km when they hadn’t finished their quarantine, and that he waited long enough for a new bloom to start before informing parliament? Of course not.. That would have required some principles.. Those things get in the way of gaining power at your cost..

    • National had every MSM outlet repeating their fake news & ignoring the many contradictions in Nationals claims so to only gain 9% shows that many voters have the good sense to see through the BS on offer & still pick the sensible option. There is plenty of ammunition for Labour to fire at National come election time so hopefully they set the record straight & show the widely discrepant statements that National keep making.

    • Ummm… Chris Bishop didn’t allow anyone to travel anywhere. He doesn’t have that sort of power.

      • It appears Gosman, from one of my trusty sources, that a homeless man has infiltrated the National party.
        PSST… my source is Chris Bishop advocating for the homeless man and the homeless man is Paul Goldsmith( he has nowhere to live in Epsom)

    • Hear hear, we have NO 4th estate in NZ, just a National party propaganda machinery masquerading as ‘news’, presented by a bunch of Presstitutes, either paid or blackmailed to be traitors.

  3. And lets remember it was Andrew Little and his handing the top position to Jacinda Adern and ultimately NZ Firsts leader Winston Peters who put this Labour party at the head of the COL in the first place.

    Lest we forget.

  4. Imagine if National actually had policies rather than waiting for the plague – might even be a contest! Muller does appear to be getting a little better – that media training seems to be working.

    Can’t wait for the debates where Jacinda won’t answer a question straight and Todd won’t have a policy.

  5. I am placing what little hope I have left on a Labour/Green coalition.

    It’s Fors Fortuna Day today. I hope it lasts the distance between today and the election.

  6. So National has a core tribal vote of between 25% and 35%. That would be dead right. That tribal base would vote for a goat if it was wearing a blue ribbon. The yellow peril will be drunk on wine biscuits for awhile.

  7. The politics of envy and greed is manifestly strong among the left. Socialism has never worked. Get a job (and there are plenty).

    • Maybe not so many jobs Ben. There is a big number of people out of work due to Covid shutdown.
      Although with immigration held up for time being, it will be interesting to see how many jobs for
      kiwis will come out of this.

    • Greed is what we saw under 9 years of national Ben we also saw a huge economic and social divide and we all know this is not good for any country. We only have to look at our two powerful allies the UK & USA they are in a covid mess. And can you tell me why every time national are in power Maori and PI inequalities come to the fore.

  8. It’s time to ACTivate LMFAO

    I’d seriously consider voting for NZ First except for their anti-cannabis/drug reform stance. I like Shane Jones but don’t see eye-to-eye on that very important issue.

    Ron Mark has been surprising competent in his portfolio and spokesman roles. Tracey Martin seems loyal and able to keep her mouth shut as to where the proverbial bodies are buried.

    Seniors are a good demographic for NZ First, if not (at the risk of being maccarb) a dying demographic. They could definitely rise in the polls if they just threw some red meat to younger voters like myself lol.

    NZ First need a new leader. I wish they would come out strong for legalizing cannabis and developing a cannabis industry. God knows their constituency could benefit from some CBD oil .. not to mention the economy.

    hmmmmm .. pry .. leverage …
    Could someone offer Winston the Speaker-of-the-House roll if he just stands down lol ?? The whole country could get behind that viewing pleasure .. and he’d just love it. =)

    Those and my thoughts .. and Oh .. I too was surprise at National’s rise in this poll.


    • NZFirst ‘shat’ on a big section of it’s retiree voting base, by reneging to resolve the illegal act of the NZ Govt ‘taking UK pensions away from them’.
      Other nations invariably (90+%) DON’T have that issue here in NZ.
      Jacinda and Winston gave Traitor Key (RIGHTLY) a darn hard time over his Govts continual illegal acts and NZ Govt have lost EVERY battle at an independent courts over it’s stance.
      As NZFirst RELIES heavily on retirees, thus it was an obvious and DUMB idea to LIE to the UK retirees, who are a massive percentage of retirees here in NZ, by NOT correcting this illegal stance that they claimed they would do, once in Govt .
      So the NZFirst vote collapse was fairly easy to predict and is JUSTIFIED.

  9. With no NZF who will Labour blame next term as thousands languish on a benefit that you cannot survive on . The 2 tier system that will keep the white middle class happy until election time will have disappeared just like the affordable homes and the light rail to the airport

    • Afordable homes policy came about because National created a housing crisis by selling off state homes and leaving our borders open to all-comers.
      Light rail came about to try and rid Auckland city of gridlock due to leaving our borders open to all-comers.
      No, the government has not been successful in these areas this term. I feel the damage by National can never be fixed.

  10. This poll is just propaganda and bullshit from TVNZ as they continue to incessantly run indifference on behalf of the National Party and promote Muller as the businessman with family values that is needed to run NZ. It’s been nauseating to witness. Muller gets a big free pass from difficult questions and is gifted PR type coverage on the network, where as Ardern is the only target to undermine and misrepresent.

    When TVNZ displayed this poll they did so in a way that didn’t say “lets have a snapshot of what the voters are thinking”…….it was instead “lets see how our busy campaign against the Ardern Government is working”….disgraceful.

    The worst aspect of this poll is that it rewards dirty politics bereft of integrity and absolutely guarantees much more of the same. If it was a genuine poll, I wouldn’t be discouraged if i was Labour. The 9% lost just happens to be the exact amount National has gained. We all knew the previous polls showed a % of discouraged and disillusioned Nat voters couldn’t vote for a Simon Bridges led party and knew Ardern was doing a sound job. National could have put Ronald McDonald up against Ardern and they would have gone up. Labour and Greens look a great bet to be Government after the election. I would prefer Labour governed alone with no handbrakes or liabilities outside of their own party.

    As for NZF. I’ve always discouraged people from writing off Peters and NZF when they are polling poorly….but no longer. They are gone and rightly so. The cynical way Peters has undermined Labour for their own personal gain and to win favour with National and their supporters was very telling and the final straw for many sitting on the fence voters. With a coalition partner like NZF, who needs enemies? There are also huge question marks over “donations” and most kiwi’s dislike vested interest party supporters that are hidden from view. NZF has shit in their own bed too many times and are gone.

  11. Given 15% refused to answer this is hardly a done deal. I’ll add these polls are a microscopic portion of the population too, far less than 0.1 percent. Hardly indicative of anything unless the gullible are willing to believe them, which may well be the case.

    That said, given how genuinely awful politics in NZ have become, perhaps people also feel there is little difference between what are essentially globalist neo liberal governments, so why bother changing? Bad could always be replaced by worse. Right? Hardly a resounding endorsement but it seems to be indicative of how far we have tralleved from real democratic choice.

  12. Don’t worry Jacindafan, Jacinda will clean him up when they debate come election time he will be no match for her bring on the next mug i mean muller.

  13. While trends are important the only poll worth watching is September 19th where good folk will vote for their party only to find that neo liberalism will have the final say.

  14. So what are people cherishing about Jacinda? Certainly nothing that her government achieved, being rather little.

  15. We have privileged COVID unemployed getting a higher kind of benefit than the ordinary folks, we still have high levels of poverty and people without suitable housing, little transformational change, zilch in transforming the economy from fossil fuel dependence to a more sustainable economy, we get lots of propaganda, while over 2,100 persons left isolation between 8 and 13 or 16 June, of whom many hundreds were not tested. People were mingling with others from different flights and places of origin during isolation in many hotels, so no wonder the government was hesitant to move to Level , as they knew they could not trust their own numbers. I give Jacinda and her government a four out of ten, nothing better.

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